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The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson book review

So I’ve been on holiday and read two books before going, one book when I was there and another book when I got back.
So yeah, a bit behind!
And I need to read the last Dark Elements book by JLA so I have to review these books before I start otherwise the pile is just going to get bigger…

I hope I remember everything!



What’s wrong with me

What kind of girl wants to kiss every boy at a funeral, wants to maul a guy in a tree after making out with her (dead) sister’s boyfriend the previous night?
Speaking of which, what kind of girl makes out with her sister’s boyfriend, at all?

Lennie Walker – sisterless, lasagne maker, Heathcliff-obsessed and hopelessly in love…

Lennie is a teenage girl who has just lost her sister. Their mother abandoned them when they were little so they live with their Grandmother, and 4 or 5 times divorced Uncle.

When she loses her sister, Bailey, in a tragic accident, Lennie loses her way. She doesn’t really know how to be her anymore.

Toby is, well was, her sister’s boyfriend. She never really gets on with him but one night it goes one step further. They are sharing their grief over Bailey and then soon they are making out.

They are making out a lot!

Then along comes the new guy, Joe Fontaine, and it’s obvious there is something already there between them.
Lennie is caught between falling in love with Joe and making out with Toby, the only guy who seems to know what she’s going through.

But there are people who know and she’s pushing them away and when everything comes crashing together and truths come out and secrets are unveiled, Lennie has to make up to a lot of people. And Joe is going to be he hardest one of all.

So I love I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy and I knew I’d love this one too. In fact I think I loved this one more.

Lennie is such a complex character. When she’s with Toby it’s like her sister is still there, despite what they are doing. There is so much guilt for Lennie but she can’t seem to stop.
Then she gets together with Joe and for once all her troubles are gone. He makes everyone feel better with his enthusiastic attitude and Lennie knows she is falling for him hard. It’s just this thing with Toby.
Lennie has so much emotion going on that she hasn’t really let herself grieve it seems. She’s pushing her best friend away in favour of Joe and she’s lying to Joe about Toby and she no longer seems to talk to her Grandmother and Uncle. She’s loosing her way.
It’s a great portrayal of grief and how people deal with it differently.

Joe is like a breath of fresh air in this book. He’s funny and handsome and musical and loyal and so out there. He’s what brings them altogether and makes the day feel a little less lost. But he has had his heartbroken before and he has suspicions about Lennie and Toby.
How he deals with it isn’t the best. Hut he’s a musician and he goes a little crazy. If only he would listen to Lennie and not go off with someone else… I do love Joe though.

Toby… He’s taking the grief differently too. And Lennie is the only person who understands him as well. I can understand why it brings them together but Toby doesn’t have a right to be jealous of Lennie and Joe. He’s so complex too and is hurting just as much as the others.

Everything about the book is full of emotion. Love, grief, heartache, heartbreak, anger, sadness, happiness etc. It’s a riot of them and you go through each and every one of them with the characters.

Jandy really knows how to write grief and love. And how it goes together. I do love my supernatural books but this one was refreshing and new. Jandy can really write about things that are real and I hope to read more of her stuff in the future.

This is definitely one to read.

5/5 stars


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