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Redeemed A House of Night Novel by P.C and Kristin Cast book review

Le sigh…

The series is all over with now 😦



This time I didn’t have any hope. I couldn’t find a light. I deserved to stay lost, to remain shattered. This time I didn’t deserve to be saved.

Zoey Redbird is in trouble. She has surrendered herself to the police and isolated herself from her friends and mentors, determined to face the punishment she deserves. Only the love of those closest to her can save her; but a terrible evil has emerged from the shadows, more powerful than ever…

Neferet has finally made herself known to mortals: she is loose on Tulsa and enslaving its citizens to her will. Thw vampyres of the House of Nighy are gathering every last resource they have, but without Zoey’s ability to both summon the elements and wield Old Magick can they possibly hope to vanquish the Darkness?

This book follows straight on from where the last book ended. Zoey has admitted to killing the two homeless guys and she wants to be punished. She’s locked in a human prison, away from the House of Night and the Vampyres meaning one thing;  she’ll reject the Change.

But when her Grandmother, Stark and the others arrive at the prison, she can see that the ones she loves are hurting aswell. Especially Stark.

Her grandmother helps to cleanse Zoey’s soul and after that the darkness that has surrounded while she was wearing the Seer Stone, ebbs away.

Realising just how much she loves Stark and everyone else, she agrees to let a Vampyre stay with her so she doesn’t reject the Change. But she still needs to atone for what she did.

Meanwhile Neferet has unleashed herself on the mortals and has taken refuge in the Mayo Hotel, determined to make it into her temple. With a little help from her Children of Darkness she manages to gain control of some of the staff, turning them into mindless robots who only have one thought;  to serve and obey their “Goddess.”

Zoey is released from prison when Detective Marx needs her and the House of Nights help to defeat Neferet.

With Shaunee telling the rest of the group they should try doing the Cleopatra spell, Zoey,  the gang of Nerd Herds, Thanatos and her Grandmother set off to a sacred oak to wield the spell.

Neferet in the mean time is sacrificing the mortals, starting with the least prettiest first. She’s making herself known that she is not someone to cross and when she’s about to leave her Temple the spell Zoey and the others have cast comes at her, effectively trapping her inside.

Once the spell is broken, Neferet is free and Zoey and the others must face her one last time.

Who will survive the battle thats to come? And will Zoey learn to wield Dark Magick without turning to Darkness herself?


I have followed and loved this series from the beginning and I am so sad that its finaly ended. I loved the story and the characters from the start.

Zoey Redbird. This book has seen her grow into a young, mature and powerful Fledgling whose had her fair share of challenges from the very first book.
She’s had a few love triangles along the way, to say the least!, but she was a young girl who was thrust into the Vampyre world and into this school with unbelievably hot men so who could blame her?! But during these last fee books, despite the fact that Aurox shares the soul of her human lover Heath, she has been faithful and 100% Starks girl and I am so so glad. They are perfect together and I know she also loved Heath, but throughout it all Stark was always going to be the better option. And in this book she truly realises just how much she loves Stark and In that moment you knew that she would do anything to hold onto him. She’s grown so much and I loved how she could be sassy one minute and an emotional wreck thw next. She really went through the motions of being a teenager!  (Albeit a powerful Vampyre Fledgling who has to battle Darkness on a day to day basis kind of teenager!)

James Stark. God that man. Just… god! I loved him from the moment he came into the book. He was cocky and sarky and sexy and he knew it but he also had a softer side, a protective side, one that made him become Zoey’s Warrior. You could see from the moment he saw her that he loved her. Oh and in this book its revealed that he’s read a King Arthur book series that I’ve read so that just made me love him more!
But seriously, in this book you really see just how much he’d do for Zoey and it makes her heart melt.

Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, Damien and Shaunee. The Herd of Nerds! Although Aprodite was a bitch to begin with in the earliet books she really turned over a new leaf and proved just how loyal a friend she is them, despite her quips and remarks to them. The other three have been with Zoey from the start (minus Erin. .. but we all know what happened there) and they’ve grown into strong and powerful teenagers themselves.

Neferet was bat crap crazy in this book! Too much power had clearly gone to her head and in the end it was her downfall (MINOR SPOILER!)
Even if she was crazy and evil she was a good character to read about.

And Kalona… oh Kalona. Despite being a bad guy when he came into the series and then changed into a good-ish guy, this book really saw him finally accept what happend to him in his past with Nyx and the two chapters in the middle of book were just heartbreaking 😦

This book really was a great ending to a brilliant series and I’m sad that its had to end.

To haters of the series… no one forced you to carry on reading the series. You had a choice but you’d rather be negative about it than just stop reading it. I know some people don’t like the series and thats your opinion and I respect it but please just know that there are people out there who adored it and we will defend it! 🙂

I’m so glad I chose to buy Marked for half price when I brought New Moon on DVD. Best decision I made!

Oh god… and the King Arthur, Merlin, Nimue and Morgan le Fay references MADE MY DAY!

Thank you P.C and Kristin Cast for this House of Night series

Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again. Blessed Be!


(Me in my House of Night top)


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