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Angel Dares by Joss Stirling



Angel is impulsive.
Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn’t come easy to her. 

Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they’re both performing, and finds herself all at sea. For when he sings, her soul answers with its own music.

Like the tide, their mutual attraction cannot be held back but Marcus’s mistrust of Angel’s gift is even stronger. How can they be together if Marcus is unable to accept who Angel is or what they could mean to each other?

And with the net closing in on the Savant community – it is time for everyone to choose a side.

Well this one was different!

Angel’s gift is to manipulate water and more than once it’s come in handy for her (especially with her band mates wandering hands!) But trying to hide it is hard.

When she rehearses with her band Seventh Edition and gets thrown out just before they get a music festival gig, she’s fuming.

But Will Benedict needs her help; his soul finder is going to be at the festival and he needs Angel to be there to help find her.

Sounds simple. All she has to do is grovel her way back into the band and be just a little bit nicer to the lead singer (eurgh)

At the festival, Angel learns that her favourite band, Gifted, will be headlining. She’s already had a run in with Marcus OMG Cohen at the front gates so being friendly to her favourite band will be easy…. especially with Will’s soul finder being apart of the entourage!

As she gets herself friendly with Gifted she learns that maybe there are some Savants that haven’t quite come to terms with their gifts just yet.

Of course it goes smoothly for Will and his soul finder Margot, even if she does need a bit of persuasion to accept her Savant side. But for Angel things aren’t going smoothly.

It’s clear that Kurt, lead singer of Gifted, and Marcus have Savant gifts themselves but neither of them are prepared to hear the truth and mark her off as crazy. Even if the attraction between her and Marcus is through the roof!

When Angel is kidnapped though by people who are trying to out the Savants, her only choice is to reach out to Marcus, he is her soul finder after all, but he doesn’t want to do telepathy. But suddenly he doesn’t have a choice.

Despite Marcus not wanting to be apart of the Savant community he has no choice but to answer Angel. Even though he makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t believe she’s been kidnapped.

Will Marcus be able to accept his fate? Or are he and Angel destined to be soul finders?

Omg this book was different from the others!

Before they usually accept what they are and how they are meant to be together…. well there are a few obstacles but that’s part of a romance YA book.

But Marcus refused point blank to accept it. Even when Angel tried mind speak and when she reached out to him when she was in danger, he still wouldn’t accept it. Thinking she was tricking him.

But damn it was a good book!

Angel is sure of herself and will go in all guns blazing without thinking. She sees what she wants and goes for it. She’s impulsive and throughout the book she gets a lot of things wrong. She does try to be normal and less impulsive but it’s not her and Marcus and Kurt call her out on it. She’s a lot different from the truth telling Misty but their friendship works.
When she’s in danger and trying to stop herself from drowning, all she wants is her friends and she resides her self to the fact that her soul finder wants nothing to do with her. Even though it hurts.

Marcus is so reluctant to accept this life. He is extremely mistrustful of her gift and this whole Savant thing, still thinking Angel is out to play them all.
When she reaches out to him when he’s in the middle of a gig, he doesn’t exactly want to help her. Thinking it’s a game she’s playing. But when they do rescue her and things become clear it’s too late.

Kurt is the cool rocker who has a Savant gift himself even if he doesn’t admit it either and even he gets angry at Angel.

I like how the Benedict brothers look out for everyone. Even though Angel and Summer aren’t apart of the family they accept them as extended members. After all the Savant community is a big family themselves.

Misty, Summer and Alex are in this one too as well as a few other Benedict boys.

This one was more of a OMG book because everything kept going wrong and it was a little refreshing to see a guy that really didn’t want anything to do with this world. Marcus and Angel, despite their mutual attraction, was really hard in getting together and in getting Marcus to accept it all.

And like with the last post… I love these books and I want a Summer book because I want to know if Victor manages to get his soul finder… especially with where she is!!

4 out 5 stars


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