Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

Its that time again!
So who gets the honour of Crush this week?
Well that honour goes to……

             LUKE PASQUALINO


Born Luca Giuseppe “Luke” Pasqualino  on 19th February 1990 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK.
Luke has an Italian heritage (Sicillian Father and Neapolitan mother)
Luke attended Walton Community School, in Walton Peterborough and attended drama classes held by Martin Tempest at Stamford Art Centre.
Luke originally auditioned for the role of Tony Stonem in the first series of Skins but lost out to Nicholas Hoult.
Before appearing in Skins he performed numerous plays and had done some modelling.
He also worked in his fathers salon, Image International.


His first acting debut was as the protagonist in the low budget film Stingers Rule!
He had also appeared as guest stars on Casualty and Miranda.
In 2008 Luke became one of the new series regulars in the 3rd series of Skins, playing Freddie McClair, a laid back weed smoking High School pupil. As series 4 neared its conclusion, Luke’s character Freddie was killed off.


In 2010 Warner Bros. Pictures approached him to play in horror film The Apparition, starring alongside Tom Felton (Harry Potter) and Ashley Greene (Twilight saga)
Luke also played Paolo, a young servant, in the Historical TV Show The Borgias.
In July 2012 he starred alongside comedy werewolf film Love Bite alongside Jessica Szohr.
Currently Luke is starring as D’Artagan in the BBC adaptation of The Musketeers.
(Full list alongside information on Luke can be found here:

Twitter: @LucaPasqualino


Why is he Crush of The Week?

Apart from being drop dead handsome you want more?
Well Luke is 6’1″, tall, dark and handsome DEFINITELY describes Luke well.
He’s a good actor too and his role as D’Artagan in The Musketeers is amazing! (Even my mum likes him in that!)
Just reading through a fee interviews prior to this blog post, Luke is open when asked questions and is truthful about things. I don’t really know much about Luke myself (other than the fact he’s handsome!) But from what I’ve seen he looks like a fun guy to be around with and would be a great laugh.
Oh and he can speak Italian! (drooling yet girls?!)


Round of applause for this weeks Crush!


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