Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

*Sigh* I’m sorry I missed last weeks… I did explain in an earlier post though. Still. I’m sorry. But I’m going to make it up, by not only doing Crush, but also my top 10 boys 😉

But here’s this weeks Crush!


                   Jai Courtney

Jai Stephen Courtney was born 15th March 1986 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

He grew up in Cherrybrook, a suburb of Sydney. His father, Chris, worked for a state owned electricity company a d his mother, Karen, was a teacher at Galston Public School, where Jai and his sister attended.
After that he attended Cherrybrook Technology High School and The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


In 2008 Jai starred in the Australian series Packed to the Rafters. He was a guest lead in the tv show All Saints and was in  comedy feature To Hell and Bourke.

In 2010 Jai played Varro in Spartacus: Blood and Said for 10 episodes (He. Was. HOT! And blonde haha)

In 2012 he starred alongside Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher.

He then starred in  Good Day To Die with Bruce Wills, playing John McClaines grown up son, Jack.

In 2014 in played Gideon in I, Frankenstein as the leader of the Gargoyle army.

His recent role is as Eric in Veronica Roth’s best selling book series DIVERGENT and will be starting in the sequel INSURGENT (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!)


So why is he Crush of the Week?

Have you seen the man?! He’s delicious lol.
And the guy is AMAZING in Different! Just as I pictured Eric to be when reading the book.
And in Spartacus!
I remember him… God he was HOT! Haha and he could fight… and the muscles… okay so I could keep going on and on but LOOK AT HIM! Haha.
And he’s Australian!! The accent! The body!
But girls… sexy Jai is taken! He lives in L.A. with his Thai born Australian actress, Gemma Prantia. The pair have been together since 2006. Awww.
At least we know he’s definitely a keeper.



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