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The Accident Season by Moira Fowley Doyle book review


OMG ITS THE LAST REVIEW! Then I can start reading!



Its the accident season. The same time every year. Bones break, Skins tear, Bruises bloom.

The accident season has been apart of seventeen-year-old Cara’s life for as long as she can remember; a month of mysterious injuries and tragedies, which casts a constant shadow over Cara and her family.

This year, the accident season will break more than just bones. Because Cara is starting to ask questions – and all her family’s secrets will rise to the surface.

Its the accident season for Cara and her family. Every year it falls on the same month and every year they pad out the house and make sure they stay clear of danger.

But this year seems different than the rest.

Cara notices this girl Elsie in all of her pictures and she is determined to find out why. With the help of her sister Alice, her ex step brother Sam and her best friend Bea, they try to uncover the truth but strange things start happening the more they look into things.

I can’t really say much of the plot without giving it away! Aaaahhhh this is so frustrating! How to work around it, how to work around it….


Okay so the rubbish summary aside this book rocks! I can’t even give too much away in the review so I will try my hardest to make it spoiler free.

I thought it was an adult fiction book until I found it in the children’s/teenage section in the book shop on holiday. What I liked was that it was different.

By looking at it and reading the blurb you’d probably think it was some sort of one off dystopian type book. One that takes place in the distant future and… yeah you get my drift.

But its not.

And what I loved was that it was set in Ireland haha… Okay it wasn’t just that. I have a lot of books at home that are set in America. Like the majority of YA books are set there but this on was in Ireland and it was refreshing to read about things I cold understand instead of having to make sense of the American school/college/university system or trying to figure out what the hell ‘bangs’ mean (I do know what that is now.) or there food they eat… (grits? The hell?)

This book was different from other YA books because it was darker and mysterious and was kind of like a horror in a way. It was chilling and when you read some bits you kinda make sure you leave your bedroom light on just that little bit longer.

Cara, her sister Alice and their stepbrother Sam are close. Ever since Sam’s dad left them all they’ve become closer than ever. They are there for each other, they indulge in each others wild fantasies. What makes them seem real is that they all have problems. Its not just one of them. Alice is hiding a secret while Cara and Sam are hiding feelings… (You’ll have to read it to find out what!)  And then there’s Bea, the fourth part of their group, who is Cara’s best friend. She’s quirky and eccentric and lives her life through what she reads in her tarot cards. She too is just as messed up as the others and they describe themselves as ‘Lost’ which is extremely fitting.

They all balance each other and when they are together its like magic happens. They are a great four piece.

What I also loved was the secrets and the guessing and the way they kept you on your toes and second guessing. The relationship between the four of them is interesting and you learn a lot of things along the way.

Then there is the big revelation near the end and OMG some of the stuff I will admit I didn’t see coming. And there is a twist when it comes to Elsie and in a way its up to the reader to determine what she actually was.

I loved this book. I loved how everything went wild in some places and how they became chilling and weird in others. The way it was written is great and I can understand why people raved over it.

Moira Fowley Doyle has done an amazing job in this debut novel and I really hope she has other books in the pipeline because I will definitely be reading them.

Go read it. You will not be disappointed!

5 out of 5 stars


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.s. I Still Love You by Jenny Han book reviews


Double book time!

Seeing as these are a two part book series I thought I’d do them both together 🙂

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


Lara Jean keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. One for every boy she’s ever loved. When she writes, she can pour out her heart and soul and say all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control…

Lara Jean is a home girl. She likes her life as it is. She loves her family which consists of her father and her two sisters, Margot and Kitty. She’s love boys before and to help get over them, she writes them letters… That they will never ever see.

And then Lara Jean’s life goes a little… crazy.

Her sister Margot is on her way to University in Scotland and she’s not exactly on the best of terms with her younger sister Kitty. And then her five letters get sent out.

And life gets just a little crazy.

Especially when one of them goes to her sisters ex boyfriend Josh and another to her ex best friends ex boyfriend Peter Kavinsky.

She doesn’t want to deal with the fact that she once had feelings for Josh and when he wants to talk about it… She kind of invents a fake relationship with Peter.

Peter is in on it because he wants to make his ex girlfriend Genevieve jealous and Lara Jean is doing it just so she doesn’t have to admit that maybe there is still feelings for Josh.

But this fake relationship isn’t real, not at all, so what happens when the two involved start liking each other?

P.S I Still Love You


Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter.
She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.
When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?

In this charming and heartfelt sequel to the New York Times bestseller To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we see first love through the eyes of the unforgettable Lara Jean. Love is never easy, but maybe that’s part of what makes it so amazing.

The second book follows on from the first book and Lara Jean is all ready to give Peter her new letter explaining some things to him.

After he reads the letter they decide to give their relationship a go for real. Things are going good. Until another boy from Lara Jean’s past turns up and threatens the new relationship.

John Ambrose McClaren is the other guy who received the love letter and he feels the same way about Lara Jean. When all the old friends get together to open up a time capsule they buried when they were younger they end up playing a game they used to play when they were younger, Assassins and this Lara Jean wants to win.

Then she witnesses a tender moment between Peter and his ex Genevieve and her world falls and this time Peter and Lara Jean break up for real.

Will Lara Jean give it a go with John? Or can Peter clear up this misunderstanding and win Lara Jean back?

Okay so these books.

I picked them up because I feeling in the mood for some YA romance, a bit like the Stephanie Perkins books. At first I was a little annoyed with Lara Jean because she was still a little child like and younger sister Kitty acted older.

But then as I got into to story more I realised that its just the way she is and it didn’t annoy me so much. Especially as you think about their culture and the way they do things.

Lara Jean is a dreamer and a person who is in love with being in love and what’s wrong with that? All she wants is to be someone’s number 1 girl and to be someone’s world. The way her parents were to each other before her mother died. She knows she has to grow up now and become the head girl of the family now Margot has gone to Scotland.

The idea of writing love letters to the boys you used to love is a genius idea. Its much easier to write your feelings down than it is to say them. Lara has only ever loved five boys and I liked how different they all were.

I thought for sure that with her sister out of the picture she would end up with Josh (gasp!) but when she started fake dating Peter you could see how they brought things out in each other. Peter became a little less jock like and arrogant and a bit more aware of things and feelings. Whereas Lara Jean stuck up for herself a bit more.

I did love Josh at first. He was geeky and cute. The things I love but when things came out I got angry with him. (You’ll understand when you read it) and I lent more onto Peter’s team.

Yes Peter was arrogant and stuff but when he was with Lara Jean, you saw a bit more of a vulnerable and appealing side to him.

Oh and one more about Lara Jean… She dressed up as Cho Chang for Halloween and anyone who shares a love for Harr Potter is going to be high up there on my scale. She redeemed herself with that haha.

The second book was a continuation of the first book and I’m glad we got it. Yes the first book ended on unresolved issues and the second book cleared them up.

I loved how they took a chance on having a real relationship with each other and even struck up a new contract with each other (yes a contract! It was funny). But when an old love comes back Lara Jean does get torn and by this point I was really rooting for Peter to win but at the same time I did like John Ambrose… I think I turned into Lara Jean at some point reading this because even I was briefly torn.

But like always there is a little heartbreak in the book and when it comes to Peter and Genevieve you just knew something was going to happen. Even if it was a misunderstanding.

And things get revealed in this one too, just like the first book. And in the end Lara Jean’s choice was definitely the right one 🙂

I do want a third book because of how the second one ended. Yes it was a happy ending but I kinda want more. I’m a sucker for YA lovey dovey books at times 🙂 Or it could just be the fact that I want more Peter 😉

All in all I did enjoy them and found them to be funny and sweet and at the time it was definitely something that I needed. Books just take you away to another world and you can get lost in other characters turmoil for a while. I would give the other Jenny Han books a go too. If you want something that’s cutsie YA then totally go for this book.

Seeing as its a double book review I’ll score these out of 10.

8/10 stars for these.

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson book review


So I’ve been on holiday and read two books before going, one book when I was there and another book when I got back.
So yeah, a bit behind!
And I need to read the last Dark Elements book by JLA so I have to review these books before I start otherwise the pile is just going to get bigger…

I hope I remember everything!



What’s wrong with me

What kind of girl wants to kiss every boy at a funeral, wants to maul a guy in a tree after making out with her (dead) sister’s boyfriend the previous night?
Speaking of which, what kind of girl makes out with her sister’s boyfriend, at all?

Lennie Walker – sisterless, lasagne maker, Heathcliff-obsessed and hopelessly in love…

Lennie is a teenage girl who has just lost her sister. Their mother abandoned them when they were little so they live with their Grandmother, and 4 or 5 times divorced Uncle.

When she loses her sister, Bailey, in a tragic accident, Lennie loses her way. She doesn’t really know how to be her anymore.

Toby is, well was, her sister’s boyfriend. She never really gets on with him but one night it goes one step further. They are sharing their grief over Bailey and then soon they are making out.

They are making out a lot!

Then along comes the new guy, Joe Fontaine, and it’s obvious there is something already there between them.
Lennie is caught between falling in love with Joe and making out with Toby, the only guy who seems to know what she’s going through.

But there are people who know and she’s pushing them away and when everything comes crashing together and truths come out and secrets are unveiled, Lennie has to make up to a lot of people. And Joe is going to be he hardest one of all.

So I love I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy and I knew I’d love this one too. In fact I think I loved this one more.

Lennie is such a complex character. When she’s with Toby it’s like her sister is still there, despite what they are doing. There is so much guilt for Lennie but she can’t seem to stop.
Then she gets together with Joe and for once all her troubles are gone. He makes everyone feel better with his enthusiastic attitude and Lennie knows she is falling for him hard. It’s just this thing with Toby.
Lennie has so much emotion going on that she hasn’t really let herself grieve it seems. She’s pushing her best friend away in favour of Joe and she’s lying to Joe about Toby and she no longer seems to talk to her Grandmother and Uncle. She’s loosing her way.
It’s a great portrayal of grief and how people deal with it differently.

Joe is like a breath of fresh air in this book. He’s funny and handsome and musical and loyal and so out there. He’s what brings them altogether and makes the day feel a little less lost. But he has had his heartbroken before and he has suspicions about Lennie and Toby.
How he deals with it isn’t the best. Hut he’s a musician and he goes a little crazy. If only he would listen to Lennie and not go off with someone else… I do love Joe though.

Toby… He’s taking the grief differently too. And Lennie is the only person who understands him as well. I can understand why it brings them together but Toby doesn’t have a right to be jealous of Lennie and Joe. He’s so complex too and is hurting just as much as the others.

Everything about the book is full of emotion. Love, grief, heartache, heartbreak, anger, sadness, happiness etc. It’s a riot of them and you go through each and every one of them with the characters.

Jandy really knows how to write grief and love. And how it goes together. I do love my supernatural books but this one was refreshing and new. Jandy can really write about things that are real and I hope to read more of her stuff in the future.

This is definitely one to read.

5/5 stars

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson book review




Jude and her twin Noah are close until a tragedy drives them apart. Now they are barely speaking – and both falling for boys they can’t have.
Love’s complicated.

Oh holy hell this book!

It starts in the perspective of 13 year old Noah and his life with his twin Jude. How close they are. How their dad likes Jude more than him and how their mom favours Noah more because of his art. It’s the story of a 13 year old whose coming to terms with his sexuality and trying to find his way in the world.

Flash forward three years and we get the perspective of 16 year old Jude. How different she is from before. How she got into Art school and not Noah. How apart they are. How different they’ve become to each other. And of course there is the fact that their mother has died and each one of them holds the blame.

There is one thing that joins them together, despite their differences when they get older. They are both in love with two boys who they can’t have…

I can’t tell much about the premise of the book without giving away what happens but it’s a brilliant story.

The POV changes between the two is what makes the book. We get to see what happened when they were younger and what’s happening now they are older. I liked reading about it.

I liked how we saw Noah come to terms with his sexuality. How he gets when he’s drawing nude male models. How boys make me him feel. And then comes Brian, his new next door neighbour and from the beginning they are inseparable. There is something there between them though. Despite the fact that Brian puts up a front around girls and acts straight.
I felt for Noah. I could feel his frustration about who he was and how he lived in his own bubble so he didn’t have to deal with day to day life. He made his own way as a 13 year old. Even if his dad was indifferent to him and preferred Jude.

Jude herself was interesting to read too. From Noah’s POV, growing up she was a bit of a bitch. She hung around with guys, wore short dresses, was mean to him. She grew up like a typical teenage girl.
And yet when we see her in her own POV she’s totally different. Her hair has been cut off, she doesn’t speak, she blends in so no one sees her and she speaks to her dead grandmother.
Then she meets the English hottie Oscar in the church and he makes her feel something.
She meets the crazy sculpturer Guilmerro (I think that’s how it was spelt… my bad if it’s not!) Who shows her a new way of life and after years of not talking and blending in, she finally feels accepted.

And of course, like Noah, she can’t have the guy she likes.

Even though they are indifferent to each other now, two things bind them together: grief and guilt.

This is a perfect story of what happens when tragedy strikes an unbreakable pair of twins. What life is like for them now they are no longer the person they were and how love shapes their lives.

It was heartwarming and funny and sad and heartfelt and heartbreaking. Every different emotion in one book.

It hooked you in from the very first page and I am so so so glad I picked this book up to read. It was amazing. Amazing isn’t even the right word! It was breathtaking and new.

You will not be disappointed when you pick up this book. It keeps you going and keeps you hooked.
Noah and Jude are the perfect characters to read about and I so wish there was a sequel because I felt so apart of their lives that I need more.

Jandy Nelson is a brilliant writer.
Go pick up this book!

Obsession by Jennifer L Armentrout book review


Eeeep. I thought I had already reviewed these books but obviously not. Ah! Let’s hope I remember everything haha.



He’s arrogant, domineering, and… To. Die. For.

Hunter is a ruthless killer, working for the Department of Defense. Most of the time he enjoys his job… but now he’s been saddled with keeping a human from danger, and it’s chafing pretty badly.

When Serena Cross witnesses her friend’s murder, she’s thrust into a world where her enemies would kill her to protect their otherworldly secret. Everything’s topsy-turvy, and the Arum who’s been sent to protect her is totally arrogant.

Hunter and Serena ignite each other’s tempers even as they flee from danger- and yet, despite their differences, it seems they might be igniting one another’s passion, too…

JLA did it again!
We know about Hunter and Serena briefly in the Lux books so to get a chance to read about them was better.

Serena witnesses the murder of her best friend after she sees the guy she is seeing change into a “giant glowy thing” when he argues with his brother. From then there is a price in her head and after Serena witnesses her murder, there’s a price on her head too.

Enter Hunter… The Arum the DoD has working for them. He’s been sent to keep Serena alive. But seeing as they get on each others nerves from their first meeting it’s more of a case as to who will kill her first… The Luxen. Or Hunter.

But through them annoying each other something is happening with them. Passions are being ignited and it’s not long before they give in…

Then there’s the fact Hunter wants to feed from her and the Luxen are closing in… and it’s not long before they have Serena and are ready to kill her…

Okay I love JLA. You all know this so it was no surprise I was going to enjoy this. And Hunter…. OMG!

Hunter is arrogant and at first you want to hit him (a bit like Daemon when we first meet him) he’s confident and he knows that Serena wants him from the off. At first he’s just doing his job and kinda wants to get into her pants but then you see him change. He always says Arum don’t feel, they can’t be human. But he’s getting feelings. He’s starting to understand what it means to be human. He’s still arrogant but he’s not his number 1 priority anymore. Serena is.

Serena is another great female main character. JLA made her feisty and she stands up for what she wants and believes in.
She’s a great match for Hunter.
She denies him at first but then the cracks start showing and she’s given in. When Hunter tells her stay safe, she’d rather stand by his side. And instead of recoiling from who he is, like Hunter expects her too, she doesn’t. She accepts him for who he is.

The duel POV’S in the book make it better because we get to see what the other is thinking. I loved reading Hunter as you see the biggest change in him and after reading about them it’s easier to see why he’s so protective of her when we see them in the Lux.
And even though Hunter is an Arum, he really doesn’t want this war to happen which is why he and Daemon tolerate each other.

In a way Daemon and Hunter are the same. They don’t want this ear anymore, they are both arrogant, hot and cocky, they both have a sensitive side and most importantly they both fell for a human and will do anything to protect them. 

Also we see Daemon briefly in Obsession 🙂 as well as our personal favourite Luc.

I enjoyed reading about the Arum. It was refreshing to see them from their own POV instead of through the eyes of the Luxen. We get to make up our own mind about them.

5 out of 5 stars