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Standoff by Andrew Smith

I have been so unbelievably busy that I’ve not had time to review anything! I was meant to stay on top of everything but as usual life and work gets in the way!



Senior year is supposed to be easy,  but for Ryan Dean West there are no guarantees.

He may be the school rugby captain but his new roommate, Sam Abernathy, is a tweleve-year-old with extreme claustrophobia and a crush on Annie Altman, Ryan Dean’s girlfriend.

And Ryan Dean has his own problems too – he’s haunted by things from hisR past he can’t escape, fear of losing Annie and the fact that sometimes the uncontrollable force of friendship moves under its own power.

This book is the sequel to Winger. I loved the first book a lot and the second didn’t disappoint. 

It follows on a few months from how Winger ended and Ryan Dean West isn’t coping well.

Things are getting on top of him and he refuses to see the school councillor about his problems. He has a new roommate whose 12 years old and suffers from claustrophobia so they can’t sleep without the windows being open. The only thing that’s keeping him sane is Annie.

When Ryan Dean gets told by his rugby coach that he’ll be playing Joey’s position on the rugby team everything becomes too much. He also ends up meeting Joey’s younger brother Nico.

On a night when Ryan nearly drowns he knows it’s time to get help before he looses everything important in his life.

I enjoyed this one and I’m sorry that the catchup I did isn’t it’s best. But it’s hard to review these books without spoiling everything that happens. Plus my review that I did of the first book didn’t do it any justice because it was so amazing that I didn’t know how to review it. So this one is going to be pretty much the same :/

I’m glad there was a sequel to Winger because there was still some unfinished business between the characters.

Annie and Ryan Dean are still going strong and are moving the relationship further but with Ryan Dean’s anxiety and with him keeping everything closed up they are a little strained in parts. Especially because Annie wants to help him and he doesn’t seem to want it. I can understand though. Especially with what happened in Winger and when Ryan Dean meets Nico, Joey’s brother, he gets a few home truths and learns things about Joey. One of which I kinda guessed.

Sam Abernathy is cute and so small haha. I was annoyed with how Ryan Dean was treating him but I can kinda understand why he was and I’m glad it changed.

Ugh god I’m not doing this book justice!

Okay so if you loved Winger then definitely read the sequel. It ties everything up and still has the funny moments that Winger had.

Just read it haha

5 out of 5 stars


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