Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

I missed last week… AGAIN! (I was writing though so maybe you can forgive me?)

Crush this week is a sexy one haha and seeing as I’m all hyped up on Easter Eggs and wine this is not going to be as straightforward as the others. XD

This weeks crush is…. *drumroll*


                DYLAN O’BRIEN

*whistling* *hand clapping* * fangirl dancing* I know right? Its a good one this week.

So thanks to Wiki and Google and YouTube and IMDB here is some info and videos and pictures 🙂

Dylan was born August 26th 1991 in New York. He is the son of Lisa (née Rhodes) a former actress who also ran an acting school and Patrick O’Brien, a camera operator.
He grew up in Springfield Township in New Jersey until the age of 12 when they moved to Hermosa Beach California.


He is of Irish (you know my love for Ireland so this is like a big giant YAY!), English, Italian and Spanish descent. (Focusing more on the Irish aspect than any of the others there!)
He graduated from Mira Costa High School in 2009.
Dylan planned to attend Syracuse University as a Sports Broadcasting Major but decided to move to L.A. for an acting career (for which we are all grateful for!)


At 14, he began posting videos onto his own YouTube channel. With the videos developing, a local producer/director approached him about doing work for a wed series of hers.
While working on the webseries, Dylan met an actor who connected him with a manager.
He had several auditing before getting one for the main role in Teen Wolf. After reading the script he wanted to audition for Stiles instead. (Which he got… Obvs.!)


Dylan has also produced, directed and starred in a number of comedic short films produced for and released thorough his personal YouTube channel. He is also the drummer for the independent rock band Slow Kids at Play.


*High Road-2011-Jimmy
*Charlie Brown: Blockheads Revenge-2011-Charlie Brown
*The First Time-2012-Dave Hodgman
*First Dates with Tony Harris (TV) -2013-Peter
*New Girl-TV-The Guy
*The Internship-20213-Stuart
*Teen Wolf-2011-Stiles
*The Maze Runner-2014-Thomas

While I was on IMDB they have like quotes and other stuff on there and I found this quote! And in a minute you’ll know why I’ve done this!



I just really like, fun, cool, interesting, quirky girls. And sometimes you find that in 6’2″ model bodies and sometimes they’re short and brunette. All shapes and sizes – it’s really all about the personalized. That sound cliché, but its so freaking true!

Okay so… I don’t know if Dylan does have a girlfriend or not but lets just say he doesn’t… Dylan… if you are looking for an English girlfriend who has curly hair, whose a little bit quirky, on the curve side and is crazy then, well, HELLO! I’M RIGHT HERE! (Although I’m not really anybody’s type and I am just a teeny bit weird and a geek but you know… give us a chance haha)


                     That’s me!

Also there’s this girl. One of my best friend fangirls and whose also apart of My Dream Team… EILIDH McLEOD…


She is your type okay?! She’s beautiful and amazing and funny and brilliant and has such a lovely soul and is so so so kind and yeah… I could gush about her all day! But anyway you will LOVE HER!
(I can’t believe I’m seriously pimping myself and Eilidh out to him!)


Back to business

So why is he crush of the Week?


Dur?! Have you looked at him?! He is the most adorable, sexiest, dork alive (bar Matt Smith… I love him.) Okay so I have yet to see Teen Wolf (don’t boo at me! I have too many dvd boxsets I need to see!) But I really need to!
So I started crushing when I saw he was playing Thomas in The Maze Runner (which I LOVE! See my book review on it!) And I was like Hello Hottie haha.
And then Eilidh told me about Teen Wolf (which she watches!) And said that he’s brilliant. Oh and my other fangirl besties Megan and Tati saw him at WonderCon and said he was so laid back and adorable that it was hard not to love him!
And well that quote helps alot. Makes us girls feel proud knowing that someone like him could go out with someone like us 🙂
And well YouTube videos (which was purely for research reasons!) of him show just how dorkable and lovable and hilarious he is. I want a boyf like him! P.s. if you do have a girlfriend then she is a lucky woman!


6 thoughts on “Crush of the Week”

  1. I also have a HUGE crush on Dylan O’Brien. He’s super talented and, of course, really gorgeous. You seriously need to watch him on Teen Wolf. He’s crazy good. Seeing him on Teen Wolf is why I’m so excited for him to play Thomas in TMR; he’s going to do a great job.
    Also, he does have a girlfriend unfortunately. She was his costar in The First Time. :/

    1. I have Teen Wolf on my amazon list. Just waiting til I get paid! He is just so adorable. Yes I can’t wait to see him as Thomas. He is going to be amazing!
      Ah damn 😦 haha we can all still dream though!

      1. He’s going to be so great as Thomas. Let me know what you think of Teen Wolf when you start watching. It’s very good right from the beginning, but Dylan in Season 3 is just mind-blowing – he has so much talent. I was taken aback by him in that season.
        Oh, totally! Always dreaming. 🙂

      2. Eeeek I can’t wait to get hands on them! Dylan looks how I imagined Thomas to look in TMR… if that makes sense. Haha. I can’t wait for the movie.
        Dream we shall… its only a matter of time before he sees us and realizes he loves us 😉 haha

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