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Stay With Me by J Lynn book review



Not all scars are visible on the surface

Calla Fritz is used to hiding. Hiding the scar that she believes mars her beautiful face. Hiding the burns that cover so much of the rest of her body. Hiding her past and her family secrets from her new college friends.

But when her mother clears out her bank account and disappears, Calla is forced to return home and face up to a life she’d rather forget about. What she didn’t count on was meeting the one guy who seems to be able to see past her defences. Jackson James, known as Jax, is beyond smokin’ hot – and Calla can’t quite hide her feelings for a man who knows that beauty isn’t only skin deep.

But with some dangerous characters looking for her mother – men who are perfectly happy to punish Calla for her mother’s sins if she doesn’t turn up soon – Calla and Jax have more troubling things to think about than the searing heat between them…

Calla Fritz is currently at college to get a nursing degree, she has friends (Cam and Avery from book 1 and Jase and Teresa from book 2) but none of them really know her. They don’t know the truth about the scar on her face and they have no idea about the other scars on her body. And why on earth would they know about her drug addicted mother, who she told them was dead?

Until one day when she is called into Student Finance and its revealed that she has no money. Her mother has cleared out her bank account and has left her with nothing. Not only that but she’s run up thousands of debts with credit cards taken out in Calla’s name. She has no other option but to go home and find her mother.

When she arrives back its clear that things have changed; people are after her mother and they will get to Calla to bring her mother out of hiding.

Then she meets Jax – sexy as hell Jackson “Jax” James – who wants nothing more than to keep Calla safe. He’s got a few secrets himself, but one thing is for certain, he’s fallen for Calla. And he knows that the scar on her face and on her body doesn’t hide the beauty inside of her.

Someone is coming for Calla and, when her friends turn up as well for a surprise visit, she knows she has to let them in and tell them the truth.

And with things heating up with Jax its time for Calla to let go of all her insecurities and to finally realise that she is beautiful the way she is.

But when an argument happens between her and Jax and she’s left thinking that he’s found someone else, old insecurities come right back up.

And when a gunshot is heard whose in the firing line?


I didn’t want a Britt and Ollie story like the other fans did, their story can’t really go anywhere, they are already loved up! So I was excited to see who the next one was going to be.

I honestly didn’t think that the girl JLA would choose would be the girl we briefly saw in Be With Me. The girl who was friends with Teresa and who we got a brief glimpse at her and I kind of wanted to know how she got the scar on her face in the first place so this was a bonus!

Calla Fritz has many scars, the most notable being on her face, she covers it up, she hides away from people and she knows that no-one will want her when they find out what the rest of her body is like too. She’s secretive, she’s not ready to easily trust people and she definitely doesn’t want to go back home. She knows what she wants in life and she’s going to get there. She has a list of things she has never done, some of them silly things, but she gets hung up on them none the less.

Jackson “Jax” James is one hot blooded male. He’s sexy, he’s brooding (at times) and he’s ex marine. If anyone messes with Calla they have to deal with him. He has secrets too but he’s more interested in learning about Calla’s. He wants to protect her, to love her, to keep her safe from harm but Calla doesn’t have a clue as to why he would go for her. Especially as he could have a pick of any girl in the world.

Calla’s past is heart-breaking. When I read it I just wanted to reach into the book and hug her. She lost a lot of stuff and she went through some bad times and we understand the reason for her scars. You understand why she’s the way she is.

And Jax… Oh HOLY HELL! After Cam and Jase I honestly didn’t think they could get any better but they can!  He was brilliant and patient and even when things took a turn for the worse and they argued and he left, he was still thinking about her, still caring for her.

I loved how we still got to see Avery and Teresa. I loved those two female characters and I love how JLA always writes her female characters with a past and they always come out stronger for it.

Like every JLA book I was hooked from the start and I didn’t want it to end. I loved how we saw a familiar couple from another one of her books turn up briefly in one of her pages too 🙂 That made me squee!

I love JLA. I can’t fault her and I couldn’t fault this book. I loved every second of it and I’m glad she chose to do the story on Calla.

JLA writes some heart breaking stuff at times and this didn’t fail to make me cry

Jax is on the list as another book boyfriend now!

Loved it! Can’t wait for the next book in the series!

5 out of 5 stars


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