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Wrecked and Rescued by Priscilla West book reviews

These are the last two (I honestly thought I had more to review… obviously not!) And seeing as these books go together (I’m not quite sure what to call two books that go together… series? Two-sers? Haha) I went off on a random tangent there!


The first one is Wrecked.


Blurb (its a long one!)

“There would be no happu ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

Two years ago, Lorrie’s mother was murdered. But that wasn’t the end of it. Reeling from the tragedy, Lorrie’s father spiralled into alcohol, depression, and finally suicide.

The two most important people in Lorrie’s life are both gone but she’s still alive.

Trying to recovet from the tragedy, Lorrie returns to campus, ready to pick up the pieces of her life.  All Lorrie wants is to get back to “normal.”

Then she meets Hunter. The man, the legend, “The Hammer. ”

Hunter is a cage fighter who takes on every fight like he’s got nothing to lose. His life is a tangled mess of girls, booze, and fist fights. And while it may seem like he’s got a devil-may-care attitude, he’s fighting a private cage match with a monster he can’t defeat.

Lorrie knows that Hunter is exactly the typr of guy she should stay away from, especially on her fragile state, but Hunter has other ideas.

As Hunter and Lorrie grow closer together, will they be able to overcome their pain and heal each other? Or will they both end up Wrecked?

I said it was long! And also I really don’t need to summarize the book because the blurb pretty much does it all for you. So I might aswell just talk about the characters.

Lorrie annoyed me throughout the whole book. I couldn’t feel for her character nor could I get involved with her. What happened was a horrible past and yeah I’m not surprised she has issues but… damn she drove me insane. She was too whiney, too I-want-you-and-I-don’t-you. She just… I just couldn’t like her.

Hunter. He was… I don’t know. He was a sweetheart. Totally different from what you expected a cage fighter to be but sometimes the sensitive side got a bit too much. Sensitive guys are cute don’t get me wrong.  If I found a hot gut who could cry as much as I did to TFIOS, the Merlin finale, David Tennant and Matt Smith’s regenerations then HELLO!
Hunter was too much sometimes. Too sensitive. And it put me off him a few times.

The story itself was too slow. It took a long time for anything to happen and when it did it was over too quickly. I felt as though it was rushed in some parts too.

It was an okay book. I found more flaws than things I liked.

The sequel is Rescued



“There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

Wrecked should be read before this book.

Lorrie’s semester started off hopeful but ended in disaster. Now, she’s even more lost and confused than she was at the beginning of the year. As Lorrie flees to the only family she has left, she has to come to terms with how things ended with Hunter.

Hunter has fought for so long to keep the truth from Lorrie in an effort to protect her, but that has only caused more heartache and pain.

Realizing his mistake, Hunter has made a vow to get Lorrie back, but is it too late?

Will Hunter be able to overcome his own demons and help Lorrie through her pain, or are they destined to keep hurting each other?

Okay so I will admit something about this book… I got four chapters in and I had to stop reading. I honestly couldn’t get into this book at all. After the four chapters I literally skim read it and from what I skimmed I could tell there wasn’t much of a story to it.

Lorrie, in the first four chapters, annoyed me just as much as she did in the first book. Crying literally all the time. She was childish too in some parts or from what I skimmed.

Hunter, although his past was sad, I couldn’t get emotional about it. On a scale of One to Gus it was about a four. Or at least it was to me. Its sad yes but it wasn’t believable. Maybe it was the way she wrote it.

The past with Lorrie and her mothers murderer could have had a lot of potential but, from what I skimmed, it didn’t amount to much. She could have done a lot more with that story but she cut it short.

I felt this book was even more rushed than the first one. If she hadn’t have been so slow on the first book the last book would have been better I feel.

I’ve read books by this author before and I wasn’t taken with those ones either.

I do love NA books. Especially those by JLA, Colleen Hoover and Abbi Glines. There is more depth to them. More of a past. So much to the characters that you cannot help but love them from the first page and I felt none of that with those books.

Sorry. I know some people out there may like/love them but I just couldn’t get into them at all. The story, the characters they didn’t grab me.

2.5/3 out of 5 stars for both books combined


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