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Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon





Live life in a bubble?

Or risk everything for love?

Maddy is allergic to the world.

She hasn’t left her house in seventeen years.

Olly is the boy next door.

He’s determined to find a way to reach her.

Everything, Everything is about the crazy risks we take for love.


Maddy is allergic to everything. She lives her life in her house with her mum and her nurse never having been outside. This is her life. Waiting for the moment she’ll eventually die.

But then they get new next door neighbours and when she sees the boy back flipping against the house, it’s like her life starts living again.

Olly is determined to reach her and through a series a emails they get to know each other and when they meet face to face for the first time is quick to see that their hearts will never be the same again.

Olly has his own family problems. His dad is abusive and Maddy can’t do anything to help him being stuck inside the house.

On the next visit Olly and Maddy touch and sparks fly, the next visit he kisses her and life has suddenly started for Maddy.

But she knows that there could also be heartbreak. She can’t leave the house and Olly’s at school, with other girls who he could easily fall in love with.

Then Maddy decides to live her life and goes outside and flys to Hawaii with Olly where they spend a few blissful days together before something bad happens.

With Maddy stuck back at home she resolves that this will always be her life and that she should just forget about Olly but when she receives a doctors note from the nurse in Hawaii saying that she may not have this condition her life turns upside down.

Can there really be hope for a normal life? Or is she always going to live her life inside?

OMG this books literally was Everything Everything! (See what I did there haha)

Maddy’s story is heartbreaking and you want nothing more than for her to be with Olly. Her condition means that she’s allergic to the world and can’t leave her house. She has a nurse 24/7 who is her best friend and a mother who, thankfully, is a doctor so she knows how to care for her. But when she sees Olly for the first time she knows her life is about to change. She falls for Olly hard and she knows it’ll end in heartbreak but she just can’t stop. Olly is everything to her. Best friend, confidant, first love and possibly her last love too. She just wants to be normal and when she runs away with him, for a few days she is. Even if she knows that being outside for so long she’ll eventually die but why can’t she just be normal for a few days? Maddy wants everything and she knows she’s not going to be able to get it stuck inside all the time. When she returns home and reads the letter from the nurse in Hawaii she tries to find out if her condition is actually what her mother says or is it something different? What happens though when she finds out changes everything.

Olly. Oh wow that boy! On the outside he looks confident and cocky but in reality, even though he is that in a way too, he’s sensitive and funny and falls in love with Maddy straight away. He wants to have a life with her, even if that means she spends her life inside, he wants to be with her. Olly worries about her all the time but he knows that worrying won’t help her. When he runs away with her, its the best few days of his life. He’s away from his family problems and he’s with the girl he loves. When something happens he’s terrified he’s going to lose her but when they return back home, Maddy calls time on them. He’s heartbroken and soon the family are moving away. From meeting each other their lives have changed for the better. They know what living is and the ending… EEEEEEK!

The book is brilliant and so addictive from the first page. The truth that comes out is heartbreaking and you will cry as to why this has all come about. Damn this book is just everything you want in a book. Its funny and heartwarming and heartbreaking and full of love.

Maddy and Olly are so adorable together and I loved reading about them together. When I finished the book, I wanted more from these characters. I still want more. I didn’t want their story to end.

I will definitely 100% read another book by Nicola Yoon.

For her debut book it was extraordinary and it really does show the crazy risks you do for love.

Read this book. You won’t be disappointed

5 out of 5 stars


Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway





‘Oliver’s absence split us wide open, dividing our neighbourhood along a fault line strong enough to cause an earthquake. An earthquake would have been better. At least during an earthquake, you understand why your shaking.’

Emmy and Oliver were going to be best friends forever, or maybe even more, before their futures were ripped apart. But now Oliver’s back, and he’s not the skinny boy-next-door that used to be Emmy’s best friend. Now he’s the boy who got kidnapped. A stranger – a totally hot stranger -with a whole history that Emmy knows nothing about

But is their story still meant to be? Or are their hearts like two pieces of two different puzzles – impossible to fit together?

This book was so cute and beautiful.

Emmy, Oliver, Drew and Caro were best friends when they were younger. They grew up together, did everything together and then, at seven year old, Olivier disappeared and the friendship group of four became three.

The whole town is turned upside down and after a time they learn to live again.

Then Oliver comes back and everything is just as crazy as it was when he left but instead of being the skinny kid next door, Oliver his hot and tall and totally different to the boy who left.

Emmy, Caro and Drew are told to keep their distance for a while, to let him settle back into the routine of being a family and having a step dad and half sisters but Emmy can’t do that.

Eventually she talks to Oliver and although its like talking to a stranger, there are things that he remembers from their past. They bond over new things, they laugh together, have fun and their feelings for each other are becoming more than just friendship.

But Emmy is hiding secrets from her over protective parents and Oliver hasn’t gotten over what happened to him all those years ago when his father kidnapped him.

Everything is coming to a head and secrets will soon come out but what will happen when they do? And will Emmy and Oliver have their happy ever after?

As I said this book was so cute and beautiful. It wasn’t just a love story. It was about people and a town coming back together. Of finding themselves all over again.

Emmy is a great character. She lives with over protective parents and has to hide all things she’s doing. Like partying and going away to college and surfing. She’s still best friends with Caro and Drew and are tighter than ever. When Oliver comes back her life is suddenly different. Oliver is hot, she can’t deny that but he’s different. He’s not the little boy who was her BFF growing up and he doesn’t seem to remember life before he was kidnapped. But that doesn’t stop Emmy. She makes him laugh, hangs out with him, gets him to remember things and more importantly she listens to him. Which is something others aren’t doing. She listens to all his secrets and tells him hers in return. Emmy is falling back in love with him and she knows it’ll just be harder is nothing is reciprocated but at the party it’s Olivier who kisses her and before they know it they have the life they should have had before he left. But with secrets between Emmy and her parents will everything be okay? And if she does go away to college will Oliver still be there for her?

Oliver was kidnapped by his father at a young age and moved around a lot. Then suddenly he’s back home and trying to get back to normal. He has a new step dad and half sisters, his mom is being even more careful with him incase he disappears again and the girl next door is really cute. He remembers her a little but doesn’t have as many memories with her as he’d like. He’s still going through stuff and feelings about his dad and Emmy is the only one willing to listen to him. They were always meant to be something more when they grew up but can they be that again? Do they still fit together and do Drew and Caro still want to be friends with him? It all seems too much for him and then he gets a letter from his dad asking to meet him… Will Oliver go?

Caro is brilliant as the best friend and is full of life. She lets Emmy and Drew be themselves and is always there for hem when needed. It wasn’t just Emmy and Oliver who had their lives turned upside down. It was her too and she wants nothing more than to start getting to know Oliver again. She finds out about Emmy’s crush on Oliver and she freaks out when Emmy’s plans to go away for college is revealed. She’s a cool BFF and awesome to hang around.

Drew is the other BFF and has already come out as gay. Despite the fact his parents are pretending it didn’t happen and his grandmother would cut the family off if she knew. He’s the go between sometimes between Emmy and Caro but he loves their friendship. His life was also changed when Oliver was taken and it takes them a while to get back to the friendship they used to have. He’s always there for his girls and would do anything for them.

Overall this book was brilliant. It wasn’t all about a love story that never happened but could possibly happen again. It was about a town ripped apart. A family who has to learn to be a family again. A friendship group that was torn apart. Its about bringing ties together and relearning stuff about yourself and others. Its a great story and such a quick read because you can’t put it down once you start.

I’d definitely read more books by Robin Benway.

4 out of 5 stars

Magisterium Iron Trials by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare






Call has no idea what he’ll come up against in THE IRON TRIAL but he knows that if he passes the test, he’ll become a student of magic at the Magisterium.

Only, all his life, Call’s been warned to stay away from magic, so he tries his best to do his worst – but fails at failing.

Now he must enter the Magisterium, and it’s even more sensational and sinister than he could ever imagine…

Okay so I will admit one thing; I didn’t finish the book.

I couldn’t get into it as much as I thought I would and I really love Cassie and the only Holly Black books I read were the Tithe books and I loved them.

But this one I couldn’t get into to.

Let me explain a little about the book.

A young boy enters the Iron Trials in order to see if he’s fit enough to go to magic school. Callum has heard nothing but bad stuff about the Magisterium and so tries to fail his tests. But still ends up going anyway.

He ends up being tutored by a brilliant professor and ends up in a group with two other people; Aaron and Tamara. They go through this moving sand with your mind test and end up passing the big group test they do with other students. Then Callum ends up secretly phoning his dad and finds a letter to the school telling them to bind his magic when he leaves….

And that’s as far as I got.

The story was a good one; going to magic school, leaning magic, seeing other students come back from trying defeat the evil magician, a long a go war, students that hate him but two friends that’ll become best friends…

Sounds a little familiar to Harry Potter right?!

That’s one of the reasons I picked it up. I love Harry Potter. Like seriously love HP. I grew up with it, know the words to the movies etc and I thought the Magisterium would be another cool HP style book.

It is but unlike HP I couldn’t get into it.

I don’t know if its whether I’m an adult now and the Magisterium is aimed at younger kids or whether HP has ruined me for other magic school books.

I know Cassie is a big JK Rowling fan, we all are, but the book was similar to her books. I don’t know if other people thought that or whether they loved it but for me… I just couldn’t.

I can’t even talk about the characters because I kinda forgot about them to be honest so this is going to be one short review.


3.75 out of 5 stars

The Once and Future King by T.H.White




I saved this book to review last even though Me and Earl and The Dying Girl was the last book I read but hey!


Sort of Blurb:

T. H. White’s masterful retelling of the Arthurian legend is an abiding classic…

This is the tale of King Arthur and his shining Camelot; or Merlyn and Owl and Guinevere; of beasts who talk and men who fly; of knights, wizardry and war.

It is the book of all things lost and wonderful and sad; the masterpiece of fantasy by which all others are judged.

The once and future king
The witch in the wood
The ill-made knight
The candle in the wind
The book of Merlyn


Okay so those who know me know that I love the Arthurian legend. Seriously. I could write my own book of King Arthur with the things I know. I’ve watched historical shows on it, I’ve seen the TV Shows (Camelot and Merlin… Merlin being my all time favourite!) and I’ve seen numerous amount of movies.

And have read so many books on it.

And then there was this one.

Okay so I found out that the Disney movie The Sword in The Stone was based on the book so I thought I’d get it (My mum got it me for my birthday)

From watching the Sword in the Stone I already had an idea of what the first book was going to be like. Full of magic and silly things and it was so I wasn’t really bothered about that.

There were things however that did bother me…

Now before anyone says anything I know this book was a retelling of the legend and when we retell stuff we do things differently but…

For one Lancelot was not ugly like he was made to be in the book.

They did not speak like they were from the 1930’s. They are medieval characters.

They were not around during the time of the Battle of Hastings.

Morgan Le Fay didn’t play any specific role in the book… She appeared twice over all and the first time she was a lard woman living in a house made of lard and raw meat (Don’t ask)

And also…


Okay rant over.

It was a good book. There was all the major King Arthur characters like Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, Gawain, Percival, Galahad, Gareth, Gaheris, Agravaine, Mordred, Bors, Pellinore, Morgause, Uther etc…

It was just done so so so strangely!

Its a retelling I know but the things he had but in it sometimes annoyed me and he did waffle on a lot of the times.

Some things I didn’t think were relevant.

But he did have the legends in their like Guinevere and Lancelot’s affair, Lancelot and Elaine, Galahad, The Holy Grail (which isn’t in a lot of the books) Merlin’s imprisonment by Nimue (which wasn’t really touched on much but we got to see Nimue once), The Round Table, Mordred being Arthur’s son etc

I liked it and I didn’t like it. It’s one of those books that I couldn’t quite get my head around.

If you want a book that is mainly weird and has components that are not in the King Arthur legend then this is for you. It does take you away from things and it is a fantasy book so you expect things to be a little crazy but if you want a proper King Arthur book to read then I’ll suggest either The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley or The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. They are the best books I have read out of all the others I have.


So yeah it was odd but even thought things in there was wrong I still loved it.

It is King Arthur after all and I LOVE HIM!

4 out of 5 stars (for the bits that were right and the bits that I enjoyed)

2 out of 5 stars (for the things that were wrong haha)

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews






Greg Gaines is the last master of high school espionage, able to disappear at will into any social environment. He has only one friend, Earl, and together they spend their time making movies, their own incomprehensible versions of Coppola and Herzog cult classics. Until Greg’s mother forces him to rekindle his childhood friendship with Rachel. Rachel has been diagnosed with leukaemia—-cue extreme adolescent awkwardness—-but a parental mandate has been issued and must be obeyed. When Rachel stops treatment, Greg and Earl decide the thing to do is to make a film for her, which turns into the Worst Film Ever Made and becomes a turning point in each of their lives. And all at once Greg must abandon invisibility and stand in the spotlight.


Greg is a bit of a loner in way. He speaks to everyone in school but doesn’t actually have a friendship group himself.

Then one day his mom comes to him with news; the girl he went to Hebrew school with, Rachel, has Leukaemia and Greg has to go and be friends with her again as he will make her laugh.


So Greg goes along to see Rachel and at first nothing seems to happen. They aren’t really friends so how is this going to work? He does however make her laugh.

Then you meet Earl, Greg’s short black friend who is literally has a vocabulary of swear words and grossed out things. But they make movies together. Movies that no one else has ever seen: until Earl gives them to Rachel one day.

Now everyone knows about the movies and Greg and Earl are forced into making a movie for Rachel… Which really really doesn’t go well. But Rachel does like the video…. Even if the kids at school don’t.


I can’t really give much away of the plot otherwise I’ll end up saying everything about the book.

This is different from The Fault in Our Stars. Yeah okay the girl in it is dying but there is nothing else that is similar.

Greg does not love Rachel and Rachel really doesn’t love Greg. There is nothing between them except for a small friendship and the ability if Greg making her laugh.

What I liked about it was that it was different to the other Cancer related stories about there. Yes TFIOS made you cry literally from start to finish (well it did with me. Same with the movie too) but this book didn’t make me cry.

For starters Greg is a pretty crap friend. Yeah he gets forced into the friendship by his mother and he really doesn’t know how to act. He is socially awkward and can literally only make people laugh by being a complete weirdo. But in a way he’s brilliant too. He makes this dying girls last few months pretty much filled with laugher. There is no romance, he sucks at getting girls anyway and the way he is with situations is pretty hilarious.

Then there is Earl. The foul mouthed friend of Greg’s who really made me laugh. Every word that came out of his mouth had to have a swear word in it. He makes these crappy movies with Greg, watches foreign films with him, has been through a drug habit, lives with his brothers and half-brothers who constantly beat each other up and he smokes. Just a normal day in the life of a 17-year-old! Oh and his 13-year-old brother has got a girl pregnant!

Then there’s Rachel. The dying girl who has this weird friendship with Greg and Earl and makes them both promise to go to film school when she’s gone. There is nothing profound about her. Some books make the dying people say profound and heart-warming things but not Rachel. She’s just this normal, or in Greg’s words ‘boring’ girl who’s dying. It’s just so straight forward.

I love TFIOS and it will always be my favourite and the lines in it are beautiful and they are beautiful and it makes you cry because of the love they have for each other and…. Okay stopping now before I blub like a baby!

But Me and Earl and the Dying Girl had nothing like that and I think that’s what made it so refreshing. It didn’t make you cry. Greg wrote the book and half the time even he told you to stop reading it because it was a boring story with nothing in it. But I really liked it. It was new, it was simple, and it was ordinary. It was how things happen in real life. It was honest. Greg himself even said he was a shit friend. Everything about the book was honest and so weird and odd but oddly brilliant.

I like the epilogue too and you get to see why Greg ended up writing this book.

Give this book a try. I’d love to know what you think of it. (I wanna see the movie too!)

5 out of 5 stars



The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay





 ‘Aphrodite kissed a mortal once by the light of the moon. It drove him crazy. The next person that he kissed – boum! The craziness travelled from person to person. It travelled through time. Everywhere – boum! And now I’m going to pass it to you…’

Imagine the perfect kiss. A legendary kiss that makes people crazy with love. Imagine a summer’s night, on a moonlit beach, as french boy Laurent kisses 16-year-old Delilah after the best chat up line she’s ever heard.


Delilah is pretty sure the Kiss is fiction, despite her head spinning holiday fling. But with all the sudden crushes, break ups and melt downs happening back at home, the Kiss starts looking a little too real for comfort. If only Delilah could keep track of where it’s gone…

Who knew one kiss could cause this much trouble?


This book was funny.

Delilah has a holiday fling with French boy Laurent after he gives her the best chat up line ever. Aphrodite’s kiss by the moonlight that makes people crazy.

Sounds romantic right?

It is but back at home things start going wrong. Her best friend, Tabby is in a relationship with Sam but Delilah convinces her to have one crazy kiss with another guy before she settles down. Which Tabby does and Sam sees and their relationship goes caput.

Delilah has a plan to get Sam back for Tabby but she didn’t count on Jem being so attractively gorgeous.

And she certainly didn’t count on kissing him under a moonlit sky…

She doesn’t want any feelings for Jem but what if that Kiss thing is actually true?

Tabby think so and when she plans to kiss Jem again so she can get the Kiss and then pass it on to Sam so he’ll fall in love with her again things get more than complicated.

In fact no one’s life in this book is straightforward and it’s all because of that bloody Kiss.

But is the Kiss real? Or is it just a story that people in love cling to?

This book was one complicated mess of fun and it made me laugh in quite a few places.

Delilah, thanks to her French fling, has the Kiss. The Kiss that send people crazy. Yeah she doesn’t believe in it but when she kisses Jem and he starts talking about tasting the moonlight when he kissed her she knows that maybe there might be something to this Kiss thing. Her best friend Tabby believes so and that’s when Delilah knows that things have gotten out of hand. I mean, she’s already broken up her best friend’s relationship by encouraging her to kiss someone else before committing to a long term relationship. She’s then kissed the guy her best friend kissed and to top it all off it looks like she’s actually falling for him. Which is fine, sort of, because he’s HOT but she has commitment issues after her ex-boyfriend so she pushes him away. The of course the ex-boyfriend comes back into her life and yeah…. COMPLICATED! And all because of that damn kiss! Delilah is a great character though and he is a science geek and a zombie geek. Actually she is just a geek and you can’t help but love her.

Jem is the guy who… well… *SWOON* he is hot and he’s totally in love with Delilah despite the fact she keeps pushing him away. He’s fun and likes to paint and he wants to do special effect make up for horror movies. He’s totally cool! The only problem is that girls seems to flock to him and that’s not something that’s going to win over Delilah. Nor is the fact that he seems to have a girlfriend already on the go… Or does he?

Tabby is great as Delilah’s best friend and sticks by her through everything and really doesn’t blame her for the whole ‘cheating on her boyfriend’ thing. In fact she’s more interested in this Kiss thing and trying to get it for herself. Tabby wants to be an actress and when the opportunity arises to star in the play Much Ado About Nothing at the local theatre, its Delilah who encourages her to go for it. They are great as best friends and they are like to magnets. You upset one, you upset the other. But can Tabby get the Kiss? And can she get Sam back?

Sam is totally still in love with Tabby, despite the fact he has a new girlfriend. You can tell it’s a pit stop of sort, to try and mend his broken heart but well, his pride was hurt when he caught Tabby kissing someone else. But will he forgive her?

There are other characters in the book, like Maria, Sam’s new girlfriend and Fatima, Delilah’s French pen pal. Delilah’s ex Dave and the whole group of theatre people.

Everyone in the book gets into this complicated web of the Kiss business and it was just a refreshing book to read. It was light hearted and funny and full of swoon worthy moments and characters you loved and laughed with.

It was set in England which was another thing that I liked as it’s nice to get out of the America bubble that most books are set in. It just brings you a bit closer to where you live and you can understand the way we are with things and how we act and react to things.

It’s a great book to read if you want to get away for a while and get caught up in the whole Aphrodite’s Kiss thing. It’s a great thing to believe in and takes you away into this romantic thought, even if it does seem to be more trouble than its worth! I hope I can get more books my Lucy Courtenay because it was really fun to read and it seems like she had fun writing it.


4 out of 5 stars


I Knew You Were Trouble by Paige Toon





 Life as the undercover daughter of a rock god isn’t going to be easy. How will Jessie adjust to her boring life again after spending her summer living it up with her dad in LA? With tough decisons ahead (and not just choosing between two hot boys), can she cope juggling her two very different lives?

Summer may be over, but Jessie’s story is just beginning…


I Knew You Were Trouble is the second Jessie Jefferson book and is just as great as the first book.

This one follows straight on from where the first book ended.

Jessie is back in England with the Jefferson’s after Johnny received some news about his dad.

Life is definitely different for Jessie now she’s back. For one, no one knows where she’s been staying while in LA but pictures are starting to emerge about Johnny’s secret daughter who’s living in England. Jack is still on her mind but he hasn’t even been in touch since she’s been back and Tom is very keen to pick up where they left off. Her heart is torn between two hot guys and who can blame her?

When news comes out about who she really is, her life becomes a whirl wind of paparazzi and kidnap attempts and everyone thinks it would be best if Jessie went back to LA.

But going back means seeing Jack and seeing Jack means her lust/love filled emotions will be back in full swing, despite her being with Tom.

She manages to keep her distance from Jack but she suddenly becomes the lead singer of his band and well…. sparks fly. She doesn’t want to cheat on Tom but she can’t deny what her heart is telling her.

Her relationship with Johnny is a lot better and she’s finally apart of the family and she really loves it there. She still misses her mum but they take the pain away and she knows that when she goes back to England for the Christmas break, she has some major decisions to make. Some that are going to change her life for the good…

The second book is just as brilliant as the first one and just as summery and full of swoon filled moments.

In this book Jessie has finally been accepted by the Jefferson’s and now she’s known as Johnny’s daughter. Even though the UK paparazzi are having a field day with her. She’s finally in a relationship with Tom but when she goes back to LA she knows that distance isn’t a good thing. Especially as she’s in the same place as Jack. She has to make a lot of decisions in this book and I honestly felt like the ones she made were the best ones. There are some more heart-warming scenes between her and Johnny and the touching moment when she finally calls him Dad. Jessie seems more grown up in this book. I suppose the lifestyle she now has has made her grow up a bit. She seems more settled in LA than she does in England, even though she does miss her friends.

Jack in this book is more humble. He’s not as womanising as he was in the first book and you can tell that he really does have feelings for Jessie, even if he doesn’t know how to deal with them. He’ll always be a rocker like Johnny but I think Jessie could tame him down a bit. He opens up to Jessie a lot, even though he doesn’t particularly like it much. He’s committed to Jessie, even though she has a boyfriend now. Yeah, we love Jack. That’s all really. Jack Jack JACK ❤

Johnny is encouraging in this book. He supports anything Jessie wants to do and helps her with her stage fright when she has her first gig in Jack’s band. He’s like the dad he should have been to her if he was given the chance. You can tell he really loves Jessie and he gets all emotional when she calls him Dad for the first time. Ahhh Johnny is just beautiful. We love him too.

Agnes has more of a role in this book and you can see that she’s going to be a really good friend to Jessie, even if Jessie is in love with her brother! (She’s Jack’s sister) I like the friendship she has with Jessie and I can’t wait to see more of their friendship in the third book.

Overall this book was just as brilliant as the first and like the first one I was sucked in from the beginning. It had the same tones as the first book and the writing was summery and full of life. This book was more about finding yourself and being accepted and it does a great job. Jessie is a great character and sometimes you do forget she’s 15! She’s like your best friend in a book and I love reading about her.

I can’t wait until the third book!

5 out of 5 stars