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The Manifesto on How to be Interesting by Holly Bourne book review



Apparently I’m boring. A nobody. But that’s all about to change. Because I am starting a project. Here. Now. For myself.
And if you want to come along for the ride then you’re very welcome.

Bree is by no means popular. Most of the time, she hates her life, her school, her never-there parents. So she writes.

But when Bree is told she needs to stop shutting the world out and start living a life worth writing about, The Manifesto on How to be Interesting is born.
A manifesto that will change everything…

… but the question is, at what cost?

Bree, like the blurb says, is a nobody. She has one good friend at school, her childhood friend Holdo,  and he’s just as much as an outcast as she is.

After another rejection letter from a publishing house, Bree seeks comfort from her favourite English teacher Mr Fellows. He tells her to stop shutting out the world and start living a life that’s interesting. 

So she does.

She comes up with The Manifesto on How to be Interesting. A blog that’s going to show others how to be popular and interesting. A list of rules that people must follow.

So she has a hair cut, gets fit and completely changes everything about herself.

Suddenly she’s apart of the popular group. Hanging around with Jassmine, Gemma, Jessica and Emily. Getting caught up in their lives and exposing them for who they are
Then there’s Hugo, Jassmine’s on again off again boyfriend, and his group of friends. She suddenly has a social life and boys, Hugo in particular, are interested with her.

Then there’s Mr Fellows. The English teacher that Bree shared something with a while back. He claims he’s not interested in her anymore but after her transformation he’s interested again. But what’s the real reason for his sudden interest.

Then theres her new life in general. She’s blogging about every aspect of it and she realises that Jassmine and co. are real people. They have feelings and Bree is about to stamp all over them.

But then things go wrong. Hugo shows everyone a video, Jassmine and co turn there back on her, Mr Fellows breaks her heart and she’s suddenly alone, humilated and utterly destroyed.

And there’s only one thing she can do to ease the pain…

Omg this book.

Not only was it full of the intricacies of teenage life, it was also full of psychological stuff.

Bree is a character that has multiple problems. She self harms, she gets down and she doesn’t believe she’s worth anything. She’s not close to her parents and she knows that for people to take her seriously, for people to think she’s interesting, she has to become one of them. One of the interesting people.

Jassmine and co, although they screamed Mean Girls, were complex. They put up this front that was all for show. And Bree manages to see through all of that and starts to see them as real people. But for her plan to work Bree has to continue to do things that she really doesn’t want to anymore. 

Hugo… you kind of wanted him to turn into one of those guys you see in the chick flick movies. The ones who are cocky it boys and then turn into this sappy geeky guy who falls for the girl who changed his life.
That is not the case.
Hugo is vile and nasty. He’s too surr of himself and the self confidence puts you off him. The more you see him as a character, the more you begin to despise him. I hated him. And what he does is just pure evil.

Mr Fellows aka Logan. Naughty naughty. Holly writes about the student/teacher relationship well. Its not seedy. Its all psychological. And it makes you end up hating him too.

Everything about this book was riveting from start to finish. Holly wrote everything so so well it was like you were back in high school again. Reliving all the insecurities you felt, remembering that It group you had in school and how they made you felt… it was perfect.

Holly really delved into the mind if a young teenager and this book had a lot of valuable lessons as well as things that need to be read about more. She covered everything from insecurities to self harm. To being self confident to the psychological issues that some teenagers have.

And even though I hate myself for it… I kind of want to know what happened to Jassmine and co. Do they change their ways? Do they stop being so bitchy?

And Bree. I know you’re a fictional character but I really hope your life turned out well.

5 out of 5 stars


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