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Firewalker (Worldwalker #2) by Josephine Angelini



Two versions of the same world.

Two versions of the same girl.

Love took them home.

Now evil wants them back.

Shortest blurb ever ha-ha.

Firewalker is the second book in the Worldwalker trilogy and follows on from the moment Rowan and Lily arrive back into her world.

It’s been three months and Lily is a missing person but now she’s back and things are complicated. The police are all over her family and friends and no one is allowed to see Lily while Rowan is repairing her burnt skin (It’s pretty cool how he fixes her!)

Being back in her own world. Lily has to deal with a lot of things; Rowan is planning to go back to his world, her best friend Tristan has been hounded by the police as they think he had something to do with her disappearance, Carrick is in her world hunting her and she’s connecting to Lillian through her dreams.

Pretty complicated huh?

Not only that but Tristan, Breakfast (the guy who’s mentioned in book 1) and his girlfriend Una become Lily’s Mechanics.

Rowan is training them but the police is following them and when Carrick kills a fellow student they know they can’t stay in the human world and they go back to the alternative Salem.

All the while Lily has been in touch with Lillian and she’s been showing her her memories of the past and why she killed not only Rowan’s father but she’s hunting the scientists too. Things are quite what they seem and who’s bad and good has crossed the lines and blurred together.

And the Woven… there is something about the Woven that has Lily unsettled and she’s determined to find out what… even at the cost of her relationship with Rowan…


Okay I loved the first book and the second book was just as great.

Lily has come into her powers and is actually becoming even more powerful by the minute. Back in her own world she’s surrounded by people who love her but is haunted by the memories Lillian is sharing with her. To top it all off Rowan is becoming distant with her and she’s keeping things from him. Not exactly a great relationship going on. But Lily has reasons as to why she’s keeping stuff from Rowan because if he knew, it would kill him.

Rowan… I loved him a lot in this book up until the moment he did what he did and broke Lily’s heart because really?! Yes he was peed off but ROWAN! YOU LOVE HER AND YOU DID THAT! I just sat there like ‘I loved you and you betrayed me’ I couldn’t believe he would do that. I don’t know if we’ll ever come back from this ha-ha. Part of me hopes he becomes so racked with guilt and another part of hopes Lily doesn’t forgive him. Although I don’t think we got the full picture of what truly happened when you see the events through Caleb.

Tristan…Lily’s Tristan kind of makes up for what he did in the first book but really Josephine did you have to do that?! I really hope he’s not because I was really falling in love with him ha-ha.

Breakfast and Una make a great addition to Lily’s Mechanics and I’m glad we got to see more of Breakfast in this book since he was first mentioned. He seemed like a great character and he is. He’s geeky and although he doesn’t fight her protects Lily. Una has a past of her own and we get to see that. Although Breakfast and Una are opposites they are a great couple.

Caleb and Tristan from Rowan’s world are still as loyal to Lily as they were in book 1. They still believe in her and follow her on her crazy mission to go see the Woven and the Hive.

Lillian doesn’t seem as bad in this book. In the first one it was easy to hate her but when she shows her memories to Lily as to why she did what she did you kind of see her differently. You start to understand as to why she did what she did and it kind of makes you think that you’d do the same too. Because sometimes you just have to be the Villain so someone can be the Hero. I do hope however that Lillian isn’t manipulating things because that would really suck ha-ha.

The end of the book was an OMG moment because really how could you have done that!

The book was full of witch magic and fighting and secrets and lies. I really hope in the last book Lily can stop Alaric and get to the bottom of the Woven because I’m intrigued as to what they are too. I don’t think they are as evil as they’ve been made out to be.

And the Hive… I really need to know why they flew them there. What they want to show them. I man they could have killed them but they didn’t…

And Carrick… I hoped he’d be a little good in this book but Nah. I can see why he is the way he is judging by his childhood but I really hoped there would be something to grab on too and be like ‘damn he’s not so bad’ but not yet.

Josephine did a great job on her follow up book and I really cannot wait to get the third book in my hand.

The only thing that bugs me is my covers DO NOT MATCH! I had such a pretty cover for the first book and this one doesn’t go with it! Why change the covers?! 😥

4 out of 5 stars


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