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Forever by Judy Blume



Michael stopped the car and kissed me again. ‘You’re delicious,’ he said.
No boy had ever told me that.
As I opened the door all I could think of to say was, ‘See you…’ but that wasn’t at all what I meant.

Katherine and Michael meet at a party. The attraction is instant and pretty soon they’re going out – and making out.
This is love, and love is forever – right?

But love isn’t simple – and when Katherine’s parents make them spend the summer apart, forever begins to feel like an awfully long time…

Katherine is 17 and is at a party where she meets Michael.

As it says in he blurb the attraction is instant and soon they start dating. They make out the day after the party so the attraction is definitely instant!

Things move quickly, from making out to pleasuring each other. The next step is obviously sex because obviously they are going to be together forever so it seems right.

After a few months Katherine’s parents want her to get a summer job. But the summer job they pick means she’ll be separated from Michael. But they’re forever so the distance is nothing.


Okay so without really spoiling the plot I can’t tell much. The book is only 202 pages long and if I did a bigger summary I’d end up telling the whole thing.

The book was written in the 70s so it was a little bit hard to get into the mindset of a teenager in the 70s because I still kept thinking of mobile phones and tablets and all those things but obviously none of these.

When Judy wrote this book it was mainly about protecting unwanted pregnancy. Whereas now it’s such more.

The book is simple and to the point. The relationship between Michael and Katherine is really quick to be honest but maybe that’s how it was back then? I don’t know.

Katherine and Michael are a little bit obsessed with each other to begin with and the whole ‘we’ll be together forever’ thing is really full on. But being away from each other all summer… Katherine suddenly realises that forever is a long time and there’s a world and other boys out there besides Michael. Especially when she meets Theo…

It’s a story of first love, first time and first heartbreak and trust me… It all happens.

It was funny in some parts and serious in the other.

Erica’s relationship with Artie is sad and what happens breaks your heart. And Sybil is equally heartbreaking.

It’s a good book and I did read it all in about two hours.

It’s just weird imagining the 70s haha

In its time I can imagine it was quite a taboo book with teenagers because the content is is a bit woah! Obviously we’re all used to much more stuff in books now a days (with all the smut books there are now) but damn I can imagine teenagers thinking this book was the greatest thing ever and parents trying to ban them from reading it or something.

It’s definitely worth a read though

3.75 out of 5 stars


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