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Briar Rose by Yana Oliver book review

Woops! Forgot I had this to review!



Briar Rose believes in fairy tales.

And now, because of a family curse, she’s living one. Doomed to fall asleep for one hundred years on het sixteenth birthday, Briar has woken up in the darkest, most twisted fairy tale she could ever have dreamed of  – miles away from the safe, boring small town life that she has left behind.

Briar must fight her way out of the story, but she can’t do it alone. She always believed in handsome princes, and now she’s met one her only chance is to put her life in his hands, or there will be no happy ever after and no waking up…


So basically the blurb tells it all really. It actually is that straigh forward.

Briar is into her fairytales and when her best friend Reena and her parents tell her theres a curse upon her she kind of believes it. When she falls alseep on her sixteenth birthday, just like her favourite fairytale princess, she has no idea how long she’s going to be trapped in there.

Then there’s BFF Reena who as a magical person, knows she can go into the curse and help Briar. Of course Joshua Quinn, the guy who is in love with her but, because of a family feud cannot be anywhere near her, wants to go into the curse to help save her too.

So they go into the curse only to find that, not only is Briar being all flirty with her literal dream Prince, Ruric, but her fairytale story is a little twisted.

Then there’s Briar’s ex crush Pat, whose also in the curse along with thw rest of them.

Can Briar and her friends awake Princess Aurora, save the kingdom  and break the curse?

Okay so… I really wanted to like this book. I mean the blur  sounded great. A twisted fairytal was right up my street. I love Disney and Princess stuff, despite the fact that I love Medieval things too so this book I was excited about.

And then…

I wanted Briar to be strong minded and willed, to be a bit kick ass despite her girly nature. Buuuuuut she wasn’t. Even when she was ‘fighting’ in the curse, she was reliant on the others around her. She was like this damsel in distress waiting for someone to come save her. Thats what Princesses in fairytales are like. Thats how they are meant to be (well some of them) but I really hoped Briar would have been different but she wasnt. Half of the time I wanted to slap her.

The romance… uhhh… okay so she was always told to stay away from Joshua Quinn because of what happened when they were younger but Joshua has grown up loving her despite it all whereas Briar hasn’t really given him much attention. She’s looking for a Prince and thats not him. So when he comes into the cirse to save her, she’s a little surprised. She’s flirting up a storm with Ruric, who she’s gotten feelings for, despite the fact she’s only known him a day.  But anyway.  After a few more days in the curse and spending time with Joshua, she’s madly in love with him and he’s the love of her life. The transition of hating him to loving him was too quick. She never even saw him in that way and suddenly she’s all about him. I couldn’t quite believe her feelings was real somehow.

I liked Joshua. He’s not in my book boyfriend list but I did like him. He went out to prove that things could work out between family feuds and all that. And he turned out to be better than you thought. I did  want to shake him a few times and tell him to man up haha

Reena was cool as the BFF and she was a little feisty which is how Briar should have been too.

Pat was a tool to begin with and he did change his attitude. I couldn’t help but think his change came about too quickly aswell.

While reading the book I got a sense of Beautiful Creatures. It was good but you got a bit eye-rolly after a while and you just wanted it to end. I think it went on longer than it should have done.

Also I called the whole curse thing from a few chapters in. It maybe should have been a bit more shocking than what it was.

Overall I did enjoy it. Not as much as I wanted too but it was enjoyable. There was some good things. The Princesses Aurora was a bit snippy and bitchy, unlike how she’s perceived in the Disney film, Ruric was a good character and I enjoyed his moments and the regent was a good bad gyy.

Plus I’m used to reading YA books in 1st person. There are only a few books I can read, and love, that are written in third person but I this one didn’t quite work for me. I think first person would have been better because the Reena and Pat parts sometimes dragged.

Overall I’d give the book a 3.75 out of 5.


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