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The Duff; Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger book review




Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper knows she’s not the hottest girl at school, but when school jock and resident moron Wesley casually refers to her as a Duff- Designated Ugly Fat Friend– the gloves are off!

If there’s a thin line between love and hate then Bianca has crossed it. She just never thought she was capable of breaking anyone’s heart…

Oh my god… seriously.  I loved this book from the first line! It was just… I’ll get into that in a moment!

So to sum up the book…

Bianca is a girl that doesn’t really know where she belongs. She has her two close friends, Casey and Jessica, and to be honest, thats all she needs. She has an absent mother and an ex alcoholic as a father.

Then comes the night when she goes out with the girls to an underage club. Then comes Wesley Rush. Who she hates. And he tells her what she is… a DUFF. Of course theres a drink at the bar that has Wesley’s face written all over it. 

From that moment on she tries to Ignore him… but he’s always there! And before she knows it she’s paired up with him to do an English assignment and well… lets just say the clothes don’t stay on long!

But there’s something happening.  Because everytime she hooks up with him something is happening. She’s getting comfortable with him and well, thats not something she’s comfortable with.

So she ends it. And starts seeing someone else but its not long until she realises something; she’s broken Wesley’s heart. And know he’s chasing her. Something that Wesley Rush NEVER does…

Will Bianca give into her own feelings? Or is going to continue to ignore them?

This book.


I loved it.

Bianca was quick on the mark with her one liners and witty comebacks. And despite the fact she’s adamant that she hates Wesley… its her who initiates everything between them!

Apart from the snappy comebacks I found myself relating to her. She’s surrounded by groups pretty people and she feels like the only one whose not. Infact Bianca is the probably the most attractive one there because she doesn’t realise it. But Wesley does… after a while that is.

Wesley, although I loved him, was a guy I wanted to hit. Especially in the first few chapters. He was cocky and arrogant and annoying but you soon see beneath all that and see that he’s actually really lonely and Bianca seems to be the only consistent thing in his life.

I loved how the book was written because you got a real sense of these characters and how they looked and acted and interacted with others and despite it being a YA it got rather steamy in some places… okay a lot of places!

I liked how you could tell they were falling for each other, because it wasn’t instant. It was gradual and it was little things they did for each other along the way that made you realise where, and hopefully, it was all heading.

Obviously you have the moment where there’s the “break-up” and theres a moment in the book when Wesley sees what Bianca’s about to do with her new Boyf that just breaks your heart and makes you want to wrap your arms around him and hold him… because you see the moment and….

The ending made me smile because I love them together. I want another book because Bianca and Wesley together… they seriously are not only perfect for each other but they rub each other up the wrong way too.
I want more of her books because Kody made everything about it seem real and it made you care for the characters you were reading about. And thats what makes a book special.

And the motto of the whole book is that everyone is a DUFF.  Everyone has stuff they don’t like about themselves and compare themselves to other people. But this book gives you hope too because,  even if you are a DUFF, there’s someone out there who doesn’t think you are and loves you for you (getting soppy I know!)


5 out of 5 stars

The Duff movie trailer (although it looks slightly different than the theme of the book… but we see Robbie topless so no complaining there! Haha)


Yet again I’ve been AWOL…


I’m so so so sorry I’ve been neglecting you all but December was a very busy month and with all the jobs and the fact I’ve been ill I haven’t been able to do much other than sleep.

And I have a pile of books that need reviewing!

But before I get all of those done I just want to say I hope you all had a wonderful and magical Christmas. And that it was filled with laughter and books and fandom related gifts!

I had a box of goodies from my fangirl twin bestie and parabatai from across the pond Stephanie Compagnoni





Then I had a load of goodies from my mom 🙂


Including my beautiful book fairy


My MockingJay pin





I hope 2015 is good to all of you out there! 

Now… lets get them books reviewed!

Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas book review





“Enemy. Lover.

Consumed by guilt and rage, Celaena can’t bring herself to spill blood for the King of Adarlan. She must fight back…

The Immortal Queen will help her destroy the king – for a price. But as Celaena battles with her darkest memories and her heart breaks for a love that could never last, can she fulfil the bargain and head the almighty court of Terrasen? And who will stand with her?



After what happened in the second book I thought I would have no more feels left to give but this…

You think you know Celaena from reading the first two books, right? Oh, but you’re so wrong.

In this book we see her more than broken, relentlessly blaming herself for the fates and deaths of her beloved ones. She takes down her every shield, leaving nothing behind to shed her emptiness threatening to shatter her from the inside out.

She’s left Ardalan under the command of Chaol and she’s left everything behind. She’s gone in search of answers about the Wryd Keys and The Wryd gates and there is only one person who can give her those answers.


But getting the answers isn’t as straight forward as it seemed. She has to earn those answers and in doing so she has to delve deep into her past and see what it was that made her turn off her power all those years ago and how she can harness them now. With the, sort of help, from Rowan she must face the demons that have haunted her for so long, let the magic inside of her soar free and to become the Queen that people expect her to be.

Back in Ardalan, Chaol cannot get over Celaena. His love for her consumes him but he knows he must all of that behind him and get to the bottom of all of this. He has to help keep Dorian’s magic a secret, conduct meetings in private with Aedion and eventually decide where his loyalties lie.

Then there’s Dorian, whose coming to terms with his magic and has, FINALLY, found something worth living for (Feels coming with that!)

But throughout it all is the underlying truth;

Celaena is a Queen…

But will she embrace it?


In this book we are able to witness how she became Celaena Sardothien, how her life changed forever on that fateful night ten years ago. But by facing all that sorrow and darkness, she’s making a stand. She’s slowly becoming a queen, one more powerful and deadlier that you could ever imagine.

Her character development is BRILLIANT to read about because through her new experiences she is stronger, wiser and more determined. Her fierceness was awe-inspiring and I loved how she still kept the same stubborn, snarky and brave young woman that we all loved to begin with, maybe with her ego a little bruised. She’s not proud of who she’s become, abandoning her kingdom and not fighting for rebuilding it for the past ten years, but she’s ready to throw herself into battle to win back her land.

The new Man Candy addition to this book is Rowan Whitethorn; He’s an alpha-male in all his glory, with the kickass moves that would bring Celaena’s to shame. He’s scary and intense, protective and defying, caring, but lethal when it comes to his enemies. Rowan is the no-nonsense type and I was glad there is finally someone who doesn’t put up with all of her crap. She throws a verbal punch? He throws one that will leave her with a black eye for the entire week. But they develop a friendship and something so important on the intimate level (not romance related) that it will warm your heart to realize that our girl finally has someone to fully rely on. And Rowan’s past is just as heart breaking as Celaena’s. There’s a reason he’s the way he is, why he has a tattoo on the entire side of his body. I have a love hate relationship with this guy and I can’t quite explain why but rest assured I do eventually love him. But I don’t want him to be another love interest for her. She belongs with Chaol. END OF CONVERSTION!

Dorian in this book is still the same swoon-worthy, sentimental, humble (yet a bit arrogant as well) young prince. He finally has let go of his feeling for Celaena and has found someone he wants to be with and in turn wants to be with him but what happens… God my feels couldn’t handle it. It was all so much. I honestly want Dorian to be happy and in love but what happened in this book and what his father did to him… I have a feeling his going to become so sort of character that’s not entirely evil but one that’s going to cause a lot of damage.

Chaol in this book has pretty much abandoned Dorian. He’s trying to see where his loyalties lie and so he strikes an unlikely friendship with Aedion Ashryver, Celaena’s cousin and child hood friend (who is also ridiculously handsome!) Chaol is trying to save Dorian, to keep his magic safe and in turn come to terms with the revelation about Celaena. I still loved him in this book and I’m still convinced that he is the one for Celaena.

Aedion Ashryver. He’s all deadly smiles, muscles and wild behavior. Aedion is daring, clever and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself. Or so they say. But he’s dead set on taking down the King of Adarlan from the inside. When he finds out Aelin is alive, he makes it clear that he would move mountains in order to see his true queen back in Terrasen. He’s loyal, determined, skilled and I hope he reunites with Celaena sooner rather than later, because he is in a pretty bad place at the end of the book.

Another addition to the newbie characters is Manon Blackbeak, heir of the Blackbeak coven of the Ironteeth witches and leader of the Thirteen. The witches play a big role in the King’s newest and darkest plans by being the riders of the wyverns he has created and Manon wants nothing more than to lead them into battle as Wing Leader. She wants to prove herself and although she is a bloodthirsty, wicked creature, I completely loved her. She’s by no means a villain, just a different kind of heroine, firm and unyielding, with great ambition. Her encounters and silent dialogues with Abraxos cracked me up, because in that moments you could glimpse (besides the wyvern’s total awesomeness) how Manon starts believing there’s a chance she has a heart and soul and that her grandmother’s rules might not be the best to follow.

The King of Ardalan is still the bad guy in this book and he becomes even worse. What he does is just unbelievable and I hope that Celaena gives him a brutal death. He deserves it.

The atmosphere in this book is darker and the pace is thrilling, allowing you to breath for a bit before another near-death encounter or epic battle starts. The world-building was another winner, as we were able to see Wendlyn, Doranelle, the Ferien Gap and Adarlan again. We learn about the past, we meet Queen Maeve and  we run from terrifying creatures and we accompany Celaena as she masters her powers.

The Throne of Glass series slowly becoming a YA version of GoT and I love it. This book still keep s the same intensity as the other two books, but with just that bit extra. Its thrilling, its gut wrenching its full of all the things you’d expect from a world set in Medieval times. Its brilliant and I loved every single second of it. Its still visually amazing and it still transports you to the world that they live in

I want the fourth book and I want it now!

5 out of 5 stars

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Mass book review





Crowned by Evil.
Bound by Duty.
Divided by Love.

Celaena Sardothien, royal assassin, is the King of Adarlan’s deadliest weapon. She must win her freedom through his enemies’ blood – but she cannot bear to kill for the crown. And every death Celaena fakes, every lie she tells, put those she loves at risk.

Torn between her two protectors – a captain and a prince – and battling a dark force far greater than the king, Celaena must decide what she will fight for: her liberty, her heart or the fate of a kingdom…

There was so much to this book that I can’t even…

Celeana is now the King’s Champion and she’s doing her job of eliminating the King’s enemies.

And now she’s got a new target: Archer Finn, former crush and friend from the time when she was within the Assassin’s Guild.

But things aren’t quite as straight forward as they seem. It turns out that Celeana is not killing the targets, she’s faking their deaths and telling them to run, so she’s in a lot of danger if someone discovers her secret.

The stakes are higher now that Archer is a well-known figure in Rifthold and that he might be involved in a rebel group… and her friend Nehemia could also be involved with them…

Apart from that however, Celeana is getting closer to Chaol. After telling Dorian she couldn’t be with him, it seems as though Celaena and Chaol’s underlying feelings for each other are coming to the surface. Could that mean more heart break for Celeana?

Of course she is still being haunted by the dead Fae Queen Elena but now there’s a new threat for her to uncover; The Wryd Keys and the Wryd Gate. But what is hiding under the Palace?

There’s one thing in this book though; Someone is going to get hurt and the world Celeana knows, the happiness she is making for herself is going to be destroyed…

Please… My feels in this book.

This book was an amazing sequel. It still had the fighting and the brutality of the first book but something about this one drew me in more. There was more magic, more secrets, more heart ache.

Celeana in this book really grew into herself more and I loved how we saw her feelings for Chaol eventually find its way to the surface and how, their brief time together (FEELS!), was such an amazing feeling of happiness for Celeana. She finally knew what it felt like to be happy and you could tell how well it suited her but of course it wasn’t meant to last.

She was such a goddamn badass in this book and I honestly wouldn’t mess with her in a thousand years. We finally see her wild and deadly side, she’s still that sassy, arrogant and sarcastic girl, but above all, she’s an assassin. A ruthless killer. And when the ones she loves are in danger or threatened, she’s unforgiving. That part of her really gives you goosebumps. Oh, and let’s not forget when she’s out for revenge. One word: lethal.

Nehemia was such a great supporting character for Celaena in this book, even if she did have her own agenda. The princess is one of those selfless characters that would give everything up for the sake of her people. She’s fair, ambitious and dedicated. And she’s the key-player that sets things in motion in this sequel. But in a gut-wrenching method that will surely have you shedding a few tears. (I cried!)

Then there’s Archer Finn. I honestly have no idea what to say about him. He was one of those characters that you thought was genuine one minute and then a complete *swear word* the next minute. But his true colours were shown so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that we were all taken in by him in the beginning.

Then there’s the enemy… The King of Ardalan himself and he proves to be just as evil as we thought but I have a feeling his evilness is going to be a lot worse as the series gets on. In this book we see bits of it but we haven’t really touched the tip of his evilness just yet.

I loved every single thing about this book. I loved being transformed into the world Maas has created. There was more nastiness, more brutality and vengefulness in this book that I honestly thought I had been transported into a Game of Thrones episode! Sarah J Maas wrote an amazing sequel and I just know the rest of the series is going to be as brilliant!

5 out of 5 stars


Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas book review





Meet Celaena Sardothien.
Beautiful. Deadly.
Destined for greatness.

In the dark, filthy salt mines of Endovier, an eighteen-year-old girl is serving a life sentence. She is a trained assassin, the best of her kind, but she made a fatal mistake: she got caught.

Young Captain Westfall offers her a deal: her freedom in return for one huge sacrifice. Celaena must represent the prince in a to-the-death tournament—fighting the most gifted thieves and assassins in the land. Live or die, Celaena will be free. Win or lose, she is about to discover her true destiny. But will her assassin’s heart be melted?

I am going to apologise for this review now because I am so unbelievably tired I just KNOW its going to sound like a jumbled mess of words so I AM SORRY!

I honestly LOVED this book and the others that followed. It was just… WOW.

A combination of a lot of my favourite things; Fantasy, fiction, medieval times, dark magic, hot guys and a strong badass heroine. Absolutely loved it!

Celeana has accepted what she is, rescued from a bad situation when she was only a child and trained to become the best assassin. She inevitably learned how to take care of herself and trust nobody.

Now she has the opportunity to win her freedom after spending a year in Endovier, the roughest prison in all the land, where most don’t survive.

The arrives Dorian, the Crown Prince of Ardalan and his guard, Chaol, who has an offer for Celeana; suddenly she’s off to Ardalan; the home of her enemy and the person she despises most in the world. He’s taken a lot from her but now she’s about to enter a competition to be his Champion and, eventually, to win her freedom.

But things don’t go as smoothly as Celeana hoped. She uncovers something deadly, she gets caught up in a, kind of love triangle, with Dorian and Chaol and to top things all off she’s found a hidden passageway where the dead Queen of Ardalan from thousands of years ago is visiting her… Can things get any complicated?

Throughout all the commotion, however, is her friendship with Princess Nehemia.

But the competition is what she needs to focus on, and defeating the other competitors.

Will Celeana come on top?
The story kept me hooked from the beginning. So many things are happening at the same time; we have Celeana competing for her freedom (and her life). Celeana and Nehemia spark a friendship and Celeana discovers that in this land where magic has been vanished, the Dark Arts have not been forgotten.
She also learns that Nehemia has a secret and she will have to figure out if Nehemia is really someone she can trust or if after all she has been a terrible judge of character and therefore put her life in even more danger.

Dorian and Chaol.

What can I say about these two?

They are of course the two love interests for who Celeana (and us the readers) will fall for but it’s not as easy as it sounds though.
Dorian is the Crown Prince of Ardalan and is gorgeous and funny and he seems to have taken an instant liking to Celeana and through a series of flirtatious behaviour, he does, for a while get the girl. But he’s not really a match for Celeana. They get along great and they are good together, but I can’t see it lasting. They don’t inspire each other, they don’t seem to have that balance of love and hate. They seem more like friends than lovers.

And then there’s Chaol  … *le sigh* *swoon*. He is sexy and moody and strong and passionate and just… UH everything you want in a book boyfriend. Him and Celeana balance each other, they come across as hard and terrible but deep down they hurt and they have their secrets and their passions and their unyielding loyalty towards the people they care for. Honestly I was in love with him from the beginning so when Celeana had a minor fling with Dorian I was beside my self.
The competition itself is brutal and I loved how the book managed to convey all that in your head. Everything that Sarah described, was envisioned in my head. I could imagine the competitions they did, I could see the way they fought, everything about it was brilliant and for a YA book some of the fight scenes were brutal but I loved it. Its based in medieval times (I assume it is) so you would have brutal fight scenes and blood and just… Yeah. It fuelled my inner medieval warrior side.

I like how the book as well was split into POV’s. It was mainly Celeana’s side of things that we got but I liked how we got to see bits of Dorian and Chaol and Nehemia. It made me understand them more, made me realise just how complex all their lives together were.

Throne of lass is a brilliant start to the series and I know that, as the other books come along, more things will be uncovered about all of the characters I have come to love.

5 out of 5 stars.


So busy!


I have been AWOL from my blog for a while and for that I apologise.

I’ve now got three jobs and it doesn’t leave me much time to do a lot and Blogging has had to take a back seat for the time being.

I’m missing my little blog so much so I’ve taken time out from sleeping to review some books that have are in desperate need of being reviewed because I loved them SO MUCH!

So this is just a little sorry and I will try my hardest to get back to doing what I love after the Christmas period is over!