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A Shade of Novak by Bella Forrest book review



I never could have imagined that Derek and I would willingly turn back into vampires.

But there are some things in life that you just can’t predict. Like the strange human disappearances that had started happening on the coasts surrounding us.

There would have been nothing mysterious about these kidnappings so close to our own turf, had The Shade’s vampires not given up drinking human blood almost two decades ago…

Welcome back to The Shade.

This one is the next book in the SoV series and it starts off with Derek and Sofia happy with their toddler twins until they hear some new that could shatter their little bubble and so, to be able to protect their family, Derek and Sofia turn back into vampire.

Flash forward a couple of years and they are back at The Shade and their twins, Rose and Ben, are about to turn 17. Derek and Sofia have a plan for them, they are going to a survival camp in Scotland so they are away and safe while Derek and Sofia look into the mysterious disappearances that have been happening.

But the twins have a plan of their own. They get Corrine to change the birth date on their passports so they can “legally drink while in the UK” but that’s not where they are going. Instead they are meeting up with friends and going to Hawaii.

Sounds like fun but when they are all kidnapped by vampires things start to go horribly wrong…

Aware of the news about their twins Derek, Sofia and the rest of the Shade will stop at nothing to find them and they go to Hawaii to find out where they could have gone.

Meanwhile, Ben and Rose are stuck in a cell together until a vampire named Caleb comes to their rescue. Rose is able to escape safely but Ben is caught before he can fully escape and so they are separated.

Rose in now prisoned in a castle but she knows that if she can get on Caleb’s good side he may be able to help her escape. But there’s something about him and the castle’s witch that is stopping him from leaving and when Rose hears noises coming from his room she goes to investigate…

The more time she spends with Caleb however, its clear that she is falling for him… but can he be trusted? And is he falling for her too? And what about his past with the witch?

This one was so much better than Kiev! Probably because I fell in love with Derek and Sofia in SoV and now there twins are all grown up kind of made it easier.

This one was full of mystery and intrigue and I loved going back into The Shade because I did become a but addicted to that place! And the people are still their, minus two characters from the SoV books, that I loved and knew already so it helped that I didn’t have to get to know them all over again and it was fun to see who became human and who turned into vampires…

And Caleb… OMG!

He was this tortured vampire who I just couldn’t help but love form the first time he was mentioned! He was all the right levels of bad and good and hearing about his past gave me a bit of the feels.

Rose and Ben are brilliant! I loved how you could see the similarities and differences between them despite the fact that they are identical. I can’t wait to see how their story develops. Rose is definitely her mother’s daughter 😉

And a cliff-hanger ending… ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!


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