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The White Rose by Amy Ewing




 On the run in the Lone City.

Enlisted by the Society of the Black Key.

Powerless to protect the people she loves.

Violet, Ash and Raven have escaped the Jewel, but nowhere will be safe until the royalty is destroyed.

If she can reach the White Rose, Violet may be able to rescue more surrogates. But for one surrogate it is already too late: Raven is pregnant and that is a death sentence.


The White Rose is the second book in the trilogy.

Violet, Ash and Raven have escaped the Jewel with Lucien and Garnet’s help. Now they must get to the White Rose without being seen. But Raven is now pregnant and Ash’s face is plastered on wanted posters around town for being accused of raping Violet. It’s not going to be easy.

Once they do get to the White Rose, Violet discovers that the Augeries are not just used to make things grow or to change colour of things but they are a power. A power that’s significant to each surrogate. When Sil, the owner of The White Rose, trains Violet, she locks her up outside in the hope she can wield her powers properly but when Violet hears Raven screaming she knows she has to save her.

When tragedy strikes, Violet uses her new found power to change the course of action and she knows that if other surrogates unlock their power they can take down the royalty and stop the auctions and surrogates and take back their city that’s rightfully theirs.

But tensions between Ash and Violet are strained, Lucien is keen to keep them away from each other and a surprising and familiar face turns up in the army.

But it’s the news at the end that leaves Violet reeling and she knows its now or never to take bring everything crashing down….

OMG This book was just as great as the first book!

The whole story in this one is the focus around the powers the surrogates have locked inside them and how they need to unlock it.

Violet in this book is learning about her powers and how to manage them. Her relationship with Ash is strained, especially as Lucien and Sil doesn’t trust him. Violet loves him though and wants him with her, even though others are encouraging her not to. Violet knows that bringing down the royalty and saving other surrogates is her main priority but she always knows that being true to herself is also important. At the end of the book Violet’s world comes crashing down around her and she knows that she has to act fast. Otherwise she’s going to lose someone she loves.

Ash is wanted. The Duchess has issued a statement saying he raped her surrogate and is now on the run. There are rewards out for his capture but Violet and Raven won’t let that happen. In this book Ash is a bit strained from Violet as she has to spend time with her powers and learning how to take down the royalty instead of spending time with him. They do get a few moments together but sometimes I kept thinking he was sleeping with Raven or there was something going on between them because they seemed close. I hope Amy doesn’t make him out to be a traitor or something because I don’t think I’d cope!
Lucien. In this book you learn about his background and I couldn’t help but cry. It’s heart-breaking and he’s determined to bring down the royalty along with Violet.

Raven is in a bad state in this book and she’s heart-breaking to read about too. Especially as you see her decline from book 1 to know. But… well you’ll have to read the book to know what happens to her.

Garnet is more involved in this book and working against his mother. I think he has started to get feelings for Raven so hopefully next book *fingers crossed*

Sil is pretty awesome and her story is inspiring to Violet. I hope she’s a big part in book 3 because I got a feeling she’s going to be pretty kick ass.

Like the first book this one sucked in from start to finish and everything about it was just as OMG-ish as the first book was. This time they are out of the Jewel and you learn a little bit more about the characters and their backgrounds which makes you love them more. I did feel sorry for Lucien in this book. He and Ash really don’t get along. I can’t quite decide whether it’s due to Lucien being really protective of Violet or whether its something more. And like I said in Ash’s little paragraph… I really hope I haven’t been drawn into him only to have him break my heart… I wouldn’t survive and neither would Violet.

And they way book 2 ended…. OH HOLY HELL! Book 3 is needed right away because that cliff-hanger….

5  out of 5 stars


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