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Asmeron by CTJ Reeves book review

It has been so so long and for that I am sorry! I started a new career path and its been taking up a lot of my time right now and I haven’t been able to read much either and everything just got on top of me. But PHEW I’m going to make a new years resolution to get back into blogging again!

So here is the first one I read back in 2016… (I think it was October time…?)

Anyway here it is



Allie witnesses the global nuclear devastation of Earth. Everything crumbles around her and she finds herself in the cellar beneath her home; struggling to breathe and near to death she sees three shapes appear wearing what look like luminous silver hazmat suits.

When she next wakes she is in a brilliantly lit room with the unconscious bodies of seventy-nine young women. When the women eventually wake, they need to know where they are, who has taken them and why! Have they been captured or rescued? A voice from nowhere reverberates around their room letting them know the people who are now in charge are neither humans nor aliens and all will be explained when they meet.

They are eventually told they are now in a completely different solar system where only two planets exist. They have been rescued and repaired unlike the other nine billion humans who were burnt beyond recognition, damaged beyond repair or dead.

How do these women survive? Whey have they been chosen? What strange things do they encounter? Do they have a future, if so, what does that future hold and what price will they have to pay?

To be honest I’ve never actually tried reading space themed books… I read the 100 but that’s a little different because it’s more Dystopian then space themed… anyway.

I really enjoyed this book. It got me hooked from the beginning. I liked not knowing what was going to happen.

It started with the end of the world and from there a kidnap of such? That’s how I put it because suddenly they were on another planet and everything was happening. The book didn’t waste time explaining everything… You know how some books go into detail about the colour of someone’s eyes or tried to get more pages into the book so did a 3 page description on a tree? It wasn’t like that. It hit you from the moment you delved into the pages. It was very hard to put down!

I loved how it encapsulated the future and gave us a glimpse of how things could be. Allie was a believable character and I loved how she formed her friendship with the other girls, even caring about those who caused trouble! Everyone of the women was strong, its definitely a book for women as they are the central characters in it and I liked how they were all of different nationalities and, even though they were all different, they made their friendships work.

I liked not knowing who was good and bad in the races they had (I’m so sorry I can’t remember the names but once I get the book in my hands I will add the characters!) At first I thought it was one of those; The good guys are actually bad and the bad guys were actually good kind of thing (you all know how books like to throw us) but… well your have to read it to find out!

I also enjoyed how the book split between the characters so you got the duel narrative of the two groups that were there.

And the ending… I liked how it left it open for a second book, but also ended so you could leave it there and make up your own thoughts about what happened.

For someone who said in the description: “I never considered myself creative…” really needs to think again. Because anyone who has a story inside of them (I’ve had PLENTY!) can write… whether you’ve never written before or have 10 stories behind you, it doesn’t matter. It was a great book for a first time writer and I REALLY hope it does well.

4 out of 5 stars!

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