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Trouble by Non Pratt book review

Behind on reviews again!

I was finishing writing my book though so I got a bit behind… Never mind here they all come now!





Hannah is smart and funny.

She’s also fifteen and pregnant.

Aaron is the new boy at school.

He doesn’t want to attract attention.

So why does Aaron offer to be the pretend dad to Hannah’s unborn baby?


This book covers the duel narrative of both HannahSheppard and Aaron Tyler, both are fifteen-year-old students, attending the same school and studying for their GCSEs, yet they couldn’t be more different.

Hannah is quick-witted, smart and loves to have a good time (although not quite as much as her peers like to think she does), but school work is rarely on her mind as much as boys are. She lives with her mum, dad and Step-sister, Lola, who she dotes on. Her Step Brother, Jay, has recently gone to University. She’s close to her Gran, who lives in Cedarfield nursing home.

Aaron is a quiet boy who prefers to keep to himself, hiding from the world, trying to overcome what happened at his old school. He can barely think about it himself, let alone tell anyone else. He avoids making friends and instead volunteers at a retirement home, looking after an old man, Neville, who doesn’t even seem to like him very much.

Hannah and Aaron are unlikely friends, but when Hannah falls pregnant, Aaron steps up and tells everyone that he’s the father.

While he does all this, he and Hannah become closer and its clear that they are fast being close friends but things aren’t quite going as planned.

Hannah’s ex best friend tells the whole school about her being pregnant, she has to deal with her peers nastiness towards her, Aaron comes clean about what happened in his past which in turn the whole school manages to find out and Aaron soon learns the truth about who the father is to Hannah’s baby. But through it all one thing remains strong; Their friendship.

The book is told from alternating perspectives which I really enjoyed and it was definitely the best way for Hannah and Aaron’s story to be told. I didn’t have any trouble telling them apart and they both had their own distinct voices, which was good because sometimes dual perspective books can get really confusing.

I also thought that Hannah and Aaron were really great characters, and I loved their relationship.

Aaron and Hannah end up being best friends, and it’s much more about how they sort of end up keeping each other going and supporting each other. And I really liked getting to find out about Aaron’s backstory and his guilt and to see how he worked through that alongside Hannah being pregnant and trying to figure that all out.

The ending to the book did feel a little rushed and the first few pages were a little slow in getting to know the characters but other than that I couldn’t really find any fault with it.

Hannah and Aaron were both strong charcaters and I loved how Hannah’s true self showed through. Everyone saw her as the girl who slept around when in reality she’d only had three partners (okay its not that great for 15 but she was careful, bar that one time!)

I think I had an inkling as to who the real father to her baby was and when it was confirmed I knew I was right in thinking what I did. The real baby’s father (I’m not spoiling it!) was sort of an idiot. I could understand why he wanted it kept a secret but he needed to step up and be a man. Like Aaron had.

I want more of the story though! I want to know what happened to the ex best friend and I want to know if Hannah and Aaron became anything more than just friends becasue I think there was real potential for them to be something more than friends.

This book was a really great story about friendship and how people can surprise you and how you shouldn’t judge people by what you see and hear.

4/5 stars


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