Yet again I’ve been AWOL…


I’m so so so sorry I’ve been neglecting you all but December was a very busy month and with all the jobs and the fact I’ve been ill I haven’t been able to do much other than sleep.

And I have a pile of books that need reviewing!

But before I get all of those done I just want to say I hope you all had a wonderful and magical Christmas. And that it was filled with laughter and books and fandom related gifts!

I had a box of goodies from my fangirl twin bestie and parabatai from across the pond Stephanie Compagnoni





Then I had a load of goodies from my mom 🙂


Including my beautiful book fairy


My MockingJay pin





I hope 2015 is good to all of you out there! 

Now… lets get them books reviewed!


About geekandbooknerd

I'm Hayley. A total book nerd and a massive geek just as the name suggests. I have plenty of book husbands (Oh so many to name!) as well as tv show and movie ones :P I am a total fangirl and you will get random posts from me. I'm totally weird but I happily accept that. This blog is just me reviewing books and fangirling and geeking out to things because sometimes you just need a break from normal things! So please enjoy :)

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