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Its been a while…

Sorry for being AWOL for a while and not posting as much. I realised I misses Crush of the Week again and I was like… this needs to be rectified and I need an explanation as to why!

I’ve been reading a lot and trying in vain to get through a writers block that has suddenly come upon me. I was so happy when I managed to write a sentence yesterday for the first time in ages and then it was short lived because I couldn’t get any further than that! Grrrrrr!

And I got distracted by Divergent coming out… which was just :O THEO JAMES!!! It was brilliant! The adaptation is in par with The Hunger Games!

So anyway… I just wanted to explain why I’ve been absent and to make it up to you all, not only will there be Crush of the Week, there will also be the Top 10 boys that I ADORE and not only that I will be kind and share with you exactly what I’m working on and give you a preview of my writing style šŸ˜€

So never fear! Everything will be alright and I will be spoiling you rotten haha… now I just gotta get some info together for Crush of the Week…

I’ll be back in a few with Crush!

Mucho love my nerd-migos!



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