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Obsession by Jennifer L Armentrout book review

Eeeep. I thought I had already reviewed these books but obviously not. Ah! Let’s hope I remember everything haha.



He’s arrogant, domineering, and… To. Die. For.

Hunter is a ruthless killer, working for the Department of Defense. Most of the time he enjoys his job… but now he’s been saddled with keeping a human from danger, and it’s chafing pretty badly.

When Serena Cross witnesses her friend’s murder, she’s thrust into a world where her enemies would kill her to protect their otherworldly secret. Everything’s topsy-turvy, and the Arum who’s been sent to protect her is totally arrogant.

Hunter and Serena ignite each other’s tempers even as they flee from danger- and yet, despite their differences, it seems they might be igniting one another’s passion, too…

JLA did it again!
We know about Hunter and Serena briefly in the Lux books so to get a chance to read about them was better.

Serena witnesses the murder of her best friend after she sees the guy she is seeing change into a “giant glowy thing” when he argues with his brother. From then there is a price in her head and after Serena witnesses her murder, there’s a price on her head too.

Enter Hunter… The Arum the DoD has working for them. He’s been sent to keep Serena alive. But seeing as they get on each others nerves from their first meeting it’s more of a case as to who will kill her first… The Luxen. Or Hunter.

But through them annoying each other something is happening with them. Passions are being ignited and it’s not long before they give in…

Then there’s the fact Hunter wants to feed from her and the Luxen are closing in… and it’s not long before they have Serena and are ready to kill her…

Okay I love JLA. You all know this so it was no surprise I was going to enjoy this. And Hunter…. OMG!

Hunter is arrogant and at first you want to hit him (a bit like Daemon when we first meet him) he’s confident and he knows that Serena wants him from the off. At first he’s just doing his job and kinda wants to get into her pants but then you see him change. He always says Arum don’t feel, they can’t be human. But he’s getting feelings. He’s starting to understand what it means to be human. He’s still arrogant but he’s not his number 1 priority anymore. Serena is.

Serena is another great female main character. JLA made her feisty and she stands up for what she wants and believes in.
She’s a great match for Hunter.
She denies him at first but then the cracks start showing and she’s given in. When Hunter tells her stay safe, she’d rather stand by his side. And instead of recoiling from who he is, like Hunter expects her too, she doesn’t. She accepts him for who he is.

The duel POV’S in the book make it better because we get to see what the other is thinking. I loved reading Hunter as you see the biggest change in him and after reading about them it’s easier to see why he’s so protective of her when we see them in the Lux.
And even though Hunter is an Arum, he really doesn’t want this war to happen which is why he and Daemon tolerate each other.

In a way Daemon and Hunter are the same. They don’t want this ear anymore, they are both arrogant, hot and cocky, they both have a sensitive side and most importantly they both fell for a human and will do anything to protect them. 

Also we see Daemon briefly in Obsession 🙂 as well as our personal favourite Luc.

I enjoyed reading about the Arum. It was refreshing to see them from their own POV instead of through the eyes of the Luxen. We get to make up our own mind about them.

5 out of 5 stars


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