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The Kill Order by James Dashner book review



Sun flares have unleashed devastation on the Earth. Mark and Trina were there when it happened, and against the odds they survived.

But now a violent and highly contagious disease is spreading like wildfire. Worse still, it’s mutation, and people are going crazy. Mark and Trina will do anything to save their friends – if only they can avoid madness and stay alive…

So this is the prequel to The Maze Runner trilogy and I usually read Prequel books first but this one I didn’t.

So briefly…

Before you get into the story, there’s the prologue that features Thomas and Teresa. Its written in Teresa’s 3rd person perspective, which is good because we didn’t really know a lot about her and it shows how she feels while Thomas is being prepped to enter the Maze…

After that it travels back 15 years later to Trina, Mark, Alec and Lana, just a few people who managed to escape the solar flares. Everything is well until a berg flies over their settlement and starts firing at them. After that people start getting sick and going out of their mind…

Trina, Mark, Lana and Alec manage to flee and they seem to be okay as they weren’t hit. Along the way they do loose friends and come across another village, where a little girl, Deedee has been abandoned.

They take her with them and, while Mark and Alec to to investigate their surroundings, the others are kidnapped.

Mark and Alec come across people who have had the Flare virus for two months and are definitely showing signs of madness. They manage to escape, only to get stuck on a forest fire created by a bunch of other crazy people.

They find themselves travelling to the headquarters where the Berg came from and in there Mark learns the truth: the virus was unleashed on humanity on purpose for a reason.

Mark and Alec manage to escape the place and steal a berg. They fly to where the settlement of first crazy people they encountered was, and find their friends. But everything has gone crazy and violent.

Through a lot of fighting and heartbreak they manage to get to a safe place where Deedee is their only hope of finding a cure as she is immune.

The epilogue shows a woman and her two year old son as he is taken away as he can help with a cure. It ends with “we’ll call this one Thomas.”

I enjoyed this and it did clear up a few things. I now know why the virus was unleashed and how they lost control of it. And through a series of Marks dreams we see what happened when the sun flares first hit and when the massive Tsunami hit.

I liked Mark and throughout the story you could tell that he was slowly showing signs of the Flare but it wasn’t really showing through strongly as the others. And Trina… awww. She forgot who Mark was and was slowly going crazy herself.

The ending with the epilogue I liked because I kind of reached the conclusion that Trina and Mark are Thomas’ parents…

It managed to answer some questions for me but I still don’t know why some people are immune and how the whole Maze thing came about.

This should have been a series itself. It was good as a one off but I would have liked to have got to know the characters a bit more and what happened to them after.

But it did clear up some stuff and it made me understand The Maze Runner books more.

So yeah read it!


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