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Prodigy by Marie Lu book review

A few hours ago, while eating my branflakes and drinking my morning tea, I finished reading this book. In absolute heartbreak…


Here’s the Blurb:


June Iparis
Agent, Los Angeles City Patrol, 15, Female, 5ft 4in.
350,000 Republic Notes Reward

If seen, report immediately to your local official.

That’s what the republic wants their people yo think. That I’m ‘missing’.
What they don’t say is they want me dead.
I helped Day, the country’s most notorious criminal, escape his execution, aided the rebel patriots in a staged uprising and turned my back on the republic.

But I won’t turn my back on Day…

The first book was amazing and the second book did not disappoint.

It followed June and Day on their quest to find the Patriots.
Day is still wounded from when he was shot in the first book so on their journey, his wound becomes too much and he collapses.
The Patriots find them and take them back to their hideout. In exchange to keep Day safe from his wound, the leader, Razor, tells them that they must join the Patriots. Both agree.

But June knows something doesn’t seem right about the Patriots, especially, as part of their plan, she ends up back in the Republic and has to warn new Elector Anden that their is an assassination attempt on his life.
As June gets to know Anden, she realises that he’s nothing like his father and actually wants to change things.
Day mean while is preparing to be the one to assassinate Anden.
The assassination attempt fails after June calls it off and she and Day run to the safety of a shelter.
While there they argue and truths come pouring out of Day.
June however falls ill and Day knows that they need to move. They end up in the Colonies.
June knows not everything is as it seems and the pair, along with Kaede end up leaving. Day pledges his allegiance to the new minister Anden.
While there Day is reunited with his brother Eden but Day finds out some tragic news about himself…
And it ends with both Day and June heartbroken after he calls their relationship off…

Oh my god… this book killed me with feels. The argument that Day and June have right to the very end. The argument was so raw and emotional but when June fell ill they both seemed to realise that it was no good being angry with each other. These two are absolutely in low with each other, even if it has been only a few months but the love they have seems to grow more and more with each passing day. 

When you find out what’s wrong with Day… oh my god I cried. I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. I didn’t even see that coming!

And the ending… do not get me started! My feels are officially all over the place. It was so emotional and the kiss… god you could tell that neither of them wanted to let go.

And when June is ill… what Day says to her about kissing her… it was just perfect. I love Day. And I love June.

They are both so young but they’ve already taken over my life. The dystopian world they live in could, on reality, come true one day and this book is pretty much the survival guide! Haha.

For all Day’s bravado he is just a 16 year old boy trying to find his way and a place in the world. And June is pretty much the same. Even though they are so opposite in everything they are both perfect for each other. They know about loss and loyalties, they know about friendship and families, betrayals and all other things. Even when they are separated you see them both with other people and even though they are probably more suited (June with Anden and Day with Tess) you can tell that it would never work because neither of them understand them.

Day and June are just perfect together and the feels in this book was just all over the place.

If I didn’t have to go to work I would have finished this book in one sitting.

Marie Lu is a brilliant author and I can’t wait to read Champion to see what happens. I have a feeling Champion will be a feel fest too though, so I am most definitely prepared!

5 out of 5 stars…  this is a definite must read!


5 thoughts on “Prodigy by Marie Lu book review”

  1. I am more than a little obsessed with this series… And Champion does indeed have So. Many. Feels The argument in the tunnel and everything after it were perfect examples of why I truly, truly LOVED this book…

  2. Haha it’s a lot goddy harder than you’d think (by hand. Easy with tools but I was stubbornly trying to do it like Day did) I actually just poster pictures of my attempts in my last blog 😉

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