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Midnighters Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld book review

Finally finished the second book!



Imagine falling for someone who can fly you through the air. Imagine loving someone who can see your darkest thoughts. Imagine having secrets that could destroy the things you cherish…

Midnight in Bixby hides more than one secret, and uncovering them will put Jessica and her friends in more danger than they could have imagined.

The Midnighters aren’t the only ones seeking truth in the darkness. And if the group allow their own secrets to come between them they risk losing one of their own… for ever.

This book was full of secrets and about finding out the truth.
Dess is the one who goes on her own secret mission and uncovers lots of secrets surrounding Bixby and the Midnighters. And she comes across someone who helps her uncover all of this… but is she really good? Or is she hiding something?
Then of course there’s Rex and Melissa who, while out on their own at Midnight, discover a house that holds lore and secrets and lets the dark things come in. There Melissa’s mindcaster powers find something. A darkling and a Midnighter… morphed into one. How is that possible and why did she get strange readings from the human woman Angie’s head?
Then of course Jessica has to deal with a stalker. One who is seen, frozen in the 25th hour, with a camera pointed at her bedroom window… who is he and what does he want?
Then they all discover something. Humans and Darklings working together… and the Halfling is dying… and they need another Seer… Rex.
Dess knows all about where he is and about the secret woman Madeline and to protect herself, she shuts off her mind to Melissa. But that doesn’t go to plan as Melissa touches Dess and gets the whole information…
Its not just Rex whose now in trouble… its all of them!

So this one was more action packed than the first one and I liked the hidden secrets and wondering who these other people were and what they were up too. And I liked how the group went off and did their own things. Dess is pretty damn amazing with her Polymath skills and I loved how she was the one to figure most of it out instead of Rex and Melissa.
Jessica and Jonathan have their ups and downs and even though they’ve only known each other for a while you can tell that they are going to last. That they’ll work through their issues.
I really loved the bit where Jessica was using her Flamebringer skills and killing the Darklings and Jonathan protected her back by shielding her and taking the attack from the Darklings… love right there people.
And then there’s Rex and Melissa… who I still haven’t quite warmed to yet… unless its just me.
They are smug and their know it all attitude grates on me a bit. I feel sorry for Melissa when she has to deal with everyones emotions and what not but the girl is a bitch and Rex… well… he kinda needs to man up a bit haha. He’s cool yeah but he needs to think more for himself. Although them two at the end was a bit of a ‘aaaaahhhhh’ moment but I still got a feeling that they’ll go back to being them in the last book.
And Jessica’s sister… wow she’s like a super sleuth. She is going to find out Jessica’s secret eventually and I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

This one took me a while to read again, but not because I didn’t like it. I do. I honestly do like them but I needed to slow it down… understand things more… especially with Dess and the maths stuff… and of course I was writing so that took over from reading again!

But overall I did enjoy this one. It was better than the first book and a lot more stuff happened in it.

Lets see what book 3 brings!

4 out of 5 stars


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