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Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith book review

HOLY S***! Haha



In the small town of Ealing, Iowa, Austin and his best friend Robby have accidentally unleashed an unstoppable army.
An army of horny, hungry, six foot tall praying mantises that only want to do two things.

This is the truth. This is history.
It’s the end of the world.
And nobody knows anything about it.

Austin is a sixteen year old, horny, sexually confused, Lutheran school boy.

Robby is also sixteen. And gay. And pretty spot on about things.

Shann is Austin’s girlfriend. Who has no idea her boyfriend is sexually confused…

At the Lutheran school they go to, masturbation is seen as a sin, and in Austin’s case when he read The Chocolate War and wrote a paper on it, can make you gay. Good Lutheran boys do not masturbate.
Nor do they experiment with other boys.

When Robby and Austin are beat up by boys from another school for being queer, they throw their skateboards and their trainers up on the roof of Johnny McKeon’s shop. They plan to get them back later that night and bring Shann in on the plan.

Austin and Robby climb up on the roof, while there they retrieve their things… but they also kiss… which leaves Austin very aroused and very confused.

Robby finds a hatch on the roof that leads down to the shop so they decide to have a look. And that’s when things go wrong…

The boys who beat up Austin and Robby, steal something from the shop, a globe. When they run away it smashes to the ground. And when it smashes a virus spreads around Ealing…

Not only that Austin still has his mixed emotions about Shann and Robby but that seems the least of his worries, especially when the end of the world is upon them…

They do find an underground shelter though and learn a few things about the virus, the horny and hungry praying mantises and how they can ultimately defeat them…

This book!


Its weird and so brilliant at the same time!

You have the teenage boy emotions; constantly horny and thinking about sex. But also it was refreshing to see the otherside. The confused side to the teenage boy. He loves Shann with all his heart but then there’s the side of him that loves his best mate Robby and those feelings escalate when they have their kiss.

And then there’s the virus thing… the one that turns humans, who have been in contact with it, into big bugs… huge, massive bugs. And how it happens is kind of gruesome but it just adds to the whole weirdness of the book.

I liked how it was all from Austin’s POV and he spoke about his family history. It made you understand who he was more.

I loved Andrew Smiths writing style. It is seriously awesome. How he flips from one thing to another when in the main characters POV.

Andrew Smith really knows how to nail the whole end of the world, confused, horny teenager type of book. Everything in it was amazing. Oh and I loved the chapter titles and how short they were. Sometimes a single sentence said it all in a chapter, whereas three pages were more dramatic and intense.

The book was full of laugh out loud moments and intense scenes, especially when the bugs decide to… “hatch” is the nicer word I suppose.

This book was weird and seeing as I’m weird and I love all things weird this was top notch.

Definitely read this book!

It is just the bomb!

5 out of 5 stars


1 thought on “Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith book review”

  1. I loved this book… Loved it. I finished it a few days ago and I’ve been poking around the other blogs to see what everyone thought.
    And this review was definitely one of my favorites!! I love your perspective!

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