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Autumn Rose The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs book review

I loved the first book so much and I was thrilled when I got the second book I delved straight into it!


Here’s the blurb:

Her fate is set in stone…

Autumn Rose lives in a sleepy seaside town in the South-West of England, but buried deep under the surface of her quiet life are dark secrets.
Swirling marks on her skin mark her out as having extraordinary power, but at school she is shunned and condemned by the very people she is sworn to protect.
The appearance of a handsome young man at her school – who has the same curious markings as Autumn Rose – sends her world into turmoil. Plus, there is the fact that Autumn keeps dreaming of a human girl who is about to be seduced by a very dark Prince… and Autumn must figure out how to save her before it is too late.

I actually thought this book would start exactly where the last book ended so I intrigued when I opened the book and it was about Autumn.

We follow Autumn’s life as she navigates her way through school and the peers who condemn her for who she is; a Sage.
She has a small group of friends who stick by her and when Prince Fallon comes to her school that’s when everything goes upside down.

Everyone is gushing over Fallon while Autumn is quite cool to him and keeps her distance, because he knows the true reason why her Grandmother died and he won’t tell her.

After the threat of the Extermino at her school, Fallon and Autumn get closer and you can see how Autumn slowly begins to rely on Fallon and eventually starts to have feelings for him. (Fallon is already in love with Autumn)

Throughout all the threats and magic and secrets, Autumn is having visions of a human girl and the dark Prince whose seducing her… in other words Violet Lee and Kasper Varn…

The last few chapters are set in Athena, after Violet has been turned (the end of the last book Kasper was about to turn Violet) and the way they have to cope knowing that she has Autumn are tied. And that Violet isn’t coping at being a vampire…

I liked this book because I got see what Autumn was like. We saw her and Fallon briefly in the first book but in this one we really get to know them better and what it was like for Autumn to have these visions of Violet.

I really liked Autumn and Fallon and how their relationship progressed and how they grew to really need each other. You saw in the first book they were close but in this book you saw just how close they were.

And you got to see how Autumn views Kasper and Violet’s relationship. From reading the first book we all know how seductive Kasper was and how we grew to love him just like Violet did but when it comes to Autumn’s perspective as a couple who can see how possessive Kapser is over Violet and how frustrated he is that she won’t drink the blood and I like how he kind of broke down to Fallon about it. He’s helpless and in a way its killing him.

And of course through the bond of Autumn and Violet, Autumn can see when they have sex (she even pervs on them one night!) And she can see the love Violet has for him and you, in a way, kind of see Autumn change her mind about him… in a teeny tiny way!

I loved getting to know Autumn in this book and how she grew into a strong young woman throughout the months. How she came to grow into her powers… and Fallon! Well along with Kasper he is another book husband haha.

Oh and I laughed so much at this bit between Autumn and Fallon (and yeah it was obvious to wait it was going to lead to 😉 hehe) :

“He said some weird things to me…”
“What things?”
“Have you heard of the game cunning linguist?”
(Fallon leans over Autumn on the bed, trying not to laugh)
“Its cunnilinguis.”
“What’s that?”
“I’ll do better to show you…”

I can’t wait til the next book… I need to NOW! So hurry up Abigail and write it because I’m in love with these books! And I need to know what the third heroine is going to be like!!

5 out of 5 stars


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