Boys, Boys, Boys

My Top 10 Boys

These are the reasons why I will be dying alone… these men here! This was pretty nerve wracking trying to get it down to just 10 men but well… I did it! So here they are!

10. Aidan Turner


The Irish accent, the dark eyes, dark hair, kissable lips… do I need to say more?

9. Jamie Campbell Bower


The blonde hair, hilarious personality and his good looks and how down to earth he is… Perfect! And he can sing!

8. Jeremy Irvine


*Drool* this guy.. that sharp jaw, kissable lips and smoking eyes… I just… I can’t!

7. Max Irons


I just… I mean… LOOK AT HIM! Those eyes, those lips, that face…

6. Ansel Elgort


He’s what you call geek chic 😉 he is just so adorable. And them lips!

5. Danila Kozlovsky


He’s Russian, he’s hot, he’s pure sexiness…

4. Dominic Sherwood


I seem to pick guys with kissable lips… these are just kiss worthy! And his eyes… *melts*

3. Liam Hemsworth


Tall, dark, handsome, Australian… hot… sexy… the list can go on!

2. Theo James


He. Is. Just. So. WOW! Sexy, handsome, beautiful, dark, tall, lush smile, lush body, lush face! He is just So. Goddamned. Sexy!

1. Matt Smith


My most ideal man! He is just… god he is everything! I love him. Seriously love him. His personality, his laugh, the way he acts on interviews. The geekiness of him… and he’s so beautiful. Honestly he has ruined men for me!

So there is my top 10. It was hard, narrowing it all down to just 10, but I managed it. These are the reasons why I am dying alone and they don’t even know I exist! I mean they might not even think I was beautiful, I might not be their type but they are mine. I love them!

Of course, you can always tell me yours aswell 🙂


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