Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week

Holy moly… this weeks crush… well I think the pictures speak volumes!


                 KIT HARINGTON

Born Christopher Catesby Harington “Kit” on December 26th 1986. And is from Worcester, UK (which is by me!! I’m from Droitwich Spa so there isn’t much distance between us… like a 5 minute train journey!) Anyway…

Born in Worcester, Kit lived there until the age of 11.
Son of David Richard Harington and Deborah Jane (nèe Catesby), Kit was names after Christopher Marlowe, an English Playwrite and Poet)
Kit’s uncle is Sir Nicholas John Harington, the 14th Baronet Harington, and his paternal great grandfather was Sir Richard Harington, 12th Baronet Harington.
He is also a descendant of Charles II of England by his paternal grandmother, Lavender Cecilia Denny.


Kit attended Southfield Primary School from 1992-1998.
He then attended Charity High School in 1998-2003.
From there he went on to study at Worcester Sixth Form in 2003-2005.
He then graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2008.



Before acting Kit wanted to become a journalist, a cameraman or a war correspondent but later, while still in school, Kit landed the role of Albert in the Olivier Theatre’s adaptation of War Horse. The play won two Olivier awards which Kit got a great deal of recognition for.
The second play he starred in was Posh.
He got his first TV Role as Jon Snow in the book to TV adaptation and best selling book Game of Thrones.
His cinematic debut in 2012 saw him play Vincent on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.
He will also be appearing alongside Jeff Bridges in the upcoming release of Seventh Son.
Kit will also voice the villain- Eret- for the sequel of How to Train Your Dragon.
Kit was honoured with Actor of the Year at the Young Hollywood Awards in 2013.


*Silent Hill: Revelation 3D- 2012- Vincent
*Game of Thrones- Jon Snow
*Pompeii- 2014- Milo
*How to Train Your Dragon-2014- Eret.
*Spooks the Greater Good- 2014- Will Crombie
*Seventh Son- 2015- Billy Bradley
*Testament- 2015

So why is he Crush of the Week?

Do I honestly need to explain? I mean LOOK AT HIM!!
He is just drool worthy!
That hair, those eyes, those lips… that god damned face! I mean Kit has it all. And well, the boy can act! And swordfight… IN SNOW! I mean aren’t we all grateful that he chose acting over all the other stuff! We get to see that handsome face all the time.
Kit really does give a whole new meaning to the phrase Tall, Dark and Handsome.
He has brooding features, which would be PERFECT for Mr Darcy 😉 and holy hell… He should play Will Herondale from TID! OH MY GOD WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT THAT BEFORE!?
Okay so I know my answer isn’t making much sense but I have no sense when I see him… its just… he leaves me speechless.
And the boy is from Worcester… which like I said on the train is like 5 mins from my little town. I go to Worcester to see my friends who live there. If I EVER bumped into him… well… I’d be one gooey puddle on the floor!
Anyway I’m gonna stop and leave you with a picture (and some videos) of Kit… and in this picture… lets just admire him for his body! Haha



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