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Dead Ends by Erin Lange book review

I’ve been super busy! Not only am I back into my writing but I’ve been super busy with work so I’ve been a bit behind on things. But I’m back!

First review is…


Blurb (its a very short one!)

‘People shouldn’t treat you different just because you’re-whatever-challenged or something.’

‘You treated me different.’

‘What? No I didn’t. ‘

‘Yeah, you said you wouldn’t beat me up- because of how I look, right?’

Dane is the schools thug. Bully is more of a better word but something changes the day he meets Billy D.

Billy D has just moved onto Dane’s street and he sees him beating up another kid. Dane would beat up Billy D too but he doesn’t hit the special kids.

Billy D has Downs Syndrome and forms an attachment to Dane. In order for Dane to stay in school he has to do everything Billy D tells him. Even if that something means digging into, not only Billy’s past, but his own.

The pair form an unlikely friendship and Dane starts to see things in a different light. The anger issues he has, the way he is with the world all comes to a head when he finds out the truth about why Billy’s mom took him away from his dad…

The front of this book said: ‘From the novelist being compared to R.J Palacio and John Green’ so I made a bee line for the book and brought it. I love John Green. I’ve never read any R.J Palacio though but after this I’m thinking I might just pick up his book.

I loved this book. Everything about it was perfect. Dane is a bully yes but there is more too him. He’s not just a bully. If he was, he wouldn’t care about others, he wouldn’t take Billu D under his wing, he wouldn’t question his behaviour and why he acts that way nearer the end of the book. He’s complex. There is more than just the bully boy. And you see that. You see it from the off. And that is what makes him a brilliant character.

And Billy D isn’t as innocent as he seems either. People see him and talk in a patronising way, they treat him like a child but he is fair from that. He can be quite manipulative and cunning. He knows how to play people. And he gets angry. Really angry. But despite that there is that sweet and slightly innocent side. He’s looking for his dad and all that he left him was an atlas with riddles in. Billy knows, that if Dane helps him with this, it’ll keep him from being expelled. Billy questions everything and it sometimes takes a funny route.

The pair form an unlikely friendship and its good to see that Dane soon starts to see Billy beyond the disability. 

And thats what society needs. We need to see beyond things and Erin Lange has shown that. She has shown that people shouldn’t be taken for face value.

This book is a story based on true friendship. On self-discovery and on starting again.

If you love John Green and you love R.J. Palacio the  definitely read this. Its a real feel good book

4 out of 5 stars


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