Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger!

So I haven’t blogged for a long time but that’s not because I couldn’t be bothered. Its because I haven’t read much lately as I’ve been in a slump and I’ve been having a complete career change! 

But I went on Facebook and asked if anyone would like to guest blog and ta-da I got a response! Now me being me didn’t get details about this person and what sort of stuff they liked but that doesn’t matter because they gave me some of their reviews so I’m just going to post them all 😀 

Here we go!

The first one is The Blade of the Destroyer by Andy Peloquin

Daccari’s review:

“When I began Blade of the Destroyer, I found myself blown away. The attention to detail and creation of imagery was so intense that I felt I was actually there, alongside the Hunter, watching him carry out his dark deeds.  

The book was well written and had a nice flow to it. Tension built steadily within each scene and resulted in payoffs that brought me to the edge of my seat. Fearless, unique, and above all dangerous, the Hunter’s character is one I adore.  

The Hunter is as much a mystery to himself, as he is to others. He knows next to nothing about his past and internalises a strong sense of isolation. With a great sense of sarcasm, the Hunter brings the tale to life, and lightens an otherwise dark and twisted plot.  

There were many surprises and unique twists that I didn’t see coming. All in all, I found Einan to be an incredible world of gory Fantasy, where death and suffering are rife.  A true tale of sacrifice, devotion and above all, fear. With so many enemies, will the Hunter survive?  

Why not give Blade of the Destroyer a read, and find out for yourself. 🙂  5 stars!”

Homeworld by Bonnie Milani

Daccari’s review:

“Home World was, for me, a most surprising read.   

‘On a shattered Waikiki two princes risk humanity’s future for Keiko Yakamoto’s love. Who will she choose – or kill? ‘  

By page two I was completely hooked. The book was well written and contained beautiful imagery. The description of the different races and their customs was woven seamlessly into the story, with realistic characters that touched my heart to its core.  

The main character, Jezekiah, was a constant among a sea of characters with changing motivations.  

While he was a striking character, my favourite by far was Keiko Yakamoto, a fearless Earth- Native. There was a refreshing innocence about her, that I find contrasted well with her deadly ability as a samurai.  

This book was fast paced, with plenty of action and drama to keep the reader intrigued. There were a lot of surprises, not to mention some tense moments, asJezekiah tries to seal a treaty to keep his Home World safe from another war. We are made to guess at each character’s loyalties until the very end, where all is revealed.  

I was on the edge of my seat until the very last page. All in all, an incredible read.  

Easily 5 stars!”

Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes by Pamela Schlosser Canepa

Daccari’s review:

“Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes’ is a delightful tale with a rather intriguing premise. A young and fiery girl, Norrie, searches for her bio-dad, while mother Abriellestruggles to let go of the husband she lost.   

Norrie learns of the Android’s plight when she comes across a group of performers. Their ill-treatment pushes her to take a stand, committing herself to speaking out on their behalf.  

This thrilling Dystopian novella will have you searching your own emotions. Are we humans, as a species, responsible for the down-trodden lives of others? Norriescertainly seems to think so.”

Sam’s Song by Hannah How’s

Daccari’s Review:

A Mystery Thriller  

Four Stars!  

“This witty start to a series is narrated by Sam Smith, an emotionally scarred and intelligent Private Investigator. Cardiff’s rural countryside adds to the novel’s sense of mystery as Sam finds herself hired by bratty pop-star Derwena De Caro, to uncover the identity of her stalker. Sam will journey through danger and beyond, to find the answers Derwena seeks. The plot was unpredictable, with plenty of delicious twists and turns, that serve to grab the reader’s attention. I felt an instant connection to Sam’s character and really enjoyed her sarcastic sense of humour. This tale has stayed true to its genre (Thriller/mystery) and provides thrills beyond the expected.  

I would definitely recommend this series.”

Sword of Shadows by C.N. Lesley

Daccari’s Review:

“Sword of Shadows is an awe inspiring Sci-Fi / Fantasy novel, narrated from multiple perspectives. The novel is set in an alternative world, where unique species are battling it out to survive. I found myself intrigued by the different abilities possessed by certain races, such as telepathy and regeneration.  

A clever mix of Arthurian Legend and Futuristic aspects, this tale was gripping and well written. Having not read book one of the series, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to pick things up as I read.  

There are many twists in this book that you won’t see coming, with an element of forbidden Romance in the background. We feel greatly for the main character of Arthur as he seeks to fulfil his destiny, while striving to survive in a world full of enemies.  

The overall theme I took away was of family always being there throughout the good times, as well as the bad. Even the underdogs have their day. No matter how disjointed relationships are, people can work together to achieve harmony.  

For a healthy dose of magic, mystery, and space, I would certainly recommend Author C. N. Lesley. This is the first of their works that I’ve read and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Congratulations on creating an extraordinary world with a unique blend of space and medieval settings, with characters that you can easily connect with.  

A good sense of humour is shown throughout their writing, helping to bring light to those otherwise dark moments. I rate Sword of Shadows, Book Two, as five stars.”


Thanks Daccari! 

Would you like to be a gue blogger? Email me at and I’ll get back to you 🙂


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