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Oblivion A Lux Novel by Jennifer L Armemtrout



Experience the epic love story of Obsidian as told by its hero, Daemon Black…

I knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door, there was going to be trouble. Lots of it.

And trouble’s the last thing I need, since I’m not exactly from around here. My people arrived on Earth from Lux, a planet thirteen billion years away. Plus, if there’s one thing I know, its that humans can’t be trusted. We scare them. We can do things they only dream about, and honsetly, we make them look weak as hell. ‘Cuz they are.

But Kat is getting to me in ways no one else has, and I can’t stop myself from wanting her – or wanting to use my powers to protect her. She makes me weak, and I’m the strongest of our kind, tasked with protecting us all. So this one simple girl… She can mean the end for us. Because the Luxen have an even bigger enemy – the Arum, and I need to stay on my game.

Falling for Katy – a human – won’t just place her in danger. It could get us all killed, and that’s one thing I’ll never let happen…

One thing you should know about me. I don’t tend to read books from the other characters POV. Like I’ll get them so I have them in my collection but not read them. But this one I NEEDED to read!

I’ve Ben waiting a long time for Daemon’s POV, especially as the Lux books went on and he was introduced with his own POV I was like I need more of him!

I don’t have kindle so I won’t be able to read Onyx and Opal in his POV (and I know I could read it on my new tablet and get a reading app but… I don’t like reading on a screen. I still have to read in book form! Sorry e-reader lovers… I just can’t get on with them!)

But yeah anyway!

So Oblivion is the first book Obsidian in Daemon’s POV. A lot of what happens in the Obsidian from Katy’s perspective happens in Oblivion but I don’t know it just seemed better in Daemon’s perspective. I loved the Lux books, they are one of my favourite series, but I just loved seeing how he was slowly falling in love with her and how much the feelings he had was tearing him apart and GAH it was just everything! 

If you’ve read the Lux books, you know what happens; Katy moves in next door to Daemon, she becomes friends with his sister Dee, despite him trying to get them to stop. Daemon is a dick to Katy but he wants her. There’s a few ups and downs, Daemon reveals who he is to her, she gets involved in there lives, then there’s some kissy kissy scenes, life gets a bit complicated and then Katy helps distract an Arum from going after Dee and there’s a big big fight and Daemon saves Katy’s life again and then its the whole will they won’t they get together in the next book.

Okay so that was a quick summary but I do have a review of Obsidian on my blog.

But basically it was so much better from Daemon’s POV. Everyone whose read the books LOVE Emon Black and this is the book for us lovers out there. 

Daemon is sarcastic and cocky and hot and everything! And I just loved seeing how much he was falling in love wit her and how hard he found it not being around her and GAH!

I could just repeat myself over and over and over again but I won’t otherwise its just going to be a very odd review (well it’s odd anyway but it’ll become odder!) Anyway if you have read The Lux books I strongly suggest reading this book. If I haven’t then you really need to read them!

5 out of 5 stars


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