My hot 100! 49-1

Its me again! Is time with either a kitten or a filter on my face because let's face it... I don't have a great face haha! Okay so let's kick off the rest of the countdown with number... 49. DOUGIE POYNTER More McFly boys on the way! Dougie! 48. DANNY JONES This is me... My… Continue reading My hot 100! 49-1



I've just realised how long I have been away from here! For all my readers out there I 'am so so sorry. I've been extremely busy working and writing and reading. It's no excuse I know but I am seriously sorry! I'll get back on top of it soon I promise! I have some book… Continue reading OMG!!

Boys, Boys, Boys

My Top 10 Boys

These are the reasons why I will be dying alone... these men here! This was pretty nerve wracking trying to get it down to just 10 men but well... I did it! So here they are! 10. Aidan Turner The Irish accent, the dark eyes, dark hair, kissable lips... do I need to say more?… Continue reading My Top 10 Boys

Doctor Who

Introducing the 11th Doctor

Today's the Day people and of course the end of Doctor Who week 😦 (although I'll post something tomorrow... probably just pictures and videos) So today its the 11th Doctors turn 🙂         THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR                   Matt Smith             1st January 2010        First Appearance: The End of Time Last Appearance: He's leaving this… Continue reading Introducing the 11th Doctor


The 12th Doctor has been revealed….

So he's been revealed! And the 12th Doctor is... Peter Capaldi I was a bit shocked when I saw it was someone older but then again perhaps he can bring some wisdom to the Doctor... I never watched In The Thick Of It but I heard he was pretty amazing in it and he has… Continue reading The 12th Doctor has been revealed….