My own blog told me I need to update my about me page haha. I don’t quite know what to put but here it goes;

I’m a geek and a fangirl and I cosplay and go to comic cons, and have just recently got into anime and have multiple book boyfriends. I have a small close group of friends who are the best ever! I do suffer from depression and anxiety so if you do her random posts about how I’m feeling that’s why.

I’m single and probably will be for a long time as I am not the most beautiful woman in the world but at the moment I am extremely happy with who I am 🙂

I have a kitten called Merlin who is just the cutest adorable ball of fur ever!

I love Doctor Who and anything to do with the Arthurian Legend. I holiday in Glastonbury and I want to live there one day. I bake and sometimes sew and I try to write my own books 🙂

Anything else you want to know then please just ask!

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