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Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison book review

Eeeek I am totally behind on book reviews! I’ve be so into reading that I’ve forgotten to take the time to do what I do best… Well kind of do best!


Here’s the first book to review.



Bridget Duke is the uncontested ruler of her school. The meanest girl with the biggest secret insecurities. And when new girl Anna Judge arrives, things start to fall apart for Bridget: friends don’t worship as attentively, teachers don’t fall for her wide-eyed look, expulsion looms ahead and the one boy she’s always loved can barely even look at her anymore.When a desperate Bridget drives too fast and crashes her car, she ends up in limbo, facing everyone she’s wronged and walking a few uncomfortable miles in their shoes. Now she has only one chance to make a last impression. Though she might end up dead, she has one last shot at redemption and the chance to right the wrongs she’s inflicted on the people who mean the most to her.And Bridget’s about to learn that, sometimes, saying you’re sorry just isn’t enough

This book was all about Bridget Duke. The girl who basically ruled every aspect of school. Until one day a new girl called Anna Judge came to school and from then her popular status slowly dwindled.

Her friends began to talk back to her, her ex took an interest in the new girl and everyone else in school thinks she was the biggest loser ever.

Then, when driving home from school one day, she starts to wonder what all her friends would say if she died. What would they do? What would they be like? Would they feel bad for the way they treated her? Would they be sorry?

And then her car crashes and she wakes up in a board room with the five people whose lives she has made hell, sitting infront of her, ready to judge if she will be worthy to go back and start again. Or die for good.

And the new girl Anna? she’s the one whose about to take her back to relive those moments…

So yeah this book…

I enjoyed it but I couldn’t get on with Bridget. She was a controlling spoilt bitch and it was hard to like her. Everything she said or did to her friends and those she lovced was just spiteful. Yeah she wanted to be the one that everyone loved and respected but she didn’t give that back to tohers. She treated them like dirt. She was rude to everyone and I honestly have no idea how she managed to keep her friends and her ex for that long.

And then comes the day when her popularity dwindles and you do think; “Finally!”

And then something bad happens and you think Shit.

And this is where I began to like the book… Kind of…

Bridget, for all intents and purposes, is stuck in limbo between life and death and her actions and the people judging her will decide her fate.

She literally has to step into the shoes of the five people she has wronged and, honestly, I have no idea how she couldn’t see the way she was treating the people around her.

Its an eye opener and I like how she gets a chance to go back and right the wrongs she did but I felt as though it wasn’t enough.

It was a good topic for Paige Harbison but I felt she could have done a lot more with it and made Bridget a bit more likable. And I ahve to say, the people she hurt forgave her too quickly. You would at least have harboured some bad feelings towards her or at least make her work for it.

If Bridget had been a little less spoilt bitch I would have enjoyed it more but honestly she was hard to like. Even when she managed to appologise and kind of change her ways I still couldn’t like her.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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