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The Dustlands Trilogy: Blood Red Road, Rebel Heart and Raging Star by Moira Young book reviews

I couldn’t believe my last post was that long ago! In my defense I have been extremely busy with work. Doing overtime, covering at another shop. I haven’t really had time to post.  But I did manage to fit in a trilogy!


The first book in the Dustlands Trilogy is Blood Red Road


In the Dustlands, you fight or you die.
There are no laws in Saba’s world. When her twin brother is stolen, she pursues his captors through a wild, wasted land. On this dangerous road she can trust no one. Not even the handsome thief who saves her life- and steals her heart.

Omg this book was action packed from the first few pages!
Saba, her twin brother Lugh, and their little sister Emmi and Saba’s pet crow, Nero, live with their father in a desolate land, miles away from anyone.
Saba only has love her one person in her heart, her twin. Her sunshine twin. While she’s dark like her father, Lugh shines like the sun like their mother.  A mother who would still be alive if she hadn’t of died giving birth to Emmi. The sibling she has no love for. Her father lives his life by the stars and ever since their mother died he’s never been the same.
Then comes the day when Lugh is stolen from her and her father is killed. Its just her and Emmi and the open road. A road that’s going to lead her to Lugh.
On her journey she meets her mothers friend, Mercy, who she tries to leave Emmi with. She finds Wrecker technology in a waste land far from home. She’s reunited with her annoying sister and they are both captured themselves.
Then there’s Saba’s cagefighting stint in Hopetown. Where, not only does she meet DeMalo, the man who seems to know everything about her from just a look, but also Jack. The sexy arrogant male cagefighter, who makes Saba’s heartstone burn with a passion.
Saba is known as the Angel of Death during her stay as she has never lost a fight. But she needs to get herself and Emmi out of there and a chance meeting with the Free Hawks could earn her her freedom.
Once free she still has to find Lugh and when Jack tags along its clear he knows the way to where Lugh is being kept but along the way passions between Saba and Jack reaches boiling point.
But can she save Lugh before the next full moon and can she do it without any more blood being spilt on her hands?

Omg this book was just mind-blowing. Full of action and blockbuster scenes this book definitely will satisfy cravings for Dystopian literature. Saba is a badass female lead. She’s fiesty and hard. She can fight, she can stand up for herself, she knows what she wants. But she finds it hard to trust strangers. Especially when they come in delicious packages like Jack…

Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. That man. He was sexy and arrogant and damn he could fight. He was all for friendship and you could tell from the off that he wanted Saba. That he was totally in love with.

Emmi was annoying. But yet she was a little sister so I suppose they had to make her a little annoying haha.

Lugh… in the brief time we saw him I didn’t know what to think of him. He was okay in the beginning but at the end he annoyed me with the jealously he had with Saba and Jack. He wanted Saba for himself, yet someone was taking his twin away. I wanted to slap him a little!

The Free Hawks were the bomb! They were feisty and they could fight. The friendship between them and Saba was inevitable.

All in all the first book was amazing. It kept you wanting more from the first page.

And I loved how it was written. There was no speech marks when people were talking, which was a different way to read and some words were spelt how they are said eg. Stomach was spelt Stummick. It was like Saba was writing down all that had happened. So there were spelling errors and no speech marks. It was a really a  unique and different way to read.

5 out of 5 stars for the first book.

Book two in the Dustlands Trilogy is Rebel Heart



There’s a price on Saba’s head.

They call her the Angel of Death. She defeated a tyrant, but victory has come at a cost. Haunted by the ghosts of her past, she needs Jack. His moonlight eyes, his reckless courage, his wild heart. But Jack has left, and a ruthless new enemy searches Saba across the Dustlands…

The second book starts with Saba, Lugh, Emmi and Tommo (book 1) travelling to the meeting place where she will soon be reunited with Jack. The guy whose stolen her heart. On the travels though Saba is haunted by all those who has died or she has killed. They are following her, taunting her and when she sees Tracker, the wolf who was with Mercy, she swears she seeing things. But Emmi and the others can see him too and they follow him.

He leads her too Auriel Tai. A young star reader who can help Saba with her problems.  But Lugh doesn’t trust her and is reluctant to let Saba go with her.
But Saba does and she is sort of cured but she’s distracted at the crucial minute with news of Jack.

Jack has betrayed them. He is now part of DeMalo’s Tonton army and he has led them to the place where the Free Hawks reside and they have slaughtered all of them. Only Mauv has survived. Saba is left heartbroken and confused but Mauv tells her what Jack said, Saba knows Jack is no rebel…

They start to travel and Auriel tells her to beware of DeMalo. That she is not yet fully healed but Saba doesn’t take the warning seriously.

Along the way they meet Slim and Molly, the girl who Jack was going to see to tell her about her fiancee’s death. They meet with a rebel gang and when Emmi is kidnapped, and taken by Jack, Saba can’t take anymore. She flees and there she meets DeMalo.

Lured by his dark eyes and the things he shows her she’s under his spell and in one night she soon forgets about her love for Jack…

Back at camp they have a plan to save Emmi,  and with Ash and Creed now back with them, they have a small army.

But things don’t quite go to plan and when she sees Jack again she realises it was her who betrayed him…

Will Jack go bacm with them? Can they get everyone out without anymore deaths? And will her sibling relationship with Lugh ever be the same again? 

Omg another action packed book! This one was even more better. This one kept me guessing, kept me hoping that Jack wasn’t a rebel, that Jack hadn’t betrayed them.

I was angry when Saba did what she did but at the same time I can see how she got caught in the trap of DeMalo. Still I was angry with her. She’s Jacks! 

Jack himself wasn’t in this one as much but when he was at the end and he was revealing the truth to Saba I felt every betrayal every relief every heartbreak that Saba must have felt when she heard the truth. And damn can that boy kiss!

Lugh… uh Lugh. He really got on my nerves. He blamed Saba for everything, got angry a lot, told Saba that Jack wasn’t worth it and he didn’t love like she thought he did. He was vile to her. Yeah he’d been through stuff, even though he never said what, but still. There’s no need for him to be like he was. I had a feeling that he was going to get worse in the last book.

Tommo was in the first book but he seems to have more of a story in this one. He’s deaf so people are protective of him but the kid can fight well. And he’s in love with Saba.  Which seems to be a problem and I knew it was going to mean something later on.

This was a brilliant sequel to Blood Red Road and was just as epic as the first book.

5 out of 5 stars.

The final book in the Dustlands trilogy is Raging Star



It’s Saba’s final fight.

Saba must seize her destiny and win feedom for the Dustlands. But DeMalo is strong. Her camp is weak. Loyalties falter, resentments brood and treachery bides its time. One dangerous secret could destroy her and Jack. One wrong move could destroy them all. As a fatal Blood Moon approaches, how can she succeed with the odds overwhelmingly against her?

The final book!

Saba and her gang of rebels are trying to get the Dustlands free. DeMalo has a new vision and a new world, one where only the strong can live, where the weak become slaves and woman are just there to breed. Saba knows the importance of family and these children are being seperated from them. Something that goes against nature.

Saba and the gang plan to blow up one of DeMalo’s bridges but when Saba sees the innocent people that are about to cross she tries to stop it. But DeMalo finds her and tells her that she has until the Blood Moon to surrender to him and to be his wife.

But DeMalo has always captured one of the others and has given them a task. A secret task. And if they succeed they will have freedom. But which one of them is it whose all set to betray the others?

Saba is still meeting with Jack, who everyone thinks is dead. He’s her inside man, the one who gives her intel. She loves Jack with a passion but shr knows that if he ever found out what happened it will destroy them.

Throughout the book, Saba knows that she can’t act out anymore otherwise DeMalo will attack the people she loves but everyone is counting on her to lead them into a fight so she has to find a way to do it differently. Little things cause the big messes.

But theres distrust all around the camp and tensions are running high. Can she find a way to have them involved with her schemes without giving away Jack?

But the Blood Moon is fast approaching and there is only so much she can do. Jack is distancing himself from her because of past hurts, Creed and Lugh are fighting and there is a traitor in camp.

Then everything comes to ahead when someone dies and the truth about who the traitor is is revealed. Saba agrees to DeMalo’s demands but on one condition…

But when someone else dies and the truth about her and DeMalo comes out, Saba knows she’s lost everything.

Has she got one more fight left in her? And can she build the rift between herself and everyone whose left?

This was definitely a brilliant ending to the trilogy. It had one final fight. Betrayals. Secrets. And heartbreaking scenes.

Saba is torn in this book. Torn between what is a lie and what is the truth and when she realises everything she’s disgusted with how she acted. But she knows she jas to carry on and the one shining light left in her life is Jack. But for how long.

Jack is trying to distance himself from Saba. He knows the end is coming and he’s lost something he loves before and he’s not going through that again. But his heart can’t deny Saba even when his body is trying to.

Lugh really reached the pinnacle of uh-ness in this book! I wanted to strangle him!

The other characters all had their own problems. Their own things they wanted to do but they know that they will never be free unless they stop DeMalo.  Even though tensions run high and there trust in Saba waivers they know that without her they don’t stand a chance.

I think all the endings for everyone was fitting in the book. Even though some were heartbreaking it freed ties and bonds. Let people be who they want. Saba’s ending was fitting too. I just wish they had said those words to each other but I have hope they can get back to how they were.

Brilliant trilogu and brillaint story. I recommend these books to everyone. And I heard that they are turning these into movies which is just AMAZING! Because the scenes in the books are blockbuster movie worthy. And what’s even better is, if it’s true, Ridley Scott is to direct the movie! And we all know how epic his movies are!

Everyone should read these books. Whether you read them and don’t like them or read them and love them just seriously go read them. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll go through every emotion going in these books!


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