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McBusted; The Story of the World’s Biggest Superband by Jennifer Parker book review

I don’t usually review autobiographies but well this one is about the band I love so…



This is the first book to tell the full inside story of the world’s most awesome supergroup, McBUSTED. McBusted takes an exclusive look at the birth of Busted and McFly, two ground-breaking pop-rock bands who journeyed through sell-out arena tours with number-one hits, and the unique friendships that the boys shared from the very beginning. Packed with behind-the-scenes gossip, it follows the boys through the years, revealing the truth behind Busted’s shock break-up and McFly’s hiatus, the secrets of their private lives, and the roller-coaster ride that fame took them on – both the good times and the bad. In September 2013, McFly staged their tenth-anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall and James and Matt were invited along as special guests to perform a medley of hits with the band. The reaction to the six-piece supergroup was stratospheric and the boys decided to take the new superband on tour – and lo, McBUSTED was born. McBusted walks side by side with Tom, James, Danny, Dougie, Matt and Harry as they build the band and provides a backstage pass into the tour, the fans and what the future might hold.


So I loved Busted when they were around, like seriously I was obsessed with them. I had posters of them covering my wall, I saw them in concert (with McFly as the support band!). I have every single CD, I kept magazine interviews they did and I knew (and still do know!) every single lyric to every song they ever did.

Then came McFly and, just like with Busted, I was in love and also obsessed.

When the news came that Busted had broken up I was heartbroken (I still remember the day when I heard the news… Maths class… Uh!) and then after I shed a few (a lot actually!) tears and realised that however much I wanted them too, Busted wasn’t coming back, all my energy went into McFly.

I saw them 10 times in concert, my walls in my room were literally covered in their posters and I was just in love.

So when McFly reached their 10 year anniversary and I saw that Matt and James had gone on stage with them, well, that was YouTube-d several times! (I unfortunately couldn’t get tickets to the 10th anniversary concert 😦 boo)

And then came the news… McFly and Busted were joining together!


As soon as tickets were announced for the OMFG tour, me and my friend (who I saw Busted with the first time when we were 13/14!) were on the ticket hotline like a bat outta hell!

We totally got tickets too! It was honestly the best night of my life. Singing along to, not only McFly songs, but to Busted songs too, and all of my favourite one’s as well…. OMG HEVEAN!

And seeing Matt and James… well… That just brought out the mental 14 year old in me, the one who was totally convinced that Matt was going to marry (hahahaha) and my friend, despite the fact she is now married, FanGirled over James just like I was over Matt

10270761_10152823113213625_5862180583839009412_n 10363109_10152823062533625_5858040911371658893_n 10403439_10152822246103625_9042118920484271900_n


Then they brought out an album and seriously…


I know the words to all of the songs now (I’m sounding insane right now aren’t I?)

Okay so back to the book…

I loved reading all about it. Sure I knew some things about Busted and McFly but there were other things I didn’t know and this book just blew me away. I’ve read Unsaid Things, the McFly autobiography (which I need to read again) so I knew what the McFly boys went through so I had a head up when it came to some of the things they spoke about.

But hearing about the two Busted boys and how they coped after the split… 😥

This book was a must for me simply because it was about two of my favourite bands and Jennifer Parker did such a good job with this autobiography.

I hate how some McFly fans are not behind the superband. It just upsets me because Busted were the one’s who gave McFly life and they’ve been there with them throughout it all. So suck it up you haters because I for one want McBusted to stay!



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