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How To Love by Katie Cotugno book review

Awwwwwwwwww 🙂



This is a love story.
But it’s not what you think.
This is not a first kiss, or a first date. This is not love at first sight.
This is a boy and a girl falling in messy, unpredictable, thrilling love.
This is the complicated route to happiness that follows.
This is real. This is life. This is how to love.

Then inside the front page there is this little blurb…

Reena has loved Sawyer LeGrande for as long as she can remember. He’s never noticed her until one day… he does. But then he disappears, leaving a devastated – and pregnant – Reena behind.


Three years later and there’s a new love in Reena’s life: her daughter Hannah. But just as with and suddenly as he disappeared, Sawyer turns up again. After everything that’s happened, can Reena really let herself love Sawyer again?

Ah this book!

On the first chapter we learn of Reena and her daughter Hannah and you know that straight away something is up with the family life. And then on chapter two we get a flashback to when she was younger and had a crush on Sawyer. Her and best friend Allie were constantly talking and oggling him.

It splits like this throughout the book so we can see what life was like for Reena when she was teenager and now when she’s older.

Reena and Allie’s friendship falls apart when Allie starts dating Sawyer and the pair of them have an argument about it. Reena will not reveal her feelings about Sawyer but Allie knows that she’s hiding something.

Then in adult life we see Reena with new boyfriend Aaron, whose her best friend, Shelby’s, twin brother. And then her life is turned into turmoil: Sawyer is back.

During her younger life, Reena loses her best friend Allie in a car accident, she starts to date Sawyer, her relationship with him is fine at first and then things start to go wrong. Mainly with Sawyer. Drinking, drug abuse and he’s hiding something about Allie’s death.

Older Reena is struggling with her feelings now that Sawyer is back in town. They have a steamy kiss and you know that Sawyer has never stopped loving her from the way he acts around her. And then there’s Aaron to consider. And Hannah. And the feelings that she’s been keeping about her family and Sawyer’s family, from when she was pregnant…

But can everything be resolved? Can Reena let herself love Sawyer again? And can she get the life are so desperately wanted before Hannah came along?

This book.
I was hooked from the beginning, swept into the world of younger and older Reena.

Its been two years since Sawyer left and you can see how well Reena has carried on with her life. But you know that there is something wrong with her feelings towards Sawyer’s parents and how her relationship with her father is in turmoil.

Younger Reena knows what she wants, other than Sawyer, and although she was best friends with Allie, I kind of had the feeling that Allie was a bitch. She didn’t take in Reena’s feeling when she dates Sawyer and gets pretty jealous when she sees the pair talking to each other.
And I can understand how Reena felt; her best friend stole her guy. The one she has loved for ever.
But although Sawyer is dating Allie, you can see, through little things that he does, that he does like her too. That maybe its more than that. But Reena can’t see it.

And that’s where I related with her. Reena couldn’t understand why sex god Sawyer LeGrande would want her, would notice her above all the other beautiful girls around. But even though she cab be moody and snappy, you can see how much she loves life, how much passion she has for her travel writing. Gives me hope that there is someone out there for me.

Younger and older Reena go through so much. Death, love, heartache, pregnancy, hate, love again.

She’s such a believable character and at times I felt as though she had a right to be angry at everyone. She had a right to say what she did at the dinner party. Especially to Sawyer’s parents.

And Sawyer? HOT. DAMN.

I can get over the drug use because deep down you could see that he was troubled, that this was his way of punishing himself for what happened about Allie. He was sensitive and loves with all his heart and you can see that he idolises Reena.

This book was so addictive. I was hooked because I got so into these characters lives. They were realistic and Reena’s emotions became your emotions.

I loved this book and it really did show you how to fall in love. Because even though Reena loved Sawyer since the was younger, you saw how that love became real the more then were with each other.

And the ending was fitting I loved it. It seemed just right for them.

Definitely read this book. You won’t be disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars


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