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Tithe by Holly Black book review

Wow so it’s literally taken me a day to read this book!


Before I get into the story… here’s the blurb:

Kaye used to see Faeries.

They’re still there. But Kaye is not a child anymore. Now sixteen, she’s dragged into the thick of their dangerous, frightening world. A realm where black horses dwell beneath the sea, desperate to drown you… where the sinister Thistlewitch divines dark futures… and where beautiful Faerie knights are driven to perform acts of brutal depravity for the love of their uncaring queens.

There, Kaye finds herself an unwilling pawn in an ancient power struggle between to rival faerie kingdoms – a struggle that could end in her death…

Wow where to begin?

So Faye is a human who moves back to New Jersey with her mom to live with her nan as something has happened. While there things are fraught between Kaye’s mom and nan, constantly arguing.
There Faye meets her old friend and its clear that Faye is slightly weirder than normal people, especially when they tease her about how she used to see faeries when she was little.
While at a party, Faye unwillingly makes Janet’s boyfriend fall in love with her.
She leaves the party and their she sees someone injured and hurt in a forest. She helps him, without knowing who he really is.
She knows he’s a faerie but what type of  faerie she doesn’t know and she asks for his full name: Rath Roiben Rye (although everyone calls him Roiben).
From then she reconnects with her old faerie friends, Luttie Lou and Spike, and they tell her that her other friend, Gristle, was killed by the faerie she saved.
From there she’s thrust into a faerie world, where she unwittingly becomes an sacrifice in a ritual called the Tithe.
Its revealed as who she really is and, seeing as she knows Roiben’s full name she uses it to get him to release her from the alter she’s going to be sacrificed on.
Fights ensue and from there really Faye’s life would never be the same again (I can’t give too much away but as in every YA book the main characters fall in love!)

Okay so that wasn’t the greatest summary but if I said too much then I’d end up giving away the story haha.

So Faye is this half Japanese girl with natural blonde hair, who smokes, drinks and parties. Her mother flits from rock band to rock band so maybe that’s why. Especially as she’s had no boundaries.
I liked Faye. I liked her weirdness and how different she was and how she’s not the goody goody girl that we mainly have in YA books. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to help others.
And Roiben… HELLO!
He’s different from other main characters too and I liked that. He comes across as dark and mysterious but you see his vulnerable side and how he wears his heart on his sleeve and how much they both adore each other.

I really enjoyed this book and I was kept enthralled from the beginning. It had action, romance, betrayal, everything a YA book is supposed to have.

And I laughed so hard at this part in the book while at the same time I was sat there with my eyes opened wide! Haha

“Kiss my ass, Rath Roiben Rye.”
He grabbed her by the arm before she even saw him move. She raised her hand to ward off the coming blow. He threw her forward. She shrieked. Her hand and knee connected hard with the stone floor. She looked up, half expecting to see the gleam of a sword, but instead he pulled her jeans hard at the waistband and pressed his mouth against the swell of her hip.

So why did I give it 4 stars?

Because I’d have liked to have seen more of the faerie side of things and seen more of Faye’s powers come to light and how she learns to come to terms with who and what she is…

Other than that I loved it.

You totally need to read this book. Yeah so there’s swearing and smoking and drinking but who cares? Holly is showing a different side to the goody teenagers we see in the books and she’s taken it a whole new direction and how Faye sort of kerbs down on her swearing and how she stops smoking… and that’s because of Roiben 🙂

Anyway pick this book up! You won’t be disappointed

4 out of 5 stars


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