FanGirl Problems…


We all know the problems that we fangirls all go through… So with a help from some of my fangirl friends I’ve come up with a list of those problems…

#1 When a book you’re reading ends and you realise its months til the next on is released


#2 Not having enough money to support my fangirlness


#3 The day you realise your fictional boyfriend has never and will never exist

anime girl crying

#4 When your family doesn’t understand your passion for your fandoms and think you shoudl be medicated for it

#5 When you have too many books and not enough space for them… So you go on a book buying ban until you find space… (Which never actually happens so your room ends up looking like this)


#6 When you finish a book series and have the worst book hangover ever and it’s hard to find another book that can get your mind off the last one


#8 When you accidentally spend over £200 on books in one go…


#9 When you imagine yourself as one of the characters in the book and then once you finish you realise…

anime girl crying

#10 Staying up far too late for midnight kindle releases or finishing a book


#11 When you start a book before bed thinking you will just do a few chapters- then hours later you realise the book has ended…


#12 When all you want to do is read a book without interruptions and that’s all you get from people around you


#13 When you get a group of fangirls together and they can never stay on topic for long…


#14 When you can’t saty on one topic because everything demands to be talked about


#15 Multiple sexy daydreams a day of hot boys that play your fictional characters…


#16 Sleeping on sidewalks in sleeping bags and camping chairs for as premiere


#17 Waiting months to years for a new book or new season to start


#18 Finding the perfect fandom shirt…


But they don’t have it in your size…


#19 Almost fainting when you hear Jamie Campbell Bower laugh…

#20 Breaking your first Kindle… Oh the feels…


#21 Having friends all over the world who you speak to all the time but never actually meet them although they are your Best Freiends Forever


#22 Meeting your idols but talking excessively and embarrassing yourself


#23 Having no money becasue of books


#24 Living in the real world and not the fictional world



I think that about sums us all up don’t you?!


About geekandbooknerd

I'm Hayley. A total book nerd and a massive geek just as the name suggests. I have plenty of book husbands (Oh so many to name!) as well as tv show and movie ones :P I am a total fangirl and you will get random posts from me. I'm totally weird but I happily accept that. This blog is just me reviewing books and fangirling and geeking out to things because sometimes you just need a break from normal things! So please enjoy :)

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