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Ironside by Holly Black book review

And finally… here’s the other I forgot… In my defense I just kept on reading books and lost all track of time… but anyway I digress…



A rash declaration, an impossible quest. Kaye is forced to find the one thing she knows doesn’t exist: a faerie who can tell a lie.
Miserable and convinced she belongs no where, Kaye is propelled back to the dangerous world of faerie. Once again, she finds herself caught up in the rivalries of the Seelie Court. In this twisted game of wits and power, can a pixie outplay a queen?

So, even though Valiant was the second book, the third book starts pretty much after Tithe ends and also it follows the bit that Roiben had in the second book… haha. And also you know how Kaye and Luis sort of remember each other… haha… anyway!

Roiben is being crowned Lord of the Unseelie Court and wants Kaye to keep a low profile so no one can use her or hurt her while she’s there. Kaye is Roiben’s one weakness so he wants her safe at all times.
While there though… Kaye gets drunk on Faerie wine and while there she gets tricked into making a declaration to Roiben. She tells him that she loves him and that he needs to send her on a quest so she can prove it…
He turns her down and then thinks better. He sends her on an impossible task; find a faerie that can lie.

She goes back to the human world and while there she convinces herself that her and Roiben are over as she’ll never find a faerie who can lie.

She goes on a journey with her best friend Corny and while they travel together they come across Luis (from Valiant!). They need him to help break the curse that Corny has and also to get to the Seelie court as Kaye has been summoned there.
Corny begins to slowly fall in live with Luis and you can now see, that in Valiant, Luis was gay too.. especially as he turned down Lolli’s advances… anyway I digress…
They end up in the Seelie court, where the Bright Queen gives Kaye a convincing story, about how she belongs there and all that jazz! Although Kaye gives the queen an ultimatum herself, she’ll do what she wants only if she gives her mother back the human child she was swapped with (it makes sense in Tithe haha)
Anyway Roiben is on his way and The Bright Queen glamours Kaye to look like someone else. While there Corny and Luis kiss… eeeeek! And so do Roiben and the Bright Queen… right infront of Kaye!
Kaye is revealed but she’s angry and heartbroken and goes to use his full name but ends up changing her mind and makes up his last name. While there though she does humiliate him by making him act like a dog and Roiben has to go along with it otherwise they’ll know that its not his true name…
There is a murder, a kidnap and a death. A declaration between Luis and Corny (it’s soooo sweet!) And a plan is thwarted…
Oh and Roiben tells Kaye he loves her too! YAY!

I did enjoy this book and it tied up a few loose ends but I didn’t want it to end!
I want more books… I need to see Roiben and Kaye’s relationship blossom more. And to be honest I wanted to see more of Roiben. I really like Roiben but I feel as though I would have truly loved him if I had read more of him. And well… the ending… I actually still don’t get how she did it haha.

But anyway I enjoyed the book a lot and I liked how Kaye grew more into her Pixie skin and how she realised her potential. And Roiben… he was still hot… But… I NEED MORE!!

Please Holly Black write another book!! I NEED you to. I NEED to know how Roiben and Kaye’s relationship develop… PLEASE HOLLY. PLEASE!!

4 out of 5 stars


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