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Just some opinions for the morning

I was talking about this last night with my fangirl bestie from across the pond Stephanie.

I love the Hunger Games, like totally and utterly adore it. Likewise the Divergent books and I cannot wait for Mockingjay to be released as a movie and for Divergent. I know they are going to be AMAZING!


I’m just thinking about the other YA to movie adaptations that are going on.

Okay so Twilight set the precipice for for the fantasy YA sector. And that turned out great. It was popular and epic and had a huge fanbase aswell as big promotions. And yet… It seems to have ruined the other fantasy YA stuff.

The Mortal Instruments is an amazing book and I was so excited that it was becoming a movie and it was great. A really great movie but it didn’t have the promotion like Twilight did. Everyone compared it to Twilight. The vampires in it? Twilight.
The love triangle? Twilight.
The wolves? Twilight.

And it didn’t have as much promotion as Twilight did. Twilight had premieres, meet and greets… basically EVERYTHING and City of Bones was hardly promoted over in the UK which probably resulted in it not being a box office hit.

And the same thing will happen to Vampire Academy, I just know it. They’ll take one look at the title and be like… “vampires again? Nothing will be as good as Twilight.” But the thing is Twilight is in the past. We all still love/like Twilight but we need to move on! We need to realise that there is an abundance of brilliant books out there that are better than Twilight and they are being made into movies that we shouldn’t just ignore.

And I know Dystopian is the new in thing at the moment and The Hunger Games and Divergent are going to do sooooooo well but I just feel that that’s getting all the promo. Divergent is out in the UK 4th April and we’ve had so many trailers already and movie companion books and all big fan things but the UK has forgotten… Vampire Academy comes out in April too over here and we’ve had nothing 😦

And the latest book to movie adaptation being filmed is of course Fallen by Lauren Kate and I want that to do so so so well but I know it’ll be compared to Twilight… even though its about fallen angels!

So what I’m trying to say is:

Give the movies a chance. And stop comparing everything to Twilight. Divergent is already being compared to The Hunger Games but its nothing like that. The only similarity is that its set in a dystopian world… that’s it! They are both incredibly amazing books and the movies… wow! THG is amazing and I know Divergent will be too.

Just please don’t forget about the others.

I want VA to do well so we can have Frostbite and I want Fallen to do well so we can have Torment. And I so what City of Ashes!!

So please… give these fantasy YA movies a chance. And stop comparing them to Twilight. Its been and gone and we have to move on to all these other amazing adaptations.

(Everything that is mentioned in here book wise I do love… don’t think I’m slating fandoms… I am apart of each of these fandoms. These are just my opinions)


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