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Three books, three days: The Selection trilogy by Keira Cass; The Selection, The Elite and The One book reviews

These books… these books have just… I can’t even…






In a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels THE SELECTION is the chance of a lifetime: to compete for gorgeous Prince Maxon’s heart.
  But for America Singer it means turning her back on her secret love, and lraving home for a prize she doesn’t want.
  Then America meets Maxon and all her plans start to crumble. Can the life she’s always dreamed of compare to a future she never imagined?

America is 17 years old and in Illeas eyes is old enough to be put forward for the selection. Except America doesn’t want to join. She has already found the love of her life and plans to marry Aspen Leger as soon as possible.

But Aspen wants her to sign up for the selection and so do her family. So she reluctantly agrees.

She never thought she’d be picked though, but she is. On national TV she is announced as one of the 35 girls who will compete for Prince Maxon’s heart. America has already made her mind up about him but when she meets him she realises he’s not what she thought.

One the day her named is called, Aspen breaks her heart and breaks up with her. So America has no choice but to try and forget Aspen and move on.

Its clear from the start though that America is Maxon’s favourite. After all she shouted at him before they were properly due to meet.

America makes it clear to Maxon that there is someone she loves back home and will help Maxon in anyway she can to help him find true love.

Through selection eliminations, girl cat fights, broken hearts and new friendships its clear as the days go on that Maxon and America are becoming more than just friends.

But the other girls want a chance with him too… and with her heart torn between her undying love for Aspen and her new found feelings for Maxon, this is definitely going to be one hell of a competition…




America Singer is one of THE ELITE and Prince Maxob only has eyes for her.
  If she wins the competition for his heart, she will leave her pre-destined life for a world of luxury.  But the outcome is less than certain; the threat of rebel violence just beyond the palace walls is escalating into war and bitter rivals are ready to take her down.
  And as America’s feelings for Maxon grow stronger, ex-lover Aspen waits for her in the shadows. Where do her loyalties truly lie?

This one carries on from the first book. America is still having a tough time with her feelings and that gets even worse when Aspen turns up as a guard.

America’s relationship with Maxon is getting better and they are definitely getting closer. With America the nation and Maxons favourite the other girls are upping their game.

When a halloween party arises it seems as though Maxon is ignoring America but he’s merely keeping the others happy.

And then things start going wrong… Marlee, another selection competitor and America’s best friend is found in a compromising position with ine of the guards and that means death.

Maxon however has given them a different punishment but America cannot forgive him for his part in her punishment and finds herself distant from Maxon and seeking comfort in Aspen’s familiar arms.

With the threat of the rebels and a break out in the palace its clear that the northern rebels are after something.

Maxon however is getting closer to another contestant Kriss and America is feeling the pangs of jealousy and so thinking she’s lost Maxon for good, she sets about making the most absurd presentation to the public, one that will ultimately get her thrown out…




When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown-or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, Americs realizes just how much she stands to lose-and how hard she’ll have to fight for he future she wants.

After America is pardoned and allowed to stay after her public outburst, the King himself is on the warpath. He wants America out of the competition for good and tries as many ways as possible for that to happen.

Not only that but Maxon has read her the riot act and she’s not feeling so good about her chances with Maxon anymore.

With his feelings for Kriss definitely in the mix, America is determined to get him back and it seems as though she does…

The threat of the rebels are reaching new heights and the palace is in lockdown. But Maxon and America are wanted for a talk with the Northern rebel leaders and things come to a new light.

They sneak out of the palace one night to find the leader to discuss things but while there things don’t go to plan as America is shot…

Back at the palace America tells Maxon that he must think of the other girls and not her as one of them could be the one and he does just that

America overhears Maxon and Kriss one day and has to listen as Kriss admits her feelings for Maxon and it makes him happy and then the pair have their first kiss…

America is ultimately more heartbroken than ever before bit shocking news causes her to head back home momentarily.

She’s still not in the King’s goodbooks but he lets her leave to visit her family. When she gets back Maxon makes it clear that it her he wants to marry and the pair finally admit that they love each other.

But the next morning Maxon sees America talking to Aspen and the truth about their old relationship finally comes out. Maxon is heartbroken and tells America to pack her backs… he’s changed his mind and is going to marry Kriss… at least she won’t break his heart.

On the day he’s about to announce his marriage to Kriss rebels attack the palace and one of them gets injured…

Will Maxon realise he’s made a mistake? Can America get him back? And most importantly will they both have a happily ever after?



I was hooked from the beginning.  Everything about it drew me all in.

America is a fighter. She knows what she wants and what her heart wants but all that changes when she’s selected.

I love how from the off she’s true to Maxon and why she’s there. Although its clear that Maxon won’t let her out of his sights.

Maxon… what can I say about Maxon… there are no words that will do that boy justice. He’s just… goddess hes so perfect and gorgeous and I could just eat him haha.

The stories in itself is brilliant. The idea of a dystopian fairytale setting is so new and refreshing and so orginal. I love the idea of a prince and a selection of girls to win his hearts.

I took America and Maxon’s feelings to heart. I could understand how confused America must have felt regarding her feelings. For two years all she’s known is her love for Aspen and then he breaks up with her and shes thrust into this competition with a man she doesn’t want.
Once she knows him though her feelings change and you can see how she genuinely starts to care for him. And the Aspen shows up and Maxon starts spending more tine with Kriss and her best friend Marlee has just been given a bad punishment her feelings are all over the place. So what better way than to seek comfort in her ex love’s arms. But she starts feeling guilty for what she’s doing.
And then she finds out that Maxon and Kriss are no super close and he’s sharing things with her that he used to do with America.
And then she catches him in a darkened corner with Celeste having a steamy moment together so her mind is made up and her heartbroken. I can see why she does what she does.

Then there’s Maxon whose never been in these type of situation before. America is his first kiss and the girl he really wants to win over. But she pushes him away when things get tough and you can understand his frustration and why he spends time with the other girls. Its just all so AAAAHHHH you wanna bash their heads together!

And the last book… feels galore!

Everything about it tore at your heart and you start thinking about things. Little what if’s.

Like what if Maxon did pick Kriss?
What if America and Maxon admitted their feelings earlier?
What if, near the end of book three (without giving anything away), if they had gotten shot saving their life instead of the other way around? (Doesn’t make much sense I know but I can’t give it away!)
Oh and what if America had left?

Everything about the books has me thinking of these different scenarios and what would happen of things went differently.

It was a perfect series and I want more! Even though its over.

Celeste was the mean bitch in the first two books and I did not like her! But then in the third book she changed and I started to like her and then..  😥

Marlee was amazing as America’s best friend and my heart broke for her when she received that punishment.

Aspen is hot haha but he was the one who broke up with America, leaving her heartbroken and alone and in a way I don’t think he had a right to try and get her back. Especially when it was clear that her feelings for Maxon went beyond friendship.

And Kriss… that girl!  I wanted to tear her away from Maxon and shout at her to let him go because he’s America’s haha. I couldn’t like her for that reason.

I loved these books so so so so much and they are going to be on my mind and in my heart for a long time to come.

A fantastic trilogy full of heartbreak, action, love and everything else.

A definite must read!


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  1. These books sound amazing! Why?! Why have you forced me to add more books to my never-ending TBR? 😛 *wink*

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