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The Death Cure by James Dashner book review




The Trials are over. WICKED is planning to restore the survivor’s memories and complete the final cure for the Flare.

But Thomas has already remembered more than they think. And he knows WICKED can’t be trusted…

The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than Thomas could ever imagine. Will anyone survive the Death Cure?

So before I give you my review lets briefly run down what happens in this book…

Thomas, Minho and all of the others are at WICKED, the trials are over and they are moments away from finding the cure… although the news is not all that good. Some of them are immune to the Flare, while others are in the early stages of it. Thomas hopes its no one he cares about… Until Newts name is mentioned in the list of those who have it.
Then WICKED tells them they’ll be getting their memories back, but Thomas, Minho and Newt refuse. With the help of Brenda and Jorge they manage to escape WICKED. Although the others have already left without them…

The four of them make it to Denver, one of the ‘safe’ places but soon they are being over run by Flare victims and Newt has gone to live with them…

Being bounty hunted because they are immune is another thing to add to the list and with Janson on the hunt for Thomas, its only a matter of time before they have to go back.

Thomas is the ‘Final Stage’ of the cure and with the help of Minho, Jorge, Brenda, the rest of the Gladers and the group that Gally is involved in, The Right Arms, they set about bringing down WICKED.

There are lives lost along the way though and the hope of a safe haven where they can start humanity again… but who will survive this final part?

I was excited to start this… I kept thinking that Yay I’ll finally get answers to things… but you kinda don’t. I still don’t know why Thomas and Teresa had a part in the making of the Maze. But I can forgive that small thing because the rest of it was just as action packed as the other two.

Your feels, especially for Newt, are a rollarcoaster ride. I really liked Newt and to see what happens to him broke me. Him, Minho and Thomas were the three I loved the most on this, well and Brenda too and to see what happens was just too much.

The biggest surprise is when Gally returned and was different to how he was in the Maze Runner. You kinda start liking him towards the end.

And Teresa… that girl! I can see why Thomas is still finding it hard to trust her after what happened in the Scorch Trials and when she gets her memories back and Thomas refuses, that’s kind of the final nail in the coffin. There really is no going back and I wasn’t all that upset when… *SSSHHH YOU’LL HAVE TO READ IT!*

Brenda. I ship Thomas and Brenda so much! Tomda or Brenmas haha. They are more compatible than Thomas and Teresa are.

I would have liked more answers in this book and a little more insight into who Chancellor Paige was. Meeting her would have been better instead of just a letter at the end of each book. And also I would have liked to have known what those who had the memories back saw…

I did like the ending though. I thought it was fitting. Especially after all they’ve been through it was deserved.

I feel about this book like I feel about Reached by Ally Condie; it was good, it had action and heartbreak and fights but there were still things left unresolved but I suppose that makes a book sometimes because you can imagine what happens next…

I’m gonna read the Prequel, The Kill Order, now. Hopefully that might shed some light on my unanswered questions.

I did really enjoy this series though and my favourite is the Scorch Trials.

If James had have made it into a four book series, instead of a trilogy maybe we would have got more answers.

Oh and what a good way of getting the Gladers back in the Maze. That was pretty good!

I’d give this one 4.5 out of 5 stars but overall the whole series is a definite 5 out of 5


2 thoughts on “The Death Cure by James Dashner book review”

  1. So my issue with the book was the unresolved….everything. I loved the first two and I wanted so much to love this one too!!
    I’m fine when an author chooses not to spell things out for me but I wanted to see just a few of those loose ends tied up?
    I didn’t read theKill Order so maybe I should give that a go and see if I feel better about things!
    I’m glad you loved this though you make some great points in your post and it has made me see the book in a much kinder light!!! 🙂

    1. Yeah he should have tied stuff up but then again if he did maybe he would have ruined the story? I don’t know it’s one of those weird situations that you can’t get your head around…
      I’m glad you liked the post!
      I can’t wait til the movie comes out… Dylan O’Brien.. yum!!

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