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The Power by Jennifer L Armentrout

So I’ve been off work for a few days since I’ve damaged the ligaments on my ankle so that means I’ve read quite a few books… which means a back log of reviews!
Please bare with me if I can’t remember things haha



The Covenant University has become a front line for the escalating violence between pure-bloods and half-bloods – war between the races seems inevitable. Sets must prepare Josie for battle, which means teaching her how to control her new found demigod abilities… and they need to find and rescue the other demigods before their enemies – the Titans – find them first.

Only one thing is more dangerous than a bunch of Titans, and that’s an out-of-control Apollyon. The aether in Josie is drawing Apollyon Sets in deeper, and their closeness becomes explosively dangerous. But letting Josie go requires a level of selflessness that just isn’t Set’s style.

When the danger from the Titans erupts with devastating consequences, the dark allure of power calls to Seth once again. But this time, Josie may not be able to pull him back from the brink…

Eeeeek! JLA knows how to play with feels!

The Covenant University is being plagued by violence. The Pure-bloods are not happy with the demolition of the breed order and they are taking it out on half-bloods. In a bad way.

While everything is happening Seth is training Josie to unleash her demigod powers but the more she uses her power, the more Seth is getting addicted to her aether.
He knows the best thing would be to walk away from her but it’s easier said than done.

When they are making out after a training session and an argument, Seth does something unthinkable and he knows it’s time he left her alone.

With Josie alone and training with other people, her powers are coming to light.

When Alex and Aiden return to Earth from spending 6 months in the Otherworld, everything changes.

With daimons breaking into the Covenant and everyone ready to kick ass, Seth looses his mind when he sees Josie among them fighting and well… what follows is sexy sexy time 😉

When Apollo brings Hercules to them to help find the other demigods, Seth’s God Killer power is unleashed when he kills a Titan. A powerful Titan.

Will Seth be able to control his new powers? Or is he destined to go crazy with power?

Ahhh JLA knows how to write!

This book was just as great as the first one, full of even more fights and more sexy sexy time!
Whereas the Covenant series was YA, The Titan books are NA so we get just that little bit more.

Seth is still the same as always: cocky, arrogant, full of himself but damn he hot! Despite all this he does have a soft side and reveals a part of himself to Josie throughout the books. You see more about him than just the cocky Seth we knew in the covenant books. Seth is trying hard in this book to not give in to the aether and let his Apollyon powers get too much. He knows that the longer he stays around Josie the more he’s tempted by her aether. But as we know, Seth can be a little bit selfish so walking away from her is hard. But when things go wrong and Seth has to kill a Titan, those powers are unleashed. So does this mean he’s dangerous? Or can Josie save him?

Josie is her usual geeky, awkward self. And still can’t pronounce Apollyon properly! She’s training to unleash her demigod powers but as usual it’s hard. Especially with Seth training her. When something happens and Seth walks away from her she gets trained by someone else and with doing this her powers are unleashed. Still a bit unsure about killing things it’s put to the test when Daimons break into the covenant. With the arrival of Hercules and the whole find the other demigods task, Josie has a lot on her plate but when Seth turns on his Apollyon powers she knows only she can save him from himself.

Alex and Aiden are back too and I’m glad they didn’t take away from you story of Seth and Josie. Although they had a few scenes they were more background. I love those too though and I really want another story from them haha. I can understand why Josie was a little jealous of Alex when she arrived and especially when Apollo seems to like her more than he likes his own daughter. But they are still in love and still kick ass and still… yeah.

Hercules was a surprise! I’m used to the Disney version of Hercules so this cocky arrogant sweary shags any female Hercules was different! I did still like him though and he and Seth would probably have a great bromance together if they weren’t sniping with each other all the time.

We had the other characters too in the form of Luke and Deacon who are still loved up and hot for each other. Especially with the one scene Seth witnesses haha.

The new demigod Gable is going to be interesting.

But the death though… The death!!!! I can’t deal.

I love JLA and as always I can’t fault her writing. I love it and the way it sucks you in is still as epic as always.

I want the next book now though because the way it ended… damn!

5 out of 5 stars


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