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Champion by Marie Lu book review

I finished Champion yesterday but I was drowning in too many feels to even consider doing a review… that and I was at work… and I had just started another book…



He is a Legend.

She is a Prodigy.

They thought their country was on the brink of a peaceful existence.

But a plague outbreak deadlier than any other has arisen and war threatens.

June is the only one who can save her country. But Day would lose everything he has as a consequence.

Who will be Champion?

It was just… oh my god this book was feels central from start to finish!

8 months had passed since the last book and the operations between June and Day hadn’t got any easier. She was in training to be Princeps-Elect and Day was with his brother Eden, both of them getting treatment.
When Day is called back to the Republic, its at June’s request and you can see the spark between them as soon as they see each other again.
Day is there though for a reason; they need Eden to find a cure for the new plague that’s spreading around, otherwise the Colonies will attack.
Day says no.
After that Day’s condition is found out and he’s given 2 months to live and to get his priorities in order. June is heartbroken when she finds out and makes him a paperclip ring, like he did her in the second book.
Both of them can’t deny their feelings any more and in a chapter, that more or less leaves you breathless from feels, the pair finally sleep together.
Of course after that its all heartbreak central…
The Colonies attack, Tess has the plague, Eden agrees to help with the cure, there is one missing ingredient to the said cure and then there’s the ending…

I don’t want to give it all away and that is just as short as I can summarize without telling you the ending, but lets just say: your feels will be through the roof. I’m not going to lie, I cried.
It was heartbreaking to know that after all they went through they couldn’t… Oh My God! I CAN’T TELL YOU ANYTHING! I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

And the the epilogue… after 10 whole years… you happy tear cry. It was just so… AAAAAHHH!! And honestly perfect because you can imagine what happens. Your imagination goes away with you and you can see exactly what happens after.

These books, to me, were even better than the Divergent series. I loved those books but these top them and the bittersweet ending (epilogue) was perfect for them.

This book makes you shed many tears and you really get involved with the characters. They are all lovable, hateful, annoying… you name it, you go through it.

I’d recommend these to anyone whose a fan of the Hunger Games and the whole Dystopian world. They are hard to put down and believe me I’m still thinking about them now.

Marie Lu… can you just write a small novella, just for us, so I can see whether my imagination is correct. Pleeeeeeeeeease!!! I need more!

I would definitely read another of her series. She’s a brilliant writer and really throws you into this dystopian world. Its like you are there yourself.

This book is also 5 out of 5 stars with the whole trilogy being 100 out of 100!


2 thoughts on “Champion by Marie Lu book review”

  1. I bought Legend a few months ago but it never sees the top of my to-reads list. But I want to read it a lot due to the praise it’s been getting and the first fwe chapters were amazing.

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