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Ten Things We Shouldn’t Have Done by Sarah Mlynowski Book Review



I was about to live a sixteen-year-old’s dream.
House on the beach.
No parents
Parties whenever we wanted.
Boys whenever we wanted.

April and her best friend, Vi, are living by themselves. Of course, April’s parents don’t know that. It’s a little white lie that begins the ten thinhs that April and Vi shouldn’t have done- things that definitely make their lives a LOT more interesting!

From Skipping School (#3) and Throwing a Crazy Party (#8) to Buying a Hot Tub (#4) and, um, Harbouring a Fugitive (#7), April’s story is hilarious, bittersweet- and not for the faint hearted…

April’s parents are divorced. Her mom has already moved to France and taken her little brother with her. She’s now married to a Frenchman. Her dad has also remarried and now they want to move too. Except April doesn’t want to move. At all.

Her friends are here and so is her boyfriend who she just loves. So why should she move? Then she finds the solution… she’ll stay with her best friend Vi and her mom.

The problem? Vi’s mom won’t be there and April’s dad is pretty strict. So she concotes a plan with Vi and before she knows it she’s moving in and her dad and step mom have moved.

Without parents Vi and April go a little wild!
Buy a hot-tub? Why not.
Throw a massive party? Of course.
Lose her virginity? If she can get her boyfriend interested in the idea…
Skip school? Yup.

April and Vi do it all. Then comes the ten things that they shouldn’t have done and before you know it April has exactly 10 minutes to clean up a house from a massive party because her dad is on his way back to surprise her for her birthday!

But there is drama along the way of course. Her best friend Vi is in love but won’t admit it, her boyfriend Noah is being distant, hot guy Hudson thinks she’s the hottest girl he’s ever seen and she’s getting butterflies while she’s around and they are being “blackmailed” by the girl next door Lucy! Oh sure there’s more but thats just the tip of it all!

First things first… I really l enjoyed this book. It was funny. It was honest. And it was a real good book to cheer you up.

April… oh April. She did a really good job of keeping things hush hush. The fact that her father didn’t suspect a thing made the whole thing even better! April did a good job of keeping the lie hidden and I applaud her! She was funny and a little naive and at times you saw this vulnerable side to her. At first you think she’s a bit spoilt but once you get more into the story you get to see flashbacks of her life before and how she had to handle things. Her best friends Vi and Marissa are always there for her and the dynamic of them three together was brilliant. I loved how they were always there to pick her up and she was for them. Tensions do get a bit fraught but thats understandable.
The only thing that annoyed me about April… she was too keen to forgive. Especially when things went wrong with the boyfriend. Although I did cheer when she got a bit of a backbone when it came to him at the end of the book. Because seriously….

Vi. Vi cracking. She was funny and flirty and confident and just… she was something that a best friend should be. But despite everything she had a vulnerable side too and although she bever ever admitted it you could so so tell she was in love Dean.
Vi was definitely the voice of reason at times.

Noah… ugh Noah. He can certainly just go rot in a hole somewhere. Scumbag! Once a cheater always a cheater.

Dean was hilarious. I loved reading about him. He was just a brilliant secondary character in the book.

Hudson… *le sigh* he was actually perfect. Well okay there were flaws but apart from them he was perfect. And was so understandable and you could see from April and his first meet that something was going to happen.

Marissa, Lucy, Corrine and all the other characters in the books also had there own likes and dislikes about them.

This book covered alot. Abandonment, loneliness, friendship, relationships, sex, cheating, STI’s etc. Aswell as being funny it’s also a good book for teenagers. If I had a teenage daughter (and was also older than 24!) I’d give her this book to read.

Amongst all the partying and the whole being irresponsible situation there was a story there. It wasn’t just about teenagers being all like “OMG like whatever” sort of thing. It was about a 16, nearly 17, year old who has been left by her mom and now her dad is gone and she’s trying to keep the life she knows and loves.

I enjoyed the ending too. It was fitting and I’m glad she made those decisions.

The only thing was that I could have physically strangled April sometimes. Especially when it came to Noah. I wanted to bitch slap her and just shout “OPEN YOUR EYES!” but I suppose she had to learn things out for herself but still.

4/5 stars.


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