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Midnighters Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld book review

I finished this Saturday buy I was just so caught up in reading another book I forgot about it haha



The secret hour is beginning to crumble…

The Midnighters look to Rex for a plan, but his dark side is threatening to overpower him. Melissa can taste the animal instincts leading him into taking greater and greater risks.

But as Bixby faces the darklings’ hunger, will it be Rex or another Midnighter who will make the final sacrifice to save the ones they love?

This book focused on the rift that was opening. The darklings were coming and midnight had already begun to sink in to the real world.
And Rex… well Rex’s darkling side was starting to show through more and more.
And Melissa is tasting it.
Dess meanwhile is putting things together and is realising what exactly will happen when Midnight comes to the proper world.
And Jonathan and Jessica… are still loved up haha. Even though they haven’t actually said it yet.
And then people go missing in the Secret Hour and the gang have to go on a rescue mission.
Beth, Jessica’s sister, is on her tail and is beginning to uncover her secrets.
But obviously there is a bigger battle to come. One that they all must stand and fight for.
And it is a pretty big battle. And of course theres a sacrifice. And a happyish ending…

So I did enjoy them… not as much as I thought I was going to enjoy them but I did. They were readable but there was just something that I can’t quite put my finger on, that I couldn’t get to grips with the book.

The story idea was a really good one. I loved the idea of a secret hour and darklings and all this ancient history but I didn’t warm to the characters as much as I do in other books.

And the ending… yeah I knew someone would end up sacrificing themselves for the cause but… I don’t know… I didn’t expect that. Because I was rooting for them… if anything I thought it was going to be Rex (sorry spoiler) who did but it wasn’t…

And somehow I couldn’t get to grips with Melissa. She was just too… I don’t know… a bitch to be likable.

I did like the other three, Jonathan, Dess and Jessica but somehow there stories got overshadowed.

And the different perspectives from the characters threw me a little. It was good to see how they differed and to see what was happening but sometimes I forgot what was happening to other characters…

Yeah but anyway…

They were good but they didn’t captivate me like other books.

I would read his other stuff because I like his ideas and I hope I like then more than these ones.

Overall I would give the series a 4 out of 5 stars and maybe I’ll read them again and give them another go in the future.


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