Giveaway's :)

First ever give away!

I’ve been sorting out my room and have come across things that I already have multiple times… so I thought “Why don’t I do a giveaway and let someone else have these?”

I mean you might not want them in which case they’ll have to go into hiding in my bedroom somewhere haha.

So seeing as I’m new to this and I have no idea how to even use Rafflecopter I’m going to do this simple… but first… let me show you the stuff…


One Direction fan magazine, CoB stickers, Vampire badges and cross, Edward and Jacob heart book marks


Doctor Who poster (I have this already and its double sided)


Doctor Who 3D magazine cover and Doctor Who fridge magnets (David Tennant era)


Vampire Files poster feat. Damon, Edward and Bill


Breaking Dawn pt. 1 poster


Doctor Who poster (double sided again)

Like I’ve said… I have all this stuff already so I’m not going to hyperventilate and panic when I can’t find them haha.

If you do want this stuff then answer this question!

Which historical figure am I ultimately in love and obsessed with?

A. Henry VIII
B. King Arthur
C. Edward II

Comment with your answer as well as your email address and I’ll pick a winner on 21st April 🙂

Good luck!


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